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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Alternative Weddings

Weddings these days are such an extravagant affair. Nothing seems to be overlooked, every detail can be catered for. For example, the beautiful furniture in these images can be hired from www.taylorcreativeinc.com.
This weekend I went to 'The Alternative Wedding Fair' and was delighted to find some quirky and interesting
things on offer. Sadly I did not take photographs  as I was there to spy on my competition, and did not want to be noticed. I did however click these beautiful old V.W's on the way out, aren't they just the cutest wedding vehicles.

These beauties are to hire from www.starcarhire.co.uk
The whole fair was heavily slanted towards the 'Vintage' look. If you are planning on getting married, you could have your reception on a boat, in tepee's in a film theatre. You could have your refreshment's delivered via vintage caravan, complete with mis-matched vintage china. Or a very cute and dinky coffee van can arrive to serve your guests their macciato's or americano's, complete with the tiniest little cupcakes you have ever seen. You can have your hair and makeup styled after a 1940's movie star, or have an extravagant hat or fascinator made to order.
There were quite a lot of stallholders supplying 'sweet stations', these are instead of dessert or cake at the reception, an area designated totally to sweets. Or instead of floral centrepieces for the table, you could have  topiary style trees created out of your favourite sweets.

The photographs above are from Sasha's Sweets and Treat
I think I prefer flowers personally, but a lot of young one's are not really into flowers, and I suppose these can be eaten!
I enjoyed my day out, and it was good for me to see what is available. I took this photograph of the side wall of 'The Garrick' pub on my way home.

I just could not resist popping into Avoca also and taking this rather bad shot of their lovely window display.

I also called into Cath Kidston, and picked up a new brochure. It was full of lovely full pages of her designs, so I put them to good use and made some 'merry mice' for the Christmas tree.(I heard some of you groan with displeasure there...sorry I always get a little giddy about Christmas at this time of year!)

Lois, my daughter wanted me to show you her own little 'merry mouse' or rather Hammy her hamster. She is a girl but we can't seem to stop calling her him! Isn't she so sweet?

Wishing you all a wonderful week, with love, Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    First, and most importantly, tell Lois that we really do think that Hammy really is a 'merry mouse' and we are sure she is enjoying a wonderful life with you all.

    Yes, weddings! Our own, now some thirty-two years ago was a very quiet affair with nothing approaching the kinds of things people dream up today. We did not even have a photographer! But such fun to have gone to 'The Alternative Wedding Fair' if for no other reason than to establish what the opposition are up to and to glean the latest trends. 'Vintage' seems to be the key to all things at present.

    Sadly we are sufficiently 'vintage' as to remember those splendid VWs as new!!

    1. I know Jane and Lance, how things have changed. Everything is now so carefully 'designed'. Thank you I shall pass your compliments on to Lois. Wishing you a happy day, love Linda x

  2. I love the idea of a vintage wedding! Well, not for me I am vintage myself... and I have no intention to remarry again - but for young people I think it is marvelous! I love Avoca and i would go into every shop around the world - it would be one reason to revisit Ireland... That little hamster is a friendly and funny lady I am glad your daughter pushed you to publish that photo! Happy afternoon! Christa

  3. Love your blog header - great photographs. Hammy the hamster is sweet.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Interesting post although I will admit to groaning at the mention of you know what!

  5. I read somewhere recently that sweets are becoming popular to have at weddings... like you, I'd prefer flowers! And those old camper vans were great.
    Love the mice and Hammy is definitely Cute!

  6. Just loving your pretty new banner Linda - gorgeous!
    I have seen a lot of those sweet trees on FB business pages, lots of people making them, but I agree with you - you can't improve on some beautiful flowers as a centre piece.
    Looks like you must have come away with lots of inspiration!
    Such a sweet hamster!
    Gill xx

  7. Linda,
    Your new banner and "look" is lovely.

    Weddings have turned into major productions here in America as well. When we were planning our daughter's wedding, three years ago, she kept saying, the emphasis should be on the marriage, not the wedding.

    We went back to my old neighborhood and had the florist that did the flowers for our wedding thirty five years earlier, do her wedding. He was so honored. The flowers were gorgeous.

    The average cost of a wedding wedding in America is about $25,000.00. Many families go into debt.
    My sweet husband worked a year of overtime, and our daughter and her fiance' contributed as well.

    Lois's Hammy in a teacup is adorable and so are your Cath Kidston merry mice! Bravo to you for getting an early start on the holidays!

    So happy to see "Flowers" at the top of my blog roll once again!

  8. This fair looks like fun Linda! Hope you got heaps of inspiration.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Madelief x

  9. Dear Linda, thank you for your lovely comment ! I do try to read as many of my dear blogging friend's post as I can these days , always such a treat when I visit here! We have so much in common, especially love of flowers! Your work is lovely and it is always inspiring to see how others interpret their appreciation of them. Enjoy this new season of cocooning and hunting and gathering. N.xo

  10. Love your new header Linda...and your Merry Mice are very clever. Oh and Hammy's rather cute also. Robx

  11. The hamster in the cup is the cutest thing ever. Hamsters are adoarble.



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