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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Yeats's Country

The lovely old church in Drumcliffe, Sligo where  W.B. Yeats is buried.

This year, we decided that we would stay in Ireland for our holiday. Because of work commitments we had to split it into two four day breaks. So, for the first we headed over the border into County Sligo. It is full of fishing ports and wonderful sandy beaches. Although my photos look a bit grey, we actually had the most wonderful weather and were able to make the most of the beaches. Sligo town is where W.B. Yeats mother's family is from and where he spent time as a child. There are a lot of tributes to him everywhere and had I not got a nine year old with me, I should have liked to look into his history a bit further. We did get to go to the church, St. Columba's, where you can view his very simple grave. The church was restored in the 1990's and I think has sadly lost some of it's integrity, but you can still see it is a very old and charming building, but it is the setting that is quite breathtaking. The scenery around is so wild and beautiful and you can imagine it hasn't changed for centuries, there was once a monastry on this site.

Our Hotel was situated near Rosses Point, a lovely shaded cove amd we spent quite a lot of time walking along the edge of the sea. We also went to Sandhill which is a more exposed beach with a surfing school. Everywhere was remarkably quiet, the state of the economy obviously having an effect. However, there is the most laid back relaxed atmosphere and the locals are so friendly and lovely. If you want to get away from the hurly birly, this is the place.

A lovely yellow house in the fishing port of Mullaghmore.

My family rolled their eyes when I unpacked some roses from a plastic bag. I think that some hotels are