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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


When my Dad was alive, he used to say if there was an after life that he was going to return as a Blackbird. I like to think that he did. There was a blackbird in my garden the other day, he had a little circle of grey around his roguish little eye, and I thought to myself, is that you Dad? He was looking a little sheepish, when I spied him, and then he flew away. It was not until later, when I went to pick some raspberries, that I understood why. The biggest, juiciest, red berry was gone! I didn't mind.

photo from here.

I have always loved the way Blackbird's look, with their sunshine yellow beaks, and that little matching ring around the eye, and of course the fact that there is always a Mrs. Blackbird, not far away. (I think that was the reason my Dad chose to become a Blackbird).

 There seems to always be some kind of a connection between me and and my fine feathered friend. In the 70's growing up, there was a group from the West Country called 'The Wurzels', they were a rather raucous bunch , who sang about tractors and combine harvesters and the like, and we kids loved them. I didn't realise just how deeply we had all absorbed these songs until my sister's 40th birthday. The DJ played songs from the 70's and 80's and we were loving it, until on came the Wurzels singing Blackbird, and all of my siblings and I burst into song, much to the surprise of our partners and other guests. It was a real hoot!

photo from here.

My first husband was called Blackburn, and once when I went to pick up my Christmas order from the butcher the name Blackbird was on the parcel, it did make me smile.

 My mum had a series of 5 bird prints that she bought in America,  she told us all to pick one, as she has 5 children. I picked Mr. Blackbird of course.

So, when you see a little Blackbird a hoppin' in your garden, think on, it could be someone you know!!  Do you have a special affinity with a bird or animal or flower, that has woven itself into the fabric of your life?

 A warm welcome to my new followers, and wishing you all a happy and productive week. With love, Linda x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Alternative Weddings

Weddings these days are such an extravagant affair. Nothing seems to be overlooked, every detail can be catered for. For example, the beautiful furniture in these images can be hired from www.taylorcreativeinc.com.
This weekend I went to 'The Alternative Wedding Fair' and was delighted to find some quirky and interesting
things on offer. Sadly I did not take photographs  as I was there to spy on my competition, and did not want to be noticed. I did however click these beautiful old V.W's on the way out, aren't they just the cutest wedding vehicles.

These beauties are to hire from www.starcarhire.co.uk
The whole fair was heavily slanted towards the 'Vintage' look. If you are planning on getting married, you could have your reception on a boat, in tepee's in a film theatre. You could have your refreshment's delivered via vintage caravan, complete with mis-matched vintage china. Or a very cute and dinky coffee van can arrive to serve your guests their macciato's or americano's, complete with the tiniest little cupcakes you have ever seen. You can have your hair and makeup styled after a 1940's movie star, or have an extravagant hat or fascinator made to order.
There were quite a lot of stallholders supplying 'sweet stations', these are instead of dessert or cake at the reception, an area designated totally to sweets. Or instead of floral centrepieces for the table, you could have  topiary style trees created out of your favourite sweets.

The photographs above are from Sasha's Sweets and Treat
I think I prefer flowers personally, but a lot of young one's are not really into flowers, and I suppose these can be eaten!
I enjoyed my day out, and it was good for me to see what is available. I took this photograph of the side wall of 'The Garrick' pub on my way home.

I just could not resist popping into Avoca also and taking this rather bad shot of their lovely window display.

I also called into Cath Kidston, and picked up a new brochure. It was full of lovely full pages of her designs, so I put them to good use and made some 'merry mice' for the Christmas tree.(I heard some of you groan with displeasure there...sorry I always get a little giddy about Christmas at this time of year!)

Lois, my daughter wanted me to show you her own little 'merry mouse' or rather Hammy her hamster. She is a girl but we can't seem to stop calling her him! Isn't she so sweet?

Wishing you all a wonderful week, with love, Linda x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Zest for life!

Welcome friends...............so sorry about the long break, I needed to get my zest back! (Gorgeous lemon wreath via Pinterest.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I find summer is a difficult time for me to blog, when my daughter is off school, I feel that I should spend my time with her. We have had a great time, going to the Zoo, visiting the beach, having family parties. My big brother was over from Canada with his wife and two children, so there has been much festivity!

I have been a little crafty too. I got several books from the library, and have been crocheting, kn itting, sewing and making jewellery. I always feel really inspired to make at this time of the year, when the seasons are changing, and thoughts turn from the garden  to making indoors cosy and inviting.

Lovely homely images from Pinterest to inspire you. Here are a few pictures of my craft projects.

 I crocheted some bunting for my sister, don't look too closely! Then I tried my hand at the crocheted roses, I was delighted with those and added two to a scarf I made for my daughter.
 My little dove makes a lovely model, don't you think? A knitted grey scarf, which I may make into a throw, or not, I'm not quite sure on that one!
 I thought this crocheted cross was such fun, in the book it was made with raffia, but mine is done with string. It isn't finished yet, but I couldn't resist letting you look at it.I haven't decided where it will go when it's done.
On Friday I had a wedding. I always get such a thrill when I go to the wholesalers to pick up the flowers and see how they look together. My bride Karina, wanted white flowers put together in a country style. Her bouquet was made up of roses, chrysanthemums, button chrysanthemums, veronica, lisianthus and soft ruscus. The bridesmaids were mini gerbera,chrysanthemums, tanacetum and ammi.

What a wonderful medium to work in, I do love it!

 The bride's bouquet.

 The five bridesmaid's little posies.
 A heart shaped wreath to be displayed near the cake and then to be used on the bride's grandmother's grave, as she sadly passed away, six weeks before the wedding.
 Alter flowers.
 Vintage pink bouquets, for the two mothers.
 Karina and Alex....a rather hastily taken photo, when they first came out of church.
 Oh dear I don't think any of the lovely bridesmaid's will thank me for this one!
Finally, the simple pew decorations. So, we are up to date, and I am much relieved to be back amongst the living in blogland. I look forward to coming and visiting you all and catching up. Have a  great week, with love, Linda x