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Hello and welcome to my blog. If you like flowers and gardens, housey stuff, food and banter, then this is the place for you. I am a decorative artist, florist and maker of things. I sell painted furniture, plants and crafts, through a local retail shop, in my native Ireland, and wedding flowers from home. I am married to a lovely patient man and have a smashing little girl. I blog for the fun of it. Thank you for listening.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

To Post or not to Post.

I have been struggling for quite a while now about whether to post in my blog or not. Because it is linked with my business and my business is not going in the direction I had planned, I would feel phoney or fake posting that every thing in the garden is rosy.

Now I know I have been foolish, my business does not define me, I am still a creative person, I still count, I can still participate.Life is NOT perfect, for me, or for anyone else, but it is how we deal with challenges, changes, difficulties, that make us interesting people with tales to tell.

I have a loving family, a comfortable home, a pretty garden, good friends and I can turn my hand to most things, so surely I can find something to post about? So it's time to 'get real' and get on with it!

 Sorry I have been away for so long. I do hope the lovely friends I have made since I started blogging will hang in there with me. I so enjoy, their comments, input and support. I also love to see how you all tackle your lives and am blown away by how clever, creative, funny, moving and charming you all can be. I never really 'blogged' for business, but because I enjoyed how it made me feel, particularly when kind readers responded, so here's to the beginning of a new chapter! Much love, Linda xx