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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Warm Valentine Wishes

A mossy wreath with ivy, clematis vine and Hellebores.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day tomorrow, whether you have that special someone in your life or not. My husband has no time for Valentine's Day and dismisses it as a day to be 'ripped off', but I disagree, I think of it as a day to celebrate those you love and often take for granted. You can do some little kindness, make something, pick some flowers, bake a cake, whatever, it need not cost any money, it is after all  THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.
I will make a little card for my daughter and give her some of her favourite chocolate, to let her know she is my sweetheart. My mum always gave her children Valentine's, we knew they were from her, she didn't try to pretend they were from someone else, and though we used to laugh and think she was silly, they got me through many's a sad and lonely time.
January, has been a whirl of activity for me, the year has really hit the ground running. The owner of the shop where I have a little booth, decided to change things around and paint and refresh everything, so we have both been busy with that. It worked out very well for me, as my area has been moved from the back of the shop  to the front, and I also have some window space.
My daughter will be moving from Primary school to High School in September, so we have been doing all the school open days. She failed her exam which means she will not be able to go to the school we hoped she would be going to, so there has been a lot of angst and worry and soul searching. We are now decided on a school and are all happy with the choice. HOORAH!
I have been painting some Nursery furniture and a mural for my niece as there is soon to be a new baby in the family, so it really is all happening. I haven't read any blogs for ages I am ashamed to say, but hopefully I will get on to it now as things have calmed down a little.

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to be your own sweetheart, love Linda x