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Friday, 9 October 2015


Our normal route to school has been really disrupted by roadworks this past two weeks.It can be stressful when running late and not realising there are changes in the route. After the initial shock and getting seriously lost once or twice I decided to view it as a bit of a 'magical mystery tour'. The weather has mostly been very autumnal, crisp and sunny with the odd misty day. I always feel invigorated on such days, tingling with anticipation.

So we set out deciding to enjoy our new route with all its added attractions. I love country cottages and gate lodges, and have found one or two beauties to fall in love with. I always vowed if I ever came in to a fortune I would spend it, going around the countryside and rescuing all those old tumble down houses that have fallen out of favour.

When I first saw this old thatched cottage I almost cried. I approached two lovely barns at the back of it first of all, there was a tree (a fruit tree I think) near the barns with four or five cows, grazing beneath it. It was such a lovely sight and reminded me of those old Staffordshire flat back figures you see with sheep or cows under a tree. The cottage wasn't visible at this stage until I drove around the corner and looked back. I love the green and mustard paint around the windows and the whitewashed walls, the lace curtains still hanging. I wonder who lived in this cottage and why it fell into disrepair.

This sweet little gatehouse is one of a pair, both sadly in need of some love.

Apologies for the quality of this photo, it was snapped rather hastily. This beautiful gatelodge looks like it is very well cared for with it's welcoming red door. I do hope the owners of these homes don't mind me sharing them here as I only mean to point out their beauty.

When I got home I discovered another beautiful thing in my own garden, our oak tree, which we have had for around 10 years has got acorns!

Thinking about this diversion, made me see that life is a lot like that too, you think you are on a certain course and something happens to make you change direction, you think it's all wrong because it's not what you are used to, but when you open your eyes, you begin to see that this route has many possibilities, it may be right, it may not but it changes the way you see things, and that is good.

I hope you enjoyed coming on this little diversion with me, and I hope you have many wonderful diversions of your own. Have a thrilling weekend, love Linda xx