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Monday, 10 September 2012

Zest for life!

Welcome friends...............so sorry about the long break, I needed to get my zest back! (Gorgeous lemon wreath via Pinterest.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I find summer is a difficult time for me to blog, when my daughter is off school, I feel that I should spend my time with her. We have had a great time, going to the Zoo, visiting the beach, having family parties. My big brother was over from Canada with his wife and two children, so there has been much festivity!

I have been a little crafty too. I got several books from the library, and have been crocheting, kn itting, sewing and making jewellery. I always feel really inspired to make at this time of the year, when the seasons are changing, and thoughts turn from the garden  to making indoors cosy and inviting.

Lovely homely images from Pinterest to inspire you. Here are a few pictures of my craft projects.

 I crocheted some bunting for my sister, don't look too closely! Then I tried my hand at the crocheted roses, I was delighted with those and added two to a scarf I made for my daughter.
 My little dove makes a lovely model, don't you think? A knitted grey scarf, which I may make into a throw, or not, I'm not quite sure on that one!
 I thought this crocheted cross was such fun, in the book it was made with raffia, but mine is done with string. It isn't finished yet, but I couldn't resist letting you look at it.I haven't decided where it will go when it's done.
On Friday I had a wedding. I always get such a thrill when I go to the wholesalers to pick up the flowers and see how they look together. My bride Karina, wanted white flowers put together in a country style. Her bouquet was made up of roses, chrysanthemums, button chrysanthemums, veronica, lisianthus and soft ruscus. The bridesmaids were mini gerbera,chrysanthemums, tanacetum and ammi.

What a wonderful medium to work in, I do love it!

 The bride's bouquet.

 The five bridesmaid's little posies.
 A heart shaped wreath to be displayed near the cake and then to be used on the bride's grandmother's grave, as she sadly passed away, six weeks before the wedding.
 Alter flowers.
 Vintage pink bouquets, for the two mothers.
 Karina and Alex....a rather hastily taken photo, when they first came out of church.
 Oh dear I don't think any of the lovely bridesmaid's will thank me for this one!
Finally, the simple pew decorations. So, we are up to date, and I am much relieved to be back amongst the living in blogland. I look forward to coming and visiting you all and catching up. Have a  great week, with love, Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    Words cannot adequately express how our hearts leaped with joy when a post from 'Flowers on my Table' appeared in our Google Reader. It has been so very long since we heard from you and we were getting concerned that all was well. And, we are now content that it has only been good things which have kept you away from the keyboard. With all your crafty works, weddings, time on the beach, partying and entertaining guests this has certainly been a whirlwind of a summer for you!!

    The wedding flowers look simply lovely. So elegant and beautifully arranged with a most interesting choice of flowers.How cleverly you have given the arrangements a 'country' feel which the bride had asked for. We are sure that the bride must have thought you to be a mind reader as well as a miracle worker when she saw the final results.

    Well, our Monday has certainly been given a happy lift by your appearance back in the Blogosphere. A spring is back in our step and so we hope it is with you too!!

  2. Oh, you have been busy, Linda! The wedding flowers and crochet are so beautiful!!!
    Summer is such a difficult time to blog. I'm still outdoors trying to finish up exterior painting before the snow comes.
    So nice to hear from you again!

  3. Linda!
    Welcome back! It sounds like you have had a wonderful Summer! You are quite right about spending time with Lois when she is on Summer holiday from school. Our children are only under or roof for a short time. WOW! You have been busy with your crochet and knitting needles! Lovely,lovelies!

    The wedding was beautiful!
    I am so happy your Flowers are back On My Blogroll, dear

  4. Welcome back Linda! So glad to hear you've had a great summer and that all is well.
    Am loving all your makes, the bunting you made for your sister is so cheerful, and I love the sweet pink crochet scarf for your daughter.
    The wedding flowers are gorgeous; how good you must feel to know you've helped make someone's special day perfect.
    Enjoy catching up in blogland!
    Gill xx

  5. Beautiful bride, beautiful flowers too.

  6. Hi Linda. Lovely to see you back here. Great that you have had such fun times with your daughter and family during the summer. That's how it should be.Lovely wedding and very pretty images for us to look at today. Welcome back!

  7. Hi Linda,

    Welcome back! Good to see one of your posts again. Your summer sounds lovely. It must have been special to have your brother and his family over from Canada.

    The flowers you made for the wedding look beautiful. I wish I had a job like yours. It must be a joy to be surrounded by flowers all day. The bride looks very pretty too!

    Wish you a lovely new week.

    Madelief x

  8. That lemon wreath is so beautiful it makes me want to try making one of my own. I'm in love with yellow lately. :)

  9. Hi Linda - lovely projects you made come true! Those flowers arrangements are great and thanks for the idea of the lemon wreath... who knows... one day... Christa

  10. Hi Linda, you have been busy! The flower bouquets are beautiful! I like the grey scarf!

  11. Hello Linda, I was so pleased to see a post from you! I too seem to have been so busy over the Summer but now feel inspired to write, photograph and post again properly! I love your Wedding flowers, especially the Bride's bouquet. Jane xx

  12. Welcome back after your summer break, you were certainly busy and it was a wise decision not to blog but enjoy all that was going on in your life.

  13. Lovely to see you back Linda, have missed your lovely posts...have been a bit lazy myself..just seem to lose my momentum over summer (such as it is here in England)...love that lemon wreath...saw an apple wreath once in an American magazine...made of green cooking apples, perched on the front of a red New England barn with a horse trying to have a nibble...lovely photo. Have a great week. Robx

  14. Lovely to see you posting again Linda
    I have missed you.

    Glad to read that you ha a lovely summer
    with your little girl.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Am sure your little niece is getting big now
    and I am sure that your little one has settled back
    into school now.

    How is your Mother-In-L??

    Very cold here this week.

    Take care

    Fiona x


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