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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Are you a sucker for packaging?

Image from here.

I most certainly am, beautifully packaged goods like those above make me drool. Simple packaging too, really does it for me. Take Bonne Mamman http://bonnemaman.us/ for example...it's those lovely checked lids for a start, then the wonderful black and white labels that look handwritten. It's not only that,  what about all the clever things that people do with the jars, once the contents, (and they are none too shabby either), have been consumed.

I love the simple packaging on some of the items Jamie Oliver has for sale on his website.http://jamieoliver.com/.

It seems I am not alone in my appreciation of packaging and branding, as there is a mueseum of brands in London.http://www.museumofbrands.com/    Some more lovely packaging to entice you to part from your hard-earned cash....

Images from here.

I love these bottles, sometimes you see them in designer kitchens, all lined up, and although I think it's a bit stage set, I still like it.

Sometimes, it's the way a thing is worded that makes you want it, sometimes it's the illustration, sometimes the colour just leaps out at you. I adore the fabulous blue on Cafe Nero's cups. http://www.caffenero.com/.

Some vintage packaging re-invented.

some paint tins even have style. above 3 images from here.

Above images from Pinterest.

When someone goes to the trouble of presenting food or a gift in a beautiful and unique way, it really adds to the enjoyment of it, in my view. Sometimes though, even a totally plain box or package is enticing.

When my elder brother started work, he went to London and worked in the marvellous foodhalls of Fortnum and Mason. He would send my mum tins of tea, and we did feel terribly grand! I have included a little video from F&M, which , if you have a few minutes to spare, is wonderful. If you check out their website http://fortnumandmason.com/ they have another one on 'flowering tea' which would be a great gift for someone who has everything! Enjoy!

And finally a box of delights from Betty's of Harrogate.http://www.bettys.co.uk/ Have a wonderful day! I hope I haven't left you too hungry, my own tummy is rumbling! Love Linda x


  1. I think packaging is very important. As they say: the eye wants its part (is that how it goes? "L'occhio vuole la sua parte", in Italian)

    I have San Pellegrino mineral water in my fridge. I buy it because I like its taste, but also, I believe, because it's so nicely packaged and it reminds me of home!

    Delightful post, as per usual!


  2. Really enjoyed this post Linda! As always, you have provided some truly lovely images for us, and I so agree with you about all the lovely packaging that is all around us. Hope you are well my friend. Hugs.,

  3. Hello Linda:
    We too are enticed by things that are packaged attractively. It is, we feel, rather like food presented on a plate which if it looks good enough to eat it will probably taste that good too.

    Fortnum and Mason is, as you say, an epicurean delight and who can resist their champagne truffles? Certainly not us!

  4. I am very much a sucker for packaging particularly if it can then be used for my ultimate weakness....storage!! Cx

  5. I love packaging, too! That's why I love Tony Moly products so much. :p Join my giveaway:


  6. Hello Linda, I buy so many things because of the packaging, especially in the supermarkets. I look at their own basic range in plain wrapping, and it never looks as enticing as the other branded stuff. And even though I know it is much cheaper and will probably taste the same, I still go for the colourful packs with the fancy brand names (I hope my husband is not reading this!) :)
    Thank you for your comments Linda. And please don't ever feel you need to apologise for being slow to reply. I know how busy you are, and understand that it is not always possible to get to reply on all the posts :)
    The weather here is glorious, I hope you are experiencing the same warm sunny days in Ireland. Lots of love, Abby xx

  7. why, yes, I do believe I am a sucker for packaging :) You've created a lovely round-up! I'm just about to package up a pumpkin chocolate chunk bread for a friend and hope it will look half as nice as these things. thanks for sharing!

  8. I admit it. I buy wine based on it's label.

  9. OH YES I am!!! that´s why thanks to Pinterest I am discuovering everyday new ideas and put into practice some of them:-))) a big kiss

  10. I do love these jam jars from Bonne I have loads of empty ones I use for storing buttons and bits :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. Well there are some lovely images there, and yes, I love the Bon Maman jars too, love small jars full stop. Love vintage labels and tins and used to have a small collection of the latter until I decided to declutter a little. But I do think that there is too much unnecessary packaging, the way soft fruit and veges are sold in plastic boxes/bags for example. Love brown paper bags, and think food sold in them somehow more appealing.

  12. I love to get hold of Bonne Maman jars as I love the lids and they look so good with home made produce in!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my "Notte Bianca a Marta" post it was a fun evening, we are certainly lucky to be able to experience such events.

  13. I can't resist products that are prettily packaged. So yes, I'm a sucker.


  14. Oh yes, I certainly am! I just love looking at packaging designs, they fascinate me. (I even designed some myself many years ago.) I love the things you've chosen for us in this post, they all look so appealing!
    Have a happy weekend, Linda.
    Helen x

  15. Hi Linda,

    Hope all is well in your corner of Ireland!

    I am most definitely a sucker for packaging and absolutley anything that looks even remotely pretty!

    No wonder I have no money!!

    Have a great weekend.

    x Fiona

  16. You're right, Linda; packaging makes such a difference. I particularly love those Bonne Maman jars and I decant almost everything into my collection of empty ones for a sense of uniforming on my kitchen shelves, and an escape from the plethora of branding.

  17. You know the packaging is a hit when you can use it for other things :)


  18. Count me in Linda, I'm a sucker for packaging too....I will buy a product because I love the presentation! I often pick a bottle of wine out because I love the label (and I don't know a lot about wine)...and I think Jamie has knocked it on the head with the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid)! Great post. Robx

  19. Me again as I wanted to respond to your comment on my "Italy in Books Reading Challenge September 2011". Captain Corelli's Mandolin is in a completly different class! As for Room do let me kow how you get on as this is hight on Mt TBR at the moment. not sure if you already read my Book Review blog but you might enjoy it my friend. :)
    Have a good weekend.

  20. Hi Linda,

    You found some beautiful examples of fine packaging! I appreciate it very much too: a well wrapped present, a beautifully shaped glass jar or some old colourful tins....

    Wish you a happy & sunny weekend!

    Madelief x

  21. Hi Linda

    Yes, I too am drawn to beautiful packaging and good design. Fortnum & Mason, Penhaligans Brown Thomas come to mind. It is also great to re-use boxes and jars for other purposes.

    You have set my imagination going Linda
    Have a great weekend

    Helen xx

  22. When I make jam in France I buy jars which are the same shape as Bonne Maman, wonderful.
    And I worked in Fortnum's when I first graduated, happy days!
    Of course you forgot Hermes orange boxes and carrier bags - perfection!

  23. Hi Linda!
    I gave you a little shout out today!

  24. I've always had a love for packaging and studied so much of it in design school. And I have a love for Bonne Mamman jars too - the ones here in Dubai include arabic on their labels! :)

  25. I loved your post...I agree, packaging sells! I have always wondered where do these companies get their packaging from? I would love to know of a company that offers pretty packaging...and interesting boxes, etc.


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