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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Decorating

Kitchen with a traditional red colour scheme. The Danish pixie on the wall is an advent calendar.

A few years ago I bought this cream tree, which I find very difficult to decorate, when colour is added it doesn't look right and when it is all white or cream it can look drab. I saw this idea to make it into a snowman on Pinterest and thought it would be fun.

The mantle in the living room will be decorated with a swag of greenery and some flowers and candles when it gets nearer to Christmas. I bought this lovely little guardian angel bear from Flossie Limejuice on Etsy.

I painted a chalkboard in the hall and added some childlike merchants houses and snow, and I must say I really love it.

The Christmas decorating has begun in our home. I have to admit it is a bit of a palaver, getting everything out of the garage, changing my mind  about which tree to have where and how to decorate them, and I absolutely hate having to put it all away again. Once they are up I do love them so.

I do love a real tree, but they don't seem to love me. I have had so many disasters with them, that I have decided to give up and just go for the artificial ones. When it gets close to Christmas I will make garlands from pine for the staircase and the fireplace, so that we get that wonderful smell, and the vibrancy you get from fresh greenery. I will also have lots of berries, holly, mistletoe, viburnum and snowberries, if I can get them. I love to have hyacinths everywhere, for the heavenly scent and of course loads of candles, for atmosphere.
I wanted to put a few more photographs on but my camera is playing up. Instead I will put on some inspiration from Pinterest. I hope you are all enjoying the time before Christmas and I apologise in advance if I am not posting as regularly as normal, but you know how it is! Love Linda x

To keep this sense of wonder, is the secret of staying young! All above images from here.


  1. Hello Linda:
    Well, you certainly 'go' for Christmas decorating in a big way!! Our apartment is totally barren by comparison.

    The chalkboard in the Hall is an inspirational way to ring the seasonal changes and it looks wonderful with the 'merchant houses and snow'. We are amazed that you drew it all yourself and it looks incredibly professional. We are sure that everyone who visits you wants one for themselves.

    As the chalkboard would seem to us to require complete building dismantling to steal, please may we run away with the charming candleholders on your mantlepiece. We love them.Fabulous!!

  2. Hi Linda....

    another beautiful blog - I will keep coming back to view your beautiful images! I too adore your chalkboard design - how about a visit to South Africa to draw something on the walls in our home??!!!

    Enjoy your Christmas!

  3. Lovely photos, really deightful!

    I especially love your chalkboard idea!!


  4. Love you ideas, I started as well including with the baking :)

  5. Hello Linda

    Your home looks so inviting and welcoming. Your mantle with the angel candle holders is beautiful.The chalkboard and your beautiful artwork is spectacular. Your white tree as a snow man brought a smile.


    Helen xx

  6. The older I get the less bothered I can be with too much decorating, not just the physical aspect of doing it, but the clutter of it. So, all I have this year is holly (with false berries since the blackbirds eat all mine in the garden) around the top of the arched window on the inner front door, with beneath it a willow heart with a red and white gingham bow. White lights everywhere though, on mantlepieces, down the stairs, around the front door, outside on the summerhouse and archway leading to the bottom of the garden, in the kitchen, and my workroom, though a lot of these stay out all year round as I love twinkly lights. Just the stairs and front door get lit up at Christmas.
    Fresh flowers and greenery which get changed each week, and cream beeswax candles. Cards attached to a wire heart hung in the hall, and extras on mantlepieces. And that's it. Sorted.
    But I absolutely love your chalkboard and the artwork on it, you clever thing!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Hello Linda
    Your home is a festive delight! It all looks so wonderful, and the chalkboard is such a fantastic idea. Of course you have created a very professional scene on it which makes it look so great.
    I have yet to start my decorations, but you have given me lots of ideas with this post... thank you! :)
    Love, Abby xx

  8. Love that snowman tree! And the chalkboard! Great ideas. Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Linda. No need to apologize my friend. I think we're all in the same boat at the moment. I love the way you have turned that white tree into a snowman and, of course, the images from Pinterest are stunning, as always. I also like that sign about not getting your tinsel in a tangle!! Hee Hee!! I'm with you on the Christmas trees. We had a real one for a few years, but I've gone back to the artificial one. Sending hugs your way.

  10. Absolutely no need to apologise! Blog without obligation, we will still be here. :)

  11. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. The blossom branches are Quince indeed! They are one of my favourites. They have a Japanese feel to it.

    Your house looks lovely with the Christmas trees and decorations. That Pixie looks so sweet. It makes me wish my daughters were young again, so that I could buy one ;-)!

    I hope your camera will be repaired soon!

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  12. It's all looking very much like Christmas chez toi! Lovely.

    Fabulous decorating Linda and your chalkboard is a touch of genius - I adore your sketches - like a little Dutch village. Very sweet and so much fun.

  13. Dear Linda!
    Your home looks wonderful! I absolutely adore your chalkboard wall. Your village merchant images are to be treasured! I am saving a copy of the photo to display on my dream board in my kitchen.

  14. Linda... meant to ask when I posted my comment, do you know what's happened to the Fishermans Cottage blog? Deb seems to have stopped writing it, and I tried emailing her but got no response so have been concerned in case she isn't well or something? Are you any the wiser?

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. All of them are very clever and seem really easy to make on your own, you just need materials and some sort of creativity (which I am afraid I don't have :-D) Anyway, love all these ornaments and Christmas table decorations and really inspire me to decorate this holiday. Thanks for sharing!


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