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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Something old, something new!

Image from Pinterest. I am linking to Laura's post of the month club. Click on her button on the sidebar if you wouls like to take a look.
Sparky, our Westie, has to approve of everything that enters!
 My daughter has caused a little bit of chaos around here as she decided she would like more room in her bedroom , and would like the single bed from the guest room instead of her double bed. After much hauling about and shoving and a little dismantling, I managed it...solo.. I hasten to add! Now though, the guest room has one large bed in it and not much room for anything else, so virtually every piece in the house has been moved to accomodate this change. It has been a bit of a marathon. I can't really complain though, as my daughter knows that furniture can be moved, because I am always doing it!!! Anyway, the bathroom cupboard was moved to Lois's room to house her clothes and I needed something rather desperately for the bathroom. I headed off to one of the many charity shops and found this little number for £10. I snapped it up, and set about it's transformation.

Firstly I gave it a jolly good clean with an abrasive cleaner, then sanded it lightly. It has glass panels in the door of the cupboard, but I didn't want that, so rather than take it out, I painted it with blackboard paint. I painted the whole thing with a primer first, then the blacboard panels, 2 coats. When that was dry, I masked it off and painted the rest in Farrow and Ball's Pavillion Grey.I then varnished the grey with 2 coats of matt varnish. I drew numbers on the glass panels and drawer with chalk and then sprayed them with hairspray to stop it rubbing off. Finally I lined the drawer  with a cute pirate's map paper. So. what do you think of it?

 Last week I won a giveaway on lovely Abby's blog my spotty pony, it was a gorgeous flower arranging book by the late Jane Packer. I was so delighted to receive this on several levels, because it was Jane's and she so sadly left us recently, and I have always been an admirer. Because I have seen it featured in magazines and had wanted to own it, and also because it was Abby's giveaway! So what a lucky duck I was to actually win it. Now if you don't know Abby's blog you must go and visit, she is a most charming and kind person, who does a marvellous job, helping people with disability's overcome them ,by learning to ride a horse. She owns a gorgeous horse called 'Spotty', hence her blog name.Her blog is not all about horses though, it is most varied and interesting. She is so generous that she even sent a lovely chocolate owl for my daughter, who was most impressed. So thankyou Abby, from Lois and I xx.

Lois says thankyou!

I found some lovely Christmas decorating ideas at Martha Stewart,I thought you might like. This weekend Lois and I will put up our trees, so I am frantically making room and getting ready.

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Have a wonderful weekend. With love, Linda x

Lovely gingerbread houses. (One year I put gingerbread men on the tree in the kitchen, when we came down the next morning, we found all these little wires lying on the floor, and the gingerbread missing from the lower branches. Sparky (our Westie) had had a lovely little midnight feast!


  1. Hi Linda

    You have been busy painting. What a find that is and it looks right at home in your bathroom. It is functional too. I love the transformation - well done.

    The giveaway from Abby is so generous and how kind and thoughtful she is remember Lois and include a present. Congratulations on winning.

    Linda I think you deserve a good soak in the bath tub. Sit and enjoy your marvelous work.

    Helen xx

  2. Oh Linda, thank you! How kind of you to write all those lovely things about me and Spotty! The picture of Lois with the card is wonderful! I am so glad you won the giveaway and hope you enjoy the book.
    What a good buy the cupboard was, and what a transformation! It looks amazing, you have done a great job, especially after moving all that furniture... I would have been too exhausted to paint!
    I am not surprised Sparky ate all the biscuits, what a temptation for him! Lucky he is not a Great Dane..... he would have stripped half the tree! ;)
    Lots of love, Abby xx

  3. Hello Linda, What a lovely interesting post! I'm very impressed by your cupboard makeover and the christmas ideas are just what I need to get inspired. I was out picking holly and mistletoe earlier this week, so I'm just starting to feel Christmassy. Jane x

  4. Cool cupboard makeover! Very swish.

    I also used to move furniture about like crazy but not so much anymore - all those years of lugging heavy pieces about have done untold damage to my back and I suffer constant backache these days. So things stay put now. I miss rearranging rooms - it's fun to do.

    Mad to think it's Christmas in less than a month. WHERE has the year gone?

  5. beautiful make over on the bathroom cupboard!!

  6. I love what you have done with the little cupboard Linda and I'm sure it is very practical as well as looking so good.

    Congratulations on winning the wonderful give-away from Abby: Lois looks very happy too with her new friend.


