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Sunday, 4 November 2012

I'm All Ablaze in a Heathery Haze

Wonderful hydrangea in my silvered vase.

Some scarves and a hair decoration.

image from here.

image from here. deliciously wrapped sugar cubes.

image from here. shades of purple

I made these butterflies from wire and antique lace after seeing a similar idea on Pinterest.

Ever since I painted my larder cupboard in  the kitchen a marvellous mauve shade, I have been having a fetish about all things lilac, heather, lavender, aubergine,purple etc.etc. I have even been dyeing things 'French Lavender'.

my larder cupboard.
Sunderland lustre saucer.

The Hydrangea from my garden is helping to satisfy my craving as the flowers are so multi-faceted and the colours continue to change after you pick them, I just love them!

 I wanted to paint something on the tiles behind my cooker, but what exactly should I paint. I finally decided on painting a quirky little house which I have on an old Sunderland pink lustre cup and saucer, and then added the word HOME. It adds a little bit of humour and some warmth for winter.

image from here.

image from here.

Here is a picture of the above hydrangea when it dried out, the colours changed completely!

Wishing you all a happy and harmonious week ahead, with love, Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    On reading this truly delightful post, we could not help but be reminded of these words from John Betjeman.....

    'And plants for indoors are the fashion
    Or so the News Chronicle said
    So I've ventured some housekeeping cash on
    A cactus which seems to be dead
    An artist with whom we're acquainted
    Has stippled the dining room stove
    And the walls are alternately painted
    Off-yellow and festival mauve......'

    The lavender touches throughout your house are simply lovely.Like you, we love Hydrangea heads as they are endlessly fascinating as they change colour and yet hold their shape over so many months. They always seem to blend in perfectly with any decorating scheme.

    And, how clever of you to have added the hand painted decoration to the kitchen wall tiles. Home sweet home.....

    1. Jane and Lance, you are clever, those words could be about me! I love, love, love it! Nipping over to yours, love Linda x

  2. Hi Linda

    Wet wet wet here and so your lovely calming lavender has made me smile.

    Love the colours you have shown us today
    your kitchen is gorgeous.

    My hydrangeas are a very dark pink,
    almost red,
    nothing as pretty as your delicate blooms.

    Hope you have a good week


    ps your butterflies are fantastic.

    1. Fiona, wet,wet, wet, here too! Oh I love those very dark pink ones. I have a neighbour who has them and I always lust after them. Thank you for your lovely comments, love Linda x

  3. Oh, one of my favourite colours! All looks lovely. xx

  4. Those wreaths are divine! I'm sitting here with a vase of mauve and purple larkspur in front of me.... such gentle, calming colours... whether in late autumn (you) or late spring (me).
    Have a lovely week, I hope the weather is kind to you.... otherwise you must get some Christmas lights out! xx

  5. What a gorgeous post! I've never been a huge fan of lavender but you've concerted me! Love your painted cupboard. Hope you are well xo

  6. I love your lavendar images and especially your hydrangea from your garden. It is beautiful!

  7. I adore this colour. I have realised, too, that I never use it - either to wear it or to decorate with it. I wonder WHY. [That's going to puzzle me now for the rest of the evening :) ]

  8. Linda,
    Your kitchen is so pretty! I love your lavender larder cupboard! ...and that painting above the cooker? darling! I have a soft spot for lavender as well. We still eat on our 39 year old set of Denby Gypsy pattern.

    Our hydrangeas were deep purple this year.

    We a stressful week ahead here in America. Our Northeastern friends are cold and wet, and we have a very important election on Tuesday.

    Your lovely lavender haze is beautiful and calming.
    Thank you!

  9. I love hydrangea heads too..their colours are so varied, from the burnt red to the pale pastel. A single head or an armful in a bucket..you can't go wrong.
    Have a lovely week in your lavender heaven Linda...
    Julie x

  10. Loving all the lavender colors - so soothing :)

  11. This is such a pretty post . . . I love all the lavender colors and those hydrangea are beautiful.
    Have a calm and peaceful day . . . a day filled with lavender dreams :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. LOVE it all, Linda! I have little bits of lavender in our cottage too! :)

  13. I love all the sweet lavender shades in this post, Linda! Your little lavender house is really gorgeous, I love the painted china that inspired it and I love your own panel in the kitchen. We stayed at a gite in France a few years ago and the lavender painted walls inspired me to come home and paint some hallways in our house in the same french lavender shade.....so lovely!
    Helen x

  14. Everything that you have shared is very interesting...and looking nice !! Melbourne florist

  15. The lavender tones work well in the kitchen, much more so than I would have expected, so calming.

  16. Hello Linda

    I love the softness of the lavender tones. My first apartment, which was only a bit bigger than a shoe box was lavender and I loved it. It is such a tranquil colour.
    I love how you tie all the elements together in your rooms.

    Helen xx

  17. Linda, I absolutely love this post. I love, love love this color. Love the hydrangea in the silver cube vase and the blog. I found you when you began following my pink floral design pinboard. Look forward to seeing you over there. Mimi, Blog: First Come Flowers

    1. Mimi, how lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. I tried to find your blog but couldn't so will leave a comment on Pinterest. Love Linda x

  18. Hi Linda, how are you...I'm still here...just a bit busy lately...my sister arrived from Oz for a visit and we've been busy sight seeing and shopping! I love your hydrangeas...they are wonderful as cut flowers and I too love the way their colour changes as they dry up and age. Every time I travel to Wales in Autumn I see the most magnificent deep red ones, hanging over fences...and I just itch to knock on doors and beg for a bunch...if I lived nearby I would sneak out at night with my trusty secateaurs...well...these people just neglect them and I'm sure it doesn't dawn on them to cut some and take inside!!! Robx
    p.s. new post on the way

    1. Hi Robynne, so lovely to see you back. I am sooo like you, there are several mature shrubs in my street that have those gorgeous dark pink hydrangea. Every year I say that I will ask if I might have some, but I don't, then the frost comes and they all go brown! Duh!Love Linda x

  19. Oh my, I am just love love loving all these pale lavender things! The larder cupboard is such a wonderful pale shade. Is it Annie Sloan paint? I want to paint my bathroom pale lilac - i have been "pinning" pics to my Pinterest bathrooms board for a while now.
    I love the quirky painting behind your hob - you are so clever Linda!
    Although I picked lots of hydrangeas during the summer and autumn, I foolishly left the last gorgeous lilacy green blooms and now I think the frost has had them.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx


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