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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Promised pictures.

Bridesmaids bouquet made with individually wired cymbidium orchids.

My sister did not take as many photos at the Wedding Fair as I had thought, and so I took a few at home two days after, so the wired flowers are not as fresh as they were on the day. They have lasted surprisingly long though.

I painted some calico fabric with primer and then chalk paint, added some panelling and' Flowers on my Table' using a copper paint. I thought it would perhaps be an idea for weddings, to have a personalised backdrop for the photographs, maybe with initials, or words that mean something, even a scene or some love birds and scrolls. I think people were intrigued with this idea, but could not quite visualize it. I will have to work on it for next time. I did speak to someone who was also exhibiting at the fair, who decorates hotel rooms and marquees for events, she was particularly taken with it, so I will have to keep in touch with her.

I made up some signs and hand-painted them, these can be painted to order in any colour with any wording, again I needed more variety to get people thinking. For example they could say, Cocktails, or Powder Room, Love Birds or maybe Here Comes The Bride, the possibilities are endless.

Cringe, cringe! A picture of me (on the left) and my lovely sister Tracey. I hate having my picture taken as I never know what to do with myself and my sister just poses! We are sporting our flower jewellery. My other sister Lesley, managed to leave herself out of the limelight.

A little posy I managed to keep just for me.

My lovely Lois sporting a floral headdress, isn't she cute? The individually wired hyacinth florets are looking a little weary now.
A lovely thing about the venue was,  my stand was situated  right in view of my mum's 'Angel of Thanksgiving' sculpture, and it was as if she was with my sisters and I.

So, there we have it, I hope it matches with my previous description. Thank you my kind and lovely blogging friends for your most gracious welcomes and encouraging words, after a long absence, it is joyous!
                                                    Wishing you all a happy week, love Linda x


  1. Dear Linda, this is lovely! I think the signs are beautiful and very professional looking....They have great potential! You look lovely as well, but I know the feeling, not fond of photos either! N.xo

  2. Hello Linda:
    There are so many things to like about this post, not least the lovely picture of Lois which you have also included as a header.

    For us it is such joy to see a picture of you, looking absolutely radiant and positively exuding the warmth of your personality just as we have always imagined. And your ideas are so very good and when executed, as in the beautiful arrangements and name signs, superb. In these very difficult times you deserve every success; we wish it for you from the bottom of our hearts.

  3. What a fabulous post Lois looks so lovely, you look so pretty in that gorgeous dress and as for your back drop wow! that was all said without a breath ha ha !...
    I think it is a wonderful idea and will be a storming success.
    Have a lovely time playing xxx

    1. Hi Lynn, how lovely to see you posting...hope all ok with you...xxx Kay

  4. Linda!
    Where do I start?
    Lois. Beautiful Lois. She looks like a dream in that amazing headdress!

    Seeing you, so lovely...stunning in that incredible opera chic two piece dress...just made my morning!

    You are quite "taken" by having your picture taken, my friend. Your sister, Tracey is lovely too!

    The back drops...first the pretty bridge over the river. To think that your Mother's Angel of Thanksgiving is near brings back the memories of one of my favorite blog posts ever!

    and finally...your hand painted back drop. I LOVE it!
    I think that you are on to something with the idea of initials or monograms. I can visualize the backdrop behind the wedding cake or behind the bride and groom at their wedding reception table.

    As always, your flowers tell the prettiest story!
    Congratulations on your lovely presentation at the bridal fair. I hope that your participation brings you
    success in this new year!

  5. Dear Linda, thank you for your lovely comment today to my blog....goodness anything seen or experienced by the hand of Capability Brown!! How fortunate! I would be in my element! I was thinking your signs would be lovely inscribed with Powder Room, Linen Closet, In The Garden....the possibilities are endless....can I purchase them? N.xo

  6. It all looks lovely Linda..we are also really bad a remembering to photograph our stuff but you have done a great job at giving us the essence of your day..xx Kay

  7. Hi Linda! This is wonderful! I love your choice of colours... so delicate and traditional, in a way! You make me wish I could get married again! You are very lucky to have such a creative and pleasurable job! So lovely!

    Speaking of lovely: YOU ARE! And your little girl is just gorgeous. Those yeys! WOW!

    Glad to see you back!



  8. Fabulous, thanks for the recent email alerting me. As you can imagine it is difficult keeping up with everyone at the moment. It was lovely to see photos of you, your sister and your gorgeous daughter.

  9. What a lovely post! Such good ideas. The painted backdrop looks excellent. I think you're right that folks often have difficulty visualising things. I used to make pretty cake stands and I would sometimes display them, with jewelry on, as jewelry stands - people would comment on this with amazement! Your daughter is so pretty and the floral head-dress really lovely! Have a good weekend. Abby x

  10. Hello Linda This is a gorgeous post! Loved the wonderful ideas you have shown, such great wedding themes, and the painted backdrop idea is so inspired! How beautiful Lois looks wearing the flowery headress, and the picture of you with your sister is really lovely too.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  11. Linda, YOU look beautiful! I love your lace dress too. It is good to see you so I am so glad you have a picture of you on your blog. I love the flowers. Just gorgeous.

    Your hand painted signs are lovely. Hope you get lots of customers from your exhibit.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Oh c`est MAGNIFIQUE ! Vous êtes très belle et votre robe aussi !! :0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  13. Lois is beautiful just like her Mum....

    Great to see you back blogging.

    You are full of wonderful ideas
    and the photo of you are your sister is gorgeous

    Have a great week my friend and stay warm.
    Isn't it absolutely freezing at the moment?

    Love the new look of your blog too.

    x Fiona

  14. Thank you Linda for leaving your kind comment on my blog, so I found yours :0) Your bouquets are gorgeous and the headdress as well. And what a sweet girl is your Lois :0) I do love the picture of you and your sister too, you both look very pretty :0)

  15. Dear Linda,

    Such a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing you and your sister on the photo. You both look lovely and so beautifully dressed! Somehow I thought you looked different. It's funny how you imagine someone to be, but can look totally different in reality :-)!

    Your 'table' at the fair looks beautiful, so does your daughter Lois!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  16. Love those painted hanging signs Linda - they are so versatile too, with any wording - a great idea!
    Your table looked lovely with the painted calico back drop, and the flowers are gorgeous.
    How lovely to see a photo of you and your sister - so alike! I hate having mine taken too!
    Lois looks so sweet with her floral headdress, and I'm so glad that it went well for you.
    Gill xx

  17. Lois is such a beauty ~ those pretty blue eyes!
    And your flowers are gorgeous, Linda. Beautiful colors and choices. I think your painted backdrop idea is wonderful. Perhaps you could set one up next time so that people could stand in front of it and have their friends take a few pictures - that might help sell the idea!
    Also - the calligraphy on your signs is amazing!
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! :)

  18. I have a little daughter who looks like yours !!! Beautiful , lovely pics.
    Regards Olympia


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