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Tuesday, 25 September 2012


When my Dad was alive, he used to say if there was an after life that he was going to return as a Blackbird. I like to think that he did. There was a blackbird in my garden the other day, he had a little circle of grey around his roguish little eye, and I thought to myself, is that you Dad? He was looking a little sheepish, when I spied him, and then he flew away. It was not until later, when I went to pick some raspberries, that I understood why. The biggest, juiciest, red berry was gone! I didn't mind.

photo from here.

I have always loved the way Blackbird's look, with their sunshine yellow beaks, and that little matching ring around the eye, and of course the fact that there is always a Mrs. Blackbird, not far away. (I think that was the reason my Dad chose to become a Blackbird).

 There seems to always be some kind of a connection between me and and my fine feathered friend. In the 70's growing up, there was a group from the West Country called 'The Wurzels', they were a rather raucous bunch , who sang about tractors and combine harvesters and the like, and we kids loved them. I didn't realise just how deeply we had all absorbed these songs until my sister's 40th birthday. The DJ played songs from the 70's and 80's and we were loving it, until on came the Wurzels singing Blackbird, and all of my siblings and I burst into song, much to the surprise of our partners and other guests. It was a real hoot!

photo from here.

My first husband was called Blackburn, and once when I went to pick up my Christmas order from the butcher the name Blackbird was on the parcel, it did make me smile.

 My mum had a series of 5 bird prints that she bought in America,  she told us all to pick one, as she has 5 children. I picked Mr. Blackbird of course.

So, when you see a little Blackbird a hoppin' in your garden, think on, it could be someone you know!!  Do you have a special affinity with a bird or animal or flower, that has woven itself into the fabric of your life?

 A warm welcome to my new followers, and wishing you all a happy and productive week. With love, Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    WE absolutely identify with this post and your love of blackbirds because for us too we have very fond memories of them.

    In our Herefordshire gardening days we had two, a male and the less spectacular female, who were always with us wherever we were in the gardening, eyes ever open on freshly turned ground for worms and grubs. They became over time very tame and were not at all afraid to come quite close.

    We also remember 'The Wurzels' now that you have jogged our memories!!

  2. Linda! I love your new header! That little bunch of flowers and berries is JUST what I was going for, but it looked nothing like that. Thanks for your comments. I've missed you!

  3. Fabulous header! So pretty.

    I can't say I ever seen a blackbird in my garden - just plenty of noisy seagulls, pigeons, magpies and crows - and they annoy me more often than not. :)

    But that was a lovely post Linda - even if I am not 'in tune' with birds. :)

  4. We have blackbirds in the garden and even nesting in the hedges each year. Love to see them, and all the other birds too. I think my favourites are probably the goldfinches, so tiny, so perfectly coloured. Least favourite are the Pesky Pigeons. Wish I could find a way of keeping them out and only letting smaller birds in!

  5. Ooh the Wurzels - yes, yes, yes!! I am a child of the 70's - it SO makes me laugh when our boys tell me they can't believe what we wore/watched/listened to BACK THEN. Sounds like me talking to my parents all those years back. Happy memories - I'm so pleased that the Blackbirds bring good memories for you.... even if they're cheeky Blackbirds!

  6. We used to have blackbirds nesting in our garden at our previous house. I loved watching them rushing around looking for food when they had chicks!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Hi Linda!

    It was a lovely post. I have an affinity with roses, as their scent reminds of my childhood. My mum loved flowers, especially roses and she taught me how to appreciate their beauty and scent. I can smell a rose with my eyes closed and get totally absorbed by a different dimension.

    My mum's name was "Rosa" and her maiden surname, Fioretti, had something "floral" about it ("fiore" in Italian means "flower")

    I collect antique and vintage cups. My favourite ones feature roses.

    When my mother died, last year, her coffin was covered in red roses. My sisters knew she loved roses, but only I knew her favourites were yellow roses, as they are so scented!

    Before her coffin went in the cript, I picked a few red roses, brought them home, put them in a cup, on my pine dresser, to dry. They are still there, red and intact.

