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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Are you a sucker for packaging?

Image from here.

I most certainly am, beautifully packaged goods like those above make me drool. Simple packaging too, really does it for me. Take Bonne Mamman http://bonnemaman.us/ for example...it's those lovely checked lids for a start, then the wonderful black and white labels that look handwritten. It's not only that,  what about all the clever things that people do with the jars, once the contents, (and they are none too shabby either), have been consumed.

I love the simple packaging on some of the items Jamie Oliver has for sale on his website.http://jamieoliver.com/.

It seems I am not alone in my appreciation of packaging and branding, as there is a mueseum of brands in London.http://www.museumofbrands.com/    Some more lovely packaging to entice you to part from your hard-earned cash....

Images from here.

I love these bottles, sometimes you see them in designer kitchens, all lined up, and although I think it's a bit stage set, I still like it.

Sometimes, it's the way a thing is worded that makes you want it, sometimes it's the illustration, sometimes the colour just leaps out at you. I adore the fabulous blue on Cafe Nero's cups. http://www.caffenero.com/.

Some vintage packaging re-invented.

some paint tins even have style. above 3 images from here.

Above images from Pinterest.

When someone goes to the trouble of presenting food or a gift in a beautiful and unique way, it really adds to the enjoyment of it, in my view. Sometimes though, even a totally plain box or package is enticing.

When my elder brother started work, he went to London and worked in the marvellous foodhalls of Fortnum and Mason. He would send my mum tins of tea, and we did feel terribly grand! I have included a little video from F&M, which , if you have a few minutes to spare, is wonderful. If you check out their website http://fortnumandmason.com/ they have another one on 'flowering tea' which would be a great gift for someone who has everything! Enjoy!

And finally a box of delights from Betty's of Harrogate.http://www.bettys.co.uk/ Have a wonderful day! I hope I haven't left you too hungry, my own tummy is rumbling! Love Linda x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Flowers in the Home

I must be going through a bit of a 'peach' phase!

Dried green Hydrangeas in the hall.

I apologise for the glare. Sunflowers underneath my Blackbird print.

On Saturday I held a coffee morning at home. My sister is an agent for Phoenix Cards so she brought along her new Christmas stock so that we could have a look. It was a very pleasant morning and we had some sweet things to go with our coffee.

from the bottom up..... Mars bar and
P.eanut butter scones, Pumkin Cream Cheese Bread, White chocolate and |Mascarpone Tarts

Rosewater Meringues with Raspberry Cream

Chocolate chip cookies
Not a very good representation of what was on show!
The Pumpkin bread recipe is new to me. I have in truth been searching for a pumpkin bread recipe for many years that would taste something like the Pumpkin Bread an American friend of my Mother's made. This is the one, it's moist, delicious even without butter and has a cinnamon glaze on the top which I think just finishes it off. If anyone would like the recipe you will find it here. A lovely food and gardening blog, bursting with delicious recipes  and gorgeous photographs. http://nancycreative.wordpress.com/.

I made a handtied bouquet of lavender for the bathroom.

I am linking to Janes lovely blog today. See it here. She is a Florist with a really interesting blog and she's full of fun. She has a monthly slot where you can post the photos of flowers in your home, it's lovely to have a look at what arrangements everyone has, and what products they have grown.

A big warm welcome to my new followers and thankyou to all who pop in and kindly leave comments. Wishing you all a happy and productive week. Love Linda x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Black and White (and shades of grey).

Have you ever noticed that when your mind fixes on a thing, you see it everywhere? Mine is fixated on black and white. I am planning to re-decorate my living room, which at the moment is in stone and cream shades with splashes of raspberry pink. I want to change it to shades of grey and blue, sort of french looking, with touches of black and white. As soon as my mind was made up, I saw wonderful old ticking on Julies lovely blog The Cloth Shed, which of course was a 'sign' and I had to buy! Then I bought a book about the life of Grace Kelly, and there she was lounging on a fabulous Art Deco shaped sofa covered in black and white ticking, with wonderful frizzy black trim. Well.....that was going to be me!! I then went to the cinema with my 2 sisters and my neice to see Jane Eyre ( which we really enjoyed), and lo and behold there was the black and white ticking again in the form of a mattress cover at Jane's horrible school. Then the floodgates opened, Ican't help it I am seeing black and white lovliness everwhere I look. Here are just some lovely images from Pinterest.

Ticking how I love thee!

So smart!


It's that black door again.

I know these as baseball boots! (Showing my age now).

These are biscuits with the icing stamped with food colouring would you believe!

gorgeous teatowel from Pottery Barn.

I adore these big clocks, inside and outside.

And a couple more from Tumblr.

A wonderfully retro looking desk from Restoration Hardware.

A bit wintry..sorry, but I love the basket on this door.

Simple but effective!

This is my favourite, so friendly and welcoming.
My kitchen smells wonderful at the moment as I have just taken some Pumpkin Bread out of the oven. I am having a little coffee morning tomorrow and have been making sweet treats. I will try to let you see what I made before it gets eaten. I made a wreath out of some of my apples. It weighs a ton so I didn't dare hang it on the nail on the front door, but I rather like how it looks on my courtyard door (even though my husband screwed the key hook, left of centre...say nothing!).

Thankyou so much to all who make the effort to read this, and a great big kiss to all who kindly comment, it means the world to me...thankyou. Wishing you a heavenly weekend, love Linda x

A rainbow I tried to capture a couple of days ago after torrential rain.