  7. I ADORE what you have created with your cupboard...what inspiration...you clever thing...fabulous...
    You are having a rather nice week, goody! so it should be like this on the lead up to Christmas, I loved reading your beautiful blog as always it is chocca with pretty pictures and lovely writing.
    Hugs Lynn xxxxx

  8. Wow Linda..I am impressed with your ideas.
    I would have left the glass front, never thinking to paint it with blackboard paint. It looks great in your bathroom and fits just nicely at the side of your bath.
    I can just see candles and a nice glass of wine on the top....
    Have a lovely build up to Christmas.
    Julie x

  9. Great job with the bathroom cupboard there Linda. I would never have thought of blackboard paint for the glass - so creative.
    We put most of our decorations up this evening so it's beginning to feel like Christmas. Enjoy your tree decorating.

  10. Linda!
    Your cupboard turned out fabulous! What a transformation!

    It sounds like you have been busy movin' and groovin'...getting ready for the Christmas Season. I can't wait to see your tree!

    The gift from Abby is lovely and appropriate for you. I can only imagine how much Jane's floral designs have played in your process of floral design. She was brilliant...she was too young to leave us.
    Take care, sweet friend!

  11. Your cupboard makeover is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the paint colour you chose, the blackboard paint idea and the numbering! I also enjoyed all the Christmassy pictures too, and the tale of Sparky's midnight feast!
    Helen x

  12. Oh how funny, that the doggy had eaten the gingerbread man. I must go onto google in a moment, because I never knew that Jane Packer had passed away. How sad. Doesn't Lois look gorgeous in that lovely, warm dressing gown, and how lucky for you to win that giveaway. I can't believe how you transformed that little cabinet for your bathroom. It looks stunning - well done you. I love the colour of the paint and the blackboard paint idea. Sending hugs to you, and keep warm!!

  13. Oh Linda, I'm ROFLMAO at the thought of Sparky eating all those gingerbread men...did he have a belly ache?? I do miss watching our cat back home chewing at the (fake) christmas tree, it must feel good on his gums or something...he also like to bat the decorations off and chase them around the house. I also love the transformation of that cupboard...your'e very clever! Robx

  14. Dear Linda,

    What a beautiful makeover. Your daughter must be very happy with the result! It looks like it came from an antique shop.

    Such a sweet looking photo of your daughter. Does she resemble her mother?

    Your Christmas images look lovely! Thank you for sharing.

    Wish you a happy evening,

    Madelief x

  15. Lovely images. It is inspiring me to get going on my holiday decorating. Beautiful post.

    Joining from POTM Club...thanks for linking so I could come visit.

  16. I love the furniture repurposing. You have given me some inspiration!


  17. Your table is darling and you make it sound so easy and I know it isn't. You should enter it in some of the DIY parties. It would be a hit. I'll do it for you if you would like. Let me know.

    Been there and done that with moving around beds! My husband told me not to get anymore ideas!

    Beautiful pictures as always.

  18. Congrats on the giveaway - what a fun surprise! I love the photos of the wreaths hanging like chandeliers - what a great idea!!

    Now, let's talk about hairspray. Really? I have a vintage metal container with paint chipping off. Being that it may be lead paint, I'd feel more comfortable putting a varnish over it. Would hairspray do the trick without changing the color of the paint? Talk to me, girlfriend... XoL

  19. Greetings from Amish country, and thank you for stopping by my blog over Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a very nice meal with their families on that day. Richard from Amish Stories

  20. Hi Linda, thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again. I like the cabinet makeover - I am partial to white and Scandinavian style. Have a great week.

  21. Dear Linda,
    I must say you really did quite the job on the bathroom cupboard. It's fabulous! I also enjoyed the Christmas decorating images from Martha Stewart. Thank you for stopping by Harmonie House. It's lovely to meet you! By the way..Lois is simply adorable. Have a blessed and most enjoyable Christmas time!
    Blissful tidings! xo

  22. linda, the redo on the cabinet is fantastic! thank you for your comment, i really appreciate it.



  23. I Love, love, love what you did with that little cupboard.

    Aren't you a handy one.

    Yeah, we did the chocolate ornaments on the tree one year. The lab was very grateful.

    xo Jane

  24. Hi Linda, your cupboard redo is fabulous!! Love it!! Also love your christmas inspiration. Have a very Merry christmas and wonderful festive season. Leahxx

  25. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    I think that your makeover turned out very nicely. I especially like your idea to use the numbers. It is fun and whimsical. Martha Stewart magazine always has great decorating ideas doesn't it? Love the Chinese lantern and gingerbread house trees!

  26. Your makeover looks like a very successful one!
    Thank you for the Christmassy pictures. I visited your blog just in time :)


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