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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Flowers in the House

I posted a little while back about a book called 'Vintage Flowers' by Vic Brotherson. I wanted to make a ball of Hydrangea as featured in the book. Unfortunately, I ran out of dried flowers and didn't get the ball completed, so I set it on top of an urn and turned it into an arrangement. It really was just as well, as I do not have high ceilings and don't know where I would have hung the ball! I added my own little touch also, by adding a little glitter to the edge of some of the petals, and I think the effect is very pretty. See the closeup image below.

A gorgeous little fairy I purchased from Lynn at http://sea-angels.blogspot.com/.

Lovely pink tulips curving inside the fishbowl for a change.

 I made a wreath from oak leaves and added a folk art angel,purchased from Flossie Limejuice on Etsy.
I am linking with Jane from  Small but Charming for her monthly 'Flowers in the House' post. Love Linda x

Christmas Decorating

Kitchen with a traditional red colour scheme. The Danish pixie on the wall is an advent calendar.

A few years ago I bought this cream tree, which I find very difficult to decorate, when colour is added it doesn't look right and when it is all white or cream it can look drab. I saw this idea to make it into a snowman on Pinterest and thought it would be fun.

The mantle in the living room will be decorated with a swag of greenery and some flowers and candles when it gets nearer to Christmas. I bought this lovely little guardian angel bear from Flossie Limejuice on Etsy.

I painted a chalkboard in the hall and added some childlike merchants houses and snow, and I must say I really love it.

The Christmas decorating has begun in our home. I have to admit it is a bit of a palaver, getting everything out of the garage, changing my mind  about which tree to have where and how to decorate them, and I absolutely hate having to put it all away again. Once they are up I do love them so.

I do love a real tree, but they don't seem to love me. I have had so many disasters with them, that I have decided to give up and just go for the artificial ones. When it gets close to Christmas I will make garlands from pine for the staircase and the fireplace, so that we get that wonderful smell, and the vibrancy you get from fresh greenery. I will also have lots of berries, holly, mistletoe, viburnum and snowberries, if I can get them. I love to have hyacinths everywhere, for the heavenly scent and of course loads of candles, for atmosphere.
I wanted to put a few more photographs on but my camera is playing up. Instead I will put on some inspiration from Pinterest. I hope you are all enjoying the time before Christmas and I apologise in advance if I am not posting as regularly as normal, but you know how it is! Love Linda x

To keep this sense of wonder, is the secret of staying young! All above images from here.