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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Decorating...where to start?

Sadly, I do not possess a piece of original Art, unless you count prints, but if I did, I would make my painting  the focal point of a room, as in the image above. I love the way the soft blues and beige's in the painting are picked up in the woodwork and upholstery.

This particular painting is a little modern for my taste, but I think it is wonderfully complemented by the faded patina of the table and the simple chairs, lavishly upholstered.

My own preference would be for a seascape, or landscape or even a still-life. For the kitchen or bedrooms, something quirky or amusing. I really love vintage signs used in Interiors too, like those below.

Of course there are very clever people who can even make a display out of an empty frame.

Or how about hanging your piece of art around your neck, and when you've finished wearing it, you could place it on the mantle?

All in favour of Art in Interiors, say aye! Wishing you all an art-filled week, with love, Linda x.

All images are from here.


  1. Dear Linda,

    The images look quite lovely! I like the paintings in the first few photographs very much. They are light and airy.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  2. Such beautiful images for us today Linda. Your blog is looking very pretty. Strangely enough, I have gone all pink over at my place as well!x

  3. Hello Linda

    Your suggestion of starting with a painting is sage advice.
    As an artist, this is music to my ears Hee Hee.
    Original art work also makes a home personal and unique.

    I love your images and your header, so professional.

    My best for a great week


  4. It's funny. I have some original work but no furniture to speak of and so suppose it is all a matter of priorities. :)

  5. Hello Linda:
    As always you select the most inspirational images and then go on in a gentle, persuasive way to direct us towards new and exciting decorative ideas.

    We do agree that pictures of whatever kind do add interest to most interior settings and can be used, as you suggest here, as a focal point from which other things can flow. We are always attracted to a mixture of the very modern set alongside the more traditional. But it takes skill and confidence to execute well.

  6. I recently discovered Sam Toft's work and am slightly obsessed with it now. I have turned over the chimney breast wall in my workroom to prints of her work. I am not snobbish about prints, though I know some people won't entertain them - lucky if you can afford the real thing say I. We do have a few original watercolours, but by local artists who belong to various art groups in the places we have lived over the past thirty years.
    Can't imagine being without books or artwork lining walls.

  7. Nice tips on how to beautify a wall.
    I love calm and serene artworks on my wall.

  8. Wonderful images here Linda, and food for thought!
    Love those first images! I am gradually building a small collection of original art works, both modern and antique, as I have always loved art, and so this post is of particular interest as I am not so good at displaying them!
    You have given me a few ideas now though, thank you!
    Gill xx

  9. I love yuor home!!!!! Kiss JERRY from Italy

  10. Lovely and fabulous pics humorously commented! A great post! Christa

  11. Dear Linda,

    I am bursting to say this; your header is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I could gaze at it for ages. Golly you have got an eye for beauty.

    Sigh of pleasure.


  12. Hello dear Linda!
    The image of the French store front reminds me of your artistic style as I recall the village scene that you created last Christmas!

    This post was filled with inspiration! Thank you!


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