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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Promised pictures.

Bridesmaids bouquet made with individually wired cymbidium orchids.

My sister did not take as many photos at the Wedding Fair as I had thought, and so I took a few at home two days after, so the wired flowers are not as fresh as they were on the day. They have lasted surprisingly long though.

I painted some calico fabric with primer and then chalk paint, added some panelling and' Flowers on my Table' using a copper paint. I thought it would perhaps be an idea for weddings, to have a personalised backdrop for the photographs, maybe with initials, or words that mean something, even a scene or some love birds and scrolls. I think people were intrigued with this idea, but could not quite visualize it. I will have to work on it for next time. I did speak to someone who was also exhibiting at the fair, who decorates hotel rooms and marquees for events, she was particularly taken with it, so I will have to keep in touch with her.

I made up some signs and hand-painted them, these can be painted to order in any colour with any wording, again I needed more variety to get people thinking. For example they could say, Cocktails, or Powder Room, Love Birds or maybe Here Comes The Bride, the possibilities are endless.

Cringe, cringe! A picture of me (on the left) and my lovely sister Tracey. I hate having my picture taken as I never know what to do with myself and my sister just poses! We are sporting our flower jewellery. My other sister Lesley, managed to leave herself out of the limelight.

A little posy I managed to keep just for me.

My lovely Lois sporting a floral headdress, isn't she cute? The individually wired hyacinth florets are looking a little weary now.
A lovely thing about the venue was,  my stand was situated  right in view of my mum's 'Angel of Thanksgiving' sculpture, and it was as if she was with my sisters and I.

So, there we have it, I hope it matches with my previous description. Thank you my kind and lovely blogging friends for your most gracious welcomes and encouraging words, after a long absence, it is joyous!
                                                    Wishing you all a happy week, love Linda x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hello....anybody there!

Please accept my apologies for my long absence, there are lots of reasons for it but I won't bore you with the details, I am back, and glad to be back.

Yesterday was the day of the Quirky Wedding Fair, an event that I was participating in. It all went swimmingly well and I met lots of lovely brides all very excited about their wedding plans. The event was very well organized, and there was a steady flow of people all the way through the day. I was very pleased with the end result and will be exhibiting there again.

My colours were pale pink, grey and a touch of copper. My stand was simple with a less is more vibe about it. I wanted the flowers to speak for themselves. I had painted a calico backdrop in shell pink with grey lines and copper lettering for Flowers on my Table, the overall effect was very feminine and calm. My flowers were tulips, hyacinths and orchids. The hyacinth scent was totally intoxicating, and was a great talking point.

Image from here.

My two sisters very kindly came to help me out. One took  photos for me, but  I don't have them yet, and promise to let you see them a.s.a.p. I made flower jewellery for us to wear, which was also a very good way to get people talking. Lesley wore a pearl wrist corsage with an orchid and scented geranium leaf. Tracey wore a set of beads made from Hypericum berries, a super variety, slighter larger than normal, that looked like little strawberries. I wore a necklace of individual hyacinth flowers with an orchid pendant. There was lots of live music and recorded music on the different floors of the event and models sporting beautiful gowns, so it was very lively.

I managed to get a quick look around and was very impressed to see the amazing talent that was displayed. How brides could choose between the gorgeous cakes, inventive stationery, wonderful venues, I don't know!

I have a lot of catching up to do with all of you. I can't wait to see what you have been writing about. Much love to you, Linda x