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Monday, 26 September 2011

Flowers in the Home

I must be going through a bit of a 'peach' phase!

Dried green Hydrangeas in the hall.

I apologise for the glare. Sunflowers underneath my Blackbird print.

On Saturday I held a coffee morning at home. My sister is an agent for Phoenix Cards so she brought along her new Christmas stock so that we could have a look. It was a very pleasant morning and we had some sweet things to go with our coffee.

from the bottom up..... Mars bar and
P.eanut butter scones, Pumkin Cream Cheese Bread, White chocolate and |Mascarpone Tarts

Rosewater Meringues with Raspberry Cream

Chocolate chip cookies
Not a very good representation of what was on show!
The Pumpkin bread recipe is new to me. I have in truth been searching for a pumpkin bread recipe for many years that would taste something like the Pumpkin Bread an American friend of my Mother's made. This is the one, it's moist, delicious even without butter and has a cinnamon glaze on the top which I think just finishes it off. If anyone would like the recipe you will find it here. A lovely food and gardening blog, bursting with delicious recipes  and gorgeous photographs. http://nancycreative.wordpress.com/.

I made a handtied bouquet of lavender for the bathroom.

I am linking to Janes lovely blog today. See it here. She is a Florist with a really interesting blog and she's full of fun. She has a monthly slot where you can post the photos of flowers in your home, it's lovely to have a look at what arrangements everyone has, and what products they have grown.

A big warm welcome to my new followers and thankyou to all who pop in and kindly leave comments. Wishing you all a happy and productive week. Love Linda x


  1. Love the peach flowers and the white :) the food also looks so tasty, must go and find something to eat in the kitchen now!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. This coffee party event looks so appettizing!!! Greeting cards and lovely deliciuous things to savour!! Perfect time!!!a big kiss dear Linda!

  3. Hello Linda:
    How pretty all the flowers around your home look. We especially like the Hydrangea heads and think that they look very stylish in the blue and white china vase in your hall.

    And how you cosseted your coffee morning visitors.We are sure that with a welcome such as that we should probably have never left!!

  4. So pretty and delicious! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Look at you upping the ante with flowers and really yummy looking food in the house.

    May I have some peach roses and a raspberry meringue please?

    xo jane

  6. Hi Linda,

    Did you make all those delicious looking things for your sister only? It's so much!!! Thank you for the recipe on pumpkin bread. It's one of the things I never made before, but would love too.

    I see you are a flower girl as well. I think bunches of flowers around the house make it look much more inviting and warm!

    Madelief x

  7. Cards, Cakes and flowers, perfect combination as I drink my cup of tea, what a shame the first three are virtual.

  8. How lovely, Linda! How lucky we are to be surrounded by so much beauty!

    Look at all the those yummy cakes! Can I come for my afternoon tea? Please, please... can I come?



  9. Hi Linda. I love your new header photo! I buy a lot of Phoenix cards. They are such good quality. I can't believe all that scrumptious food that you had for your little get together. My goodness me! Mars Bar and peanut butter scones. I think I have died and gone to heaven! How wonderful. The pumpkin bread looks wonderful. Hugs x

  10. Hi Linda, the food looks great and so too are the flowers, really beautiful, well done to you.

    I am hungry now looking at all the goodies,
    I'm trying to be good, I come onto your blog and you have me tempted to nibble!!

    Fiona x

  11. I am with Jane and Lance.... still there, drinking, eating and having a lovely time with you :)
    Love, Abby xx

  12. Beautiful roses and such a pretty display of your yummy food xx Ava

  13. Bee Happy, I don't seem to be able to get on to your blog to reply to you, so I will thank you here for visiting and for your kind comments. Sorry if I made you a little peckish! Love Linda x

  14. Hello Linda
    How I wish I had a hydrangea. Those dried flower heads are so pretty and frothy among your gorgeous blue and white china.

    Your cake buffet is so inviting. I should have loved to try everything but especially the white chocolate and mascapone tarts and rosewater meringues: what exciting flavour combinations.


  15. All looks so lovely Linda :) and I see the lovely display of blue and white china, as you know a favourite of mine x

  16. Thanks for visiting me again Linda. And your kind thoughts re my current bout of ill health. The meds have indeed made me feel 'quite unwell' as the doc warned me, and his other predictions came true too! But I won't go into detail. The tumour is already looking less glary and red though, so maybe they are working.. well, they are the very strongest he could prescribe me, what with all my other meds to consider. This particular kind of tumour is usually benign, so I am keeping positive and not worrying TOO much!

  17. hi!really nice blog!follow our blog and we will follow you too!

  18. I love the blackbird painting and the hand tied bouquet of lavender in your bathroom...for sure your bathroom smells good:)

  19. Your flowers are lovely as usual and your coffee morning looks delicious! Those meringues! I've got a great pumpkin bread recipe and am so glad to find canned pumpkin here in Dubai - I'll definitely be making some along with my pumpkin pie to celebrate our Canadian Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks :)

  20. Hi Linda,
    cards and cake, yummy! thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, today I posted a give away if you are interested. have a good rest of the day!
    Maureen x

  21. What a gorgeous ribbon on your perfectly hand tied bouquet! I'm also loving the dahlias floating in silver.

  22. Linda,
    You are such a creative entertainer! {How many times have I wished that you were my neighbor!} Every detail is stunning.

    I'll be giving you a "shout out" on Monday...Finally the artichoke post!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  23. Hi Linda - One thing I know for sure is, you know your way around the kitchen very well. Did you have a baking marathon? Such delicious delicacies.
    Your sister must have felt very welcome. I love the dried lavender bunch. Have a wonderful weekend Linda and hi to Lois and your husband


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