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Friday, 29 June 2012


In a couple of days we will be winging our way to sunny Portugal for a family holiday. I shall be so glad to turn my back on all this dreadful weather we have been having here, and to soak up a little sunshine and relax and unwind. I am sorry I don't mean to gloat, I am just very excited and ready for it. I was looking up images of Portugal here, and thought you might like to see some of them.

It looks lovely, don't you think? I shall be having a break for a couple of weeks, but really look forward to seeing what you have all been up to when I return. As a contrast to the above photos, this is one I took of my courtyard last week when the heavens opened and pelted out hailstones.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, love Linda x.


  1. Hey Linda....you make sure you have yourself a wonderful time....the photos make me want to be there with you!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Hi Linda. Oh, how wonderful that you are going to be getting away from this dreadful weather. I've been to Portugal a couple of times, and love it! It's just one dark, damp, dismal day after another here in Devon, and the same is forecast for next week. I'm starting to get quite depressed about it now!! We all need some sunshine to lift our spirits, don't we?! Have a super time, and bring some sunshine back for us! Take care and safe travels.

  3. Dear Linda,

    Wish you a lovely time in Portugal with your family! Enjoy!

    Madelief x

  4. Rest, relax and just enjoy


  5. DEar Linda,

    I know you will have a wonderful time! I think I will be in Italy within the next 2 1/2, 3 weeks, and I can't wait to get there and enjoy the joys of a big Italian city (the one where I was born) first, and the next the peace of our home on top of a mountain, overlooking the sea and Capri! I want to pick lemons and figs from my trees, soak up as much sun as I can and feel happy just because I'm there... at home!


    I'll try to post from Italy, this time!

    CIAO... hugs...


  6. Linda,
    Have a wonderful holiday! Relax and soak up plenty of vitamin D. (You and I miss out on the real vitamin D at out latitudes.)
    Portugal has always intrigued me.
    Thank you for popping in to wish Holland a happy birthday.
    Safe travels to you and your family!

  7. Have a wonderful trip. Look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing all about your adventure when you return.

  8. Hello Linda

    I am delighted to hear you are heading to Portugal. Looking forward to reading about it and seeing it through your eyes.
    I was in the Algarve for three weeks a long time ago and the grilled sardines are to die for (not remotely like the canned variety).

    Bon Voyage


  9. Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday in Portugal! Enjoy all that sunshine!
    Helen x

  10. Hope you are having a lovely holiday and enjoying some sunshine at last!
    Look forward to seeing some sunny photos on your return!
    Gill xx

  11. Enjoy your vacation Linda..for sure once your back you have alot of new inspiration:)

  12. Hi Linda!
    J`espere que vous avait passee un tres bonne weekend!!:O)
    j`adore vos foto ils ont tres jolie!:O)
    With LOVE from Moscow!
    xxx Mria xxx

  13. Happy holiday, Linda! I am sure you enjoy the warmth or the hot and will have lots to tell upon your return! xxxx Christa

  14. Hi Linda

    Here's hoping you are having a wonderful summer


  15. Dear Linda, I hope you are doing well! Christa

  16. I would love to eat grapes straight off the vine.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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