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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Alfresco Lunch

Come and join me for lunch in the garden. I have been doing too much worrying lately, and need to unwind. Find yourselves somewhere comfortable to sit, grab a drink and let the party begin.............

This is what we will be eating....................................................................................................................

Feeling hungry? Perhaps you are a little thirsty too?..........................

Oh I am really starting to relax now, perhaps some flowers and a little candlelight to create a lovely ambience?

A little something for you to take home with you, thanks for coming! All these gorgeous images are courtesy of Pinterest.


  1. Hello Linda:
    We have missed you so very much. How wonderful it has been to spend time relaxing with you with these most delicious, delightful and dreamy images of the great outdoors. If only that we were there with you in the real world, then that would be alfresco heaven.

    Amazingly, the fourth picture of the white garden is attributed as we can see to Gary Rogers who is an excellent garden photographer and is known to us from our gardening days in Herefordshire when he took photographs of our garden. We were delighted that he chose to picture our garden as he moved in very elevated circles, having photographed Chatsworth and Roy Strong's garden and numerous others across Europe. What serendipity that you should include an image of his!!!

    Oh, dearest Linda, we do so hope that you are keeping well and that you are relaxing in your garden with a delicious meal and a stiff drink as we write.

  2. Oh, yes, Linda! I love the stress free zone! I will come, if I may, dressed like Botticelli's Spring, with abasket of cherries and rose petals. There will be a band, somwhere, playing music from the 30s and Mr. Gatsby will be sat by the pool, smoking a cigar, in his Panama hat and cream suit. Can you hear the music? I can!

    The sun will shine, on such a hot day... I think I will bring a gentle breeze and Alain Delon (yes, him again) with Marcello Mastroianni. They will come with sunglasses and huge fans, to keep a few of us from getting too hot (will that be possible, in their presence! I'm already feeling faint! Bring me a fan, boys!)

    Alain will bring a basket of ice cold Moet & Chandon and Marcello will be in charge of a very large bucket of pink Champagne and strawberries. He will hold grapes (a constant supply) in his left hand. Help youselves, ladies!

    Oh, I do love this stress free zone! It's so good in here, and sunny, and hot.

    I think I will go for a swim: "Marcello! Come here!" (And I quote Anita Ekberg in "La Dolce Vita!")



  3. It looks like a day dream! Lovely images!

  4. I would love to join you for an al fresco lunch or dinner Linda. Your photo's all look wonderful!

    Madelief x

  5. You find the prettiest images! Can't decide a favorite.

  6. Ah, what a pretty picture you paint here. I actually think I've become a bit more relaxed viewing the lovely pictures you have here. So very inviting!

  7. Hello Linda

    Who could fail to be transported to a magical mood with the thought of being inside one of these realities. It works for me. So, I do hope that they take the edge off your worries.

    I have been missing you.


  8. Thanks for your comment. I like your idea about glueing a shell to ribbon. I could do that. I think about DIY projects but they don't usually get done. It does rain a lot in Ireland. I dream of getting to come there and see that beautiful green and listen to your beautiful music and accents. The jars were used for canning. You can still buy the clear ones with the gold lid that seals and a ring that screws around them. The zinc lids shown in my picture indicate the age of the jar for sure. As I said, there is a lot to know about the history. Not many people can fruits and vegetables anymore because we now have freezers and more food readily available. Also, not as many people have gardens like they used to. The old ways of doing things are good to know and learn from. I shutter to think of having to depend on what I could grow for my food supply.

    Atlas was another brand of jars and I am sure there are others. You can google just Mason jars and a ton of references come up. Just amazing how much information is out there. There are different numbers on the bottom of my jars. I am going to look that up too. These were American companies but I am sure you have domestic companies of canning jars out there somewhere. That would be interesting also. I remember my grandmother having a pantry full of canned vegetables, fruits and jellies. My mother made plum and blackberry jelly. In my married years, I made pear preserves twice and raspberry jam once. My products didn't turn out to be worth all the WORK!

  9. Hello Linda,
    It's great to have you back.
    I would certainly love a lunch like that, those are really captivating images.
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    Essie x

  10. It was lovely lunching with you Linda, thanks for sharing such dreamy images!
    I hope your worries are easing, we have missed your lovely posts.
    Please pop over to my blog as I have announced a winner for my Giveaway!!!
    Gill xx

  11. Oh Linda you certainly are entertaining us, in style. What a delightful concept and the images are so inviting. I would love a big cup of Earl Gray tea please opps, I think I will hold the tea till I have some of the delicious seafood.

    Wishing you a weekend of joy

    Helen xx

  12. A stress free zone is essential, take care my friend.

  13. So, so lovely. I must say that as a mother of three I do find it a treat to eat good food prepared by others and enjoyed in a stress-free zone! The dishes you have served us look delectable!

    I am so sorry to read you have had some days filled with worry. You are not alone as I have been fretting too.

    Warm and positive thoughts are on their way to you.


  14. dear Linda, here it has been poring for the last weeks!!! I wish I could enjoy some al fresco time like you:-))) A big bunch of kisses


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