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Friday, 27 June 2014

A little posy...fit for a Queen?

I just couldn't wait to tell you this! A friend of mine was going to Hillsborough Castle for a Garden Party, to meet the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. She rang asking me was there any possibility I could do her a little posy, to present to the Queen. I had no car, very little time,...(think)... thank goodness for my garden and my mum's beautiful scented yellow roses, a colour we know the Queen is partial to.

 I added some lovely pale pink roses called Capitain John Ingram and a darker pink one called Zephrine Drouhin, sadly I do not know what variety my mum's rose is. I put a little bit of hydrangea in there, campanula for colour, and lavender, sage and jasmine for fragrance.

My friend did not know if she would be able to give them to the Queen or not, because of  security issues etc. Because I have been busy with a wedding I hadn't heard if she had managed to present them or not.
Joy of joys the Queen eventually got the posy and was heard to remark on the beautiful fragrance.

Well, I am cock a hoop, over the moon and so very chuffed, this has made my day!!!!


  1. Hello Linda:
    This is so very thrilling for you. And such a kindness on your part to do this for your friend particularly at a time when you were short of time, without a motor car and so had to rely on your own resources. True friendship. And we are so pleased for you that, notwithstanding all the security issues, your posy did reach the Queen.

  2. I bet her maj loved them it is so pretty!

  3. Amazing! How exciting Linda, what a thrill for you! It is a beautiful posy and certainly fit for a Queen!
    Lots of love
    Gill xx

  4. I'm not surprised she was pleased, if their perfume is as gorgeous as they look, I love that golden apricot colour.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. A beautiful posy for the Queen and such a thrill she got it and made a remark about the fragrance. I suppose you will always remember this day so exciting.

  6. Linda o'kane by appointment to her Majesty the Queen. Love it xx

  7. What an honor for you. Your posy is beautiful and certainly fit for a queen!

  8. What a lovely posy Linda! I sincerely hoped you friend managed to give it to the queen!

    Happy week,

    Madelief x


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