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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Life's funny that way!

I was attempting to write this post when a little bird who had been flying about outside my kitchen window, landed on top of a birdhouse on the windowsill and started pecking the window with his beak, as if to say 'hey you, get out here, it's a lovely day and you've got some gardening to do!' I managed to catch a snap or two of him, but apologies for the quality.

Anyway, after I was so charmingly interrupted...

A couple of days ago, after a trip to the flower wholesalers, I was having a coffee in a well known coffee merchants, minding my own business (well sort of),when I overheard an interesting conversation. I noticed two young men when I arrived with a cute little baby girl. They were having a business meeting 9.00 a.m. Saturday morning. It turns out, the father of the little girl is a web designer, meeting his client to discuss a job, or several jobs, his wife is a beautician and at work, naturally. I was so impressed by this. How wonderful that this young family can find a way to work and yet take care of their daughter as well. How 'modern' of this business owner/manager/director whatever to meet up in a coffee shop and not mind if baby comes too. I felt quite liberated just listening to it all (they did speak rather loud..honestly).

It got me thinking, life moves on , we can embrace the changes, technology etc., or we can ignore it, but either way it still moves on.

 About six years ago I went on a Food Writing course to the wonderful Ballymalloe in County Cork. I rather fancied the idea of testing recipes and  then sitting in the garden hand writing  my notes or tapping away at a vintage typewriter.  Well..... what a shock to the system I got, when I learned I would have to have a blog, a twitter account, a facebook account, etc., etc. This is the woman who could barely text on her mobile. I was not at all computer literate, not even computer friendly! I was horrified, the whole idea of food writing was now a no go area.

A year later I was trying to set up a website for my wedding flower/furniture business. It wasn't going well, the young guy I was working with wasn't on my wavelength, or I wasn't on his. I started venturing unto the internet, not knowing what I was doing. Then quite by accident I stumbled across blogs. Madelief's beautiful blog was one of the first I found. I was completely enthralled. I wish someone had told me the internet was this good! I then spent hours, weeks, months even,trying to set up a blog.
It nearly drove me to distraction, I found it so difficult to understand what I was doing wrong, or right for that matter. I didn't want to be beaten though, so I persisted. Those first few posts, where no-one responds, are hard, I felt so foolish. Then someone writes something kind or funny or encouraging and it all seems worth it.

I cannot believe I have been blogging for over 4 years now. I have exchanged comments with some of the most talented, creative, kind people. What a disservice I would have done myself if I had never attempted to battle with my fear of technology. What beauty, inspiration, fun and frolics I would have missed out on. (Do you know that little birdie is still tap, tap, tapping on my window!)

I have a Facebook account and a business page, I have set up my own website (still ongoing),have dabbled with Twitter, love Pinterest and Picmonkey and am attempting Instagram. I do admit, I stumble around these sites attempting to do great things and don't, but at least I have a bash, and it's wonderful when one manages  to figure something out.

If I could have seen into my future whilst on that course in Ballymalloe I don't think I would have believed it. Wishing all my fellow bloggers, followers, readers a wonderful week ahead and a challenge to keep moving! Love Linda xx


  1. Hello Linda
    I loved reading your story and your strength and persistence certainly paid off.
    I also share your views of Madelief's blog. I am so happy to have met you, through blogging.
    The bird by your window is a beautiful sight

  2. Oh my gosh!
    Where do I begin?
    How beautiful is your visitor!
    The closest thing to a colorful bird in the Pacific Northwest is a Blue jay!
    How are you my dear friend? I do not blog nearly as often as I used to. Many of my first blog friends have stopped blogging or have departed for Instagram.
    Instagram is a wonderful vehicle for business.

    I keep thinking that I should take my blog in a new direction.

    Thank you for popping in to say hello. I hope all is well with you, your family and your wonderful business ventures! How is Lois doing?
    I have missed you!

  3. Dear Linda, as always, your blog says what I so often feel. Your description of early attempts at blogging is so true. I'm so glad you persevered. I love your little blue tit, he must have lifted your heart. Jane xx ps about to be brave and try instagram...

  4. Dear Linda, as always, your blog says what I so often feel. Your description of early attempts at blogging is so true. I'm so glad you persevered. I love your little blue tit, he must have lifted your heart. Jane xx ps about to be brave and try instagram...

  5. Great to hear from you, Linda.
    Oh, I remember my struggles trying to learn how to link up a post to a linky party! I had instructions but it was greek to me at first. My husband and daughter weren't really interested and feigned they didn't know how so my struggle persisted. Finally, I figured it out on my own and that was a good feeling. There is something new everyday to add and change on your blog. I admit I have a list of things I want to do to improve my blog but as you read in my last post priorities have changed with life issues. I relax reading blogs and love to visit back and forth with comments. Right now, I am doing very little reading or commenting but I will be back when our lives are more settled.
    Do you know the name of the little bird? Just saw the earlier comment that it was a blue tit. I know that was exciting.Love your pictures. So often birds sense my movement and fly away.
    I could enjoy a piece of your beautiful cake. Looks delicious.
    Have a great week.Thanks again for your visit. It was a nice surprise. I relate that so often you think no one is out there and then I remember how time consuming it is to keep up with everyone and I understand.

  6. Hi Linda,

    It was more or less the same with me! I am so happy I took the plunge and started a blog. It it such fun and brings so much happiness. Congratulations on your fourth anniversary!

    Have a lovely week too!

    Madelief x

  7. Hello I have been reading your blog since you started it! I adore those little red shoes - please can you tell me where they are from

  8. the bird looks adorable. It is amazing that it landed on your bird house! I'm glad you did overcome your fear of technology because technology is actually very useful if we use it well :)

  9. Love the little bird! Congratulations on your fourth blog anniversary. I know what you mean.....it all seems so daunting yet bit by bit we can do it! Well done on taking the plunge!
    Helen xox

  10. lovely post and i have just followed you on instagram as it too is addictive!! xx

  11. Merci de tes mots sur mon blog,ce gâteau à l'air délicieux.

    Belle journée



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