    My mother spent her last few years at my sister's, where she died. In Summer, I stayed with her (my sister) for a couple of weeks. One evening, we were sitting outside, when, from indoors came a strong scent of roses. I asked my sister if she could smell it. She told me that she often did. I couldn't help hoping that that scent of roses had been left by my mum and that she somehow was there, with us, looking at the sky and feeling the warm Summer breeze. Maybe it was that breeze that brought her back... so I could smell that scent once more and know she was there...

    Ciao, Linda! I love blackbirds, too...


  8. Such a sweet post, Linda! Whenever I see pink clouds, I think of both my sister and my mom, as they both loved pink. :)
    Happy day to you & yours!

  9. Hi Linda..thanks for your lovely comments on my blog today and nice to see you back!!...I always say that I'll come back as a swallow....they have a special place in my heart and i am so happy to see them back in late spring and sad to see them go on their huge journey...the skies are bare here now as they have all gone..just a few house martins remain..your blackbird story is beautiful..xx Kay

  10. Lovely to see you again...I so enjoyed your blackbirds post, Linda. I love blackbirds too, they often come into our garden, and a few years ago there was a blackbird's nest in our beech hedge, with lots of baby birds' heads peeping out of it!
    Your pictures today are beautiful, and I loved the stories to go with them.

  11. Hi Linda. That's quite a coincidence with all those Blackbirds and names! Wouldn't it be lovely if that was your dad in the garden, keeping an eye on you. I love your new blog header. Good to see you here today my friend. Hope you and your little family are all keeping well. x

  12. What a great post! I'd like to think that little blackbird was your dad visiting you too. Thanks for popping by and I hope you enjoyed your break. Love your new header xo

  13. Hello Linda

    The memory of your dear father and the blackbird connection is just beautiful. I would hold that beautiful thought of the sighting of the blackbird in your garden.
    Coincidentally my late father used sing the song "If I were a blackbird, I'd whistle and sing" Here is a link to it

    It is lovely seeing you back blogging. I am in Ireland presently but sadly depart shortly

    Helen xx

  14. Dear Linda, I have never thought especially about blackbirds. They are all around singing and making their lifes. However, if they were gone I would certainly miss them a lot. I will think of you next time I see one - promised! Christa

  15. Hi Linda! Checking in on you. I dream to see a blackbird one day
    Xo denise

  16. Oh boy this post bought tears to my eyes and I remember the Wurzels!!!

  17. Dear Linda,
    I have been on a bit of a blog break since my mother's fall, but I had to pop in to tell you that your post is so dear today. I love the thought that your "Daddy" visited you in your garden.

    Your Mum's blackbird print with the sunflowers makes the sweetest early Autumn vignette.

    I went to YouTube to visit the Wurzels. How fun! Thanks for sharing them.
    Have a good weekend, my friend!

  18. What a lovely post Linda - I loved hearing about the blackbird theme running through your life, and how special to have that comforting connection regarding your Dad, always being reminded of him when seeing the blackbird in your garden.
    Have a great weekend Linda
    Gill xx

  19. Such a lovely post, Linda! For me it's the robin. My English Nana loved them and always sent robin Christmas cards to us. I never thought much about it until we moved to the house by the sea, and now I have robins in my garden. My grandmother is still alive, but her mind is quite gone. I think of her every time the robins come to visit. C.x

  20. Love your post,
    I do wish our departed loved ones can do come and visit us even in a different life form. And i heart black birds too, they look so mysterious and lovely.

  21. My dear Linda, I loved this story! Of course there is a connection! I too of late have been drawn to blackbirds and ravens... But this is my story...The first Mother's Day after my Mom passed away I found a beautiful robin's nest with two perfect blue eggs nestled in the flowers at her crypt. My Mom only had two daughters! The robin was no where in sight....but I was filled with such peace and happiness and knew my Mom was sending me her love....on this special day. Such a heart warming post...thank you, N.xo


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