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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Time For Tea!

Everything stops for tea..
So sorry for my absence, but I have been a little busy. I have been painting in my friend Yolanda's lovely home. This is her patio, where she wanted to create the feeling of a wonderful tea room. The vintage table and chairs are being painted a distressed white. As you can see in the photograph it got painted just in time before the rain came down!

Yolanda had this fireplace made to her own design, and then I painted it with the numbers and gave it an antique wash. It really is a most unusual feature in the room.

Some more numbers on a bespoke bathroom cabinet, (my friend has a thing for them).

In  the downstairs cloakroom I framed a mirror with an antique letter by Josiah Fairfax (totally fictitious of course), and added a couple of postmarks. I love it when I have free reign to do something that is fun and original.

In the Master bedroom, which is very pared down and elegant, Yolanda wanted a quote of some kind to break up the white and add some character. We found this quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim, which seemed to suit so well. I didn't know about 'The Enchanted April' but have researched it and it sounds like just my kind of book, and movie too. My writing is not perfect, but I think that kind of adds to the charm of it.

Also in the Master bedroom, there are two matching tray tables which have been painted with an address in Milan. My friend is master at dressing out houses, and displays everything in the most beautiful way. She will be cross that I have put pictures on my blog that are not 'finished', but perhaps I will have the opportunity to show you the finished article another time.

I have been doing a little watercolour painting, this is a rather alarmed looking Sparky!

An imaginary street, where I would like to live, I am not sure which house though, perhaps I could try them all out.

Last but not least, I have been doing a bit of gardening, and I am mighty proud of these beauties. (Parrot tulips - Rococo). It is lovely to be back in blogland after so long a break, I must go and catch up with you all now. Wishing you a happy and productive week, love Linda x.


  1. You have been very productive! I love your parrot tulips. They are gorgeous. All the painting you have done is quite impressive.

    I am taking a blogging break too. I have been reading but not commenting or posting. Couldn't resist stopping by your place.

  2. Helllllloooooo! Have missed you, dear Linda!
    You have been painting "lovely" everywhere! Such a talent you are! I love Sparky and your wonderful row houses!

  3. If these are the before pictures I can't wait to see the afters, Lucey x

  4. How nice that you are back Linda.

    I have just been talking about tea time with my students and we have read the poem: Everything Stops for Tea. Surprisingly, here, tea is at four. It's strange, because in the song, tea time is at three, like your painted clock.....curiouser and curiouser!

    I would love a painted clock like this, whatever the time. Yolanda is so lucky to have such a talnted friend.


  5. Your friend's house looks amazing - I love all the lettering! Your paintings are so pretty too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. You have been busy doing a wonderful job on your frineds house - it all looks wonderful - especially love the numbers and letters on the fireplace and bathroom drawers!
    The Enchanted April has been a favourite book and film of mine for years - I'm sure you will enjoy them - also by her and good to read is "Elizabeth and her German Garden". Also try Katharine Mansfield, her cousin, who wrote wonderful short stories which both Bella and I have enjoyed.
    Love your gorgeous tulips, and your water colours are charming!
    Happy creating!
    Gill xx

  7. Hello Linda:
    It was such a joy to see your post pop up into our Reader this morning!! We have missed you but can now see what has kept you away from the keyboard for so long.

    Your friend Yolanda is very fortunate to have you and your creative ideas working with her to make her house beautiful. The postmark idea is such fun and does work tremendously well in the all white bathroom.

    And, what a wonderful outside space you are helping to create with the clock set at three in the painted wall. This will be perfect for Afternoon Tea, or indeed for any occasion when a relaxing, casual environment for eating or drinking is called for.

    The Parrot Tulips are wild, aren't they. So dramatic in form and colour, we love them!

  8. Hi Linda,

    Hope that all is well.

    Love the Parrot tulips, they are so pretty.

    Am going to your part of the country tomorrow,
    am having an overnight in Belfast with my daughter
    so looking forward to lots of lovely shopping and girlie time together.

    I hope that your gorgeous daughter is well.

    I love the work you have done.

    x Fiona

  9. Hi Linda. How lovely to see you here today. I've missed you my friend! My goodness, you certainly have been very busy, and your friend's home looks absolutely lovely. What a good job you've done with it all, and I'm sure that she is thrilled to bits. Love all your paintings as well. It's not fair = you are just SO talented!! Hope to see you again soon.

  10. Gosh Linda you have been busy. Truly wonderful painting, you are clearly very talented. I love the outdoor clock.
    It's good to have you back,
    Essie x

  11. Hello Linda
    Welcome back I missed you and glad you are well and just busy.
    I love all the calligraphy and so beautifully executed.
    I also love the muted colours you have used in your watercolours.
    Hope your week is extra special

    Helen xx

  12. Dear Linda! You have done a perfect work! Really, really beautiful! Love the soft colors and the calligraphy! You should open up a business! Wishing you a sunny day! Christa

  13. Hi Linda! What a talented lady you are! I love everything you do and make... you are so creative and... what a wonderful way to make a living! I love everything. but, most all I adore your water colour (the street)as it's really sweet and I love water colour painting myself! I think I would take the house in the middle because it's bigger than the others and there would be room for my husband's huge paintings and for all his books!

    LOVE TO YOU...


  14. Oh my, Linda, you have been soooo busy!!! I love everything you've done - especially your watercolors! The one of Sparky is adorable. :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend!

  15. Wow Linda, you did a good job ! I really like the numbers on the fireplace and the bathroom cabinet!

  16. Hi Linda,

    Good to hear from you again. You have been really busy. The work you have done for your friend Yolande looks beautiful. I wish I had a friend who could make furniture look as good as you do!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog too. I enjoyed them very much!

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  17. Great fireplace..love the numbers idea.
    As for those gorgeous parrot tulips, you should indeed be mighty proud!
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Julie x

  18. Just wanted to let you know that we had a lovely time in Belfast (despite the weather)
    had to buy a cardi and scarf it was so so cold!

    Lovely city and fantastic people.


  19. A lovely post and as I always say it is the quality of your posts not the quantity. I like the work you have done in your friends house and the street painting I would love to own, as for those stunning tulips, all gorgeous.

  20. Wow! It has been awhile . . . you have posted so many delightful projects since my last visit. Bravo!!! I love the furniture re-dos and the garden stakes are stunning. Thanks for sharing, Connie :)

  21. I kinda see a European touch here, maybe you also have some influence from their designing.
    countertops ca

    1. Countertops CA, thankyou for your comments. You are quite right, I am very influenced by French, Swedish, Belgian and Dutch style. Love Linda x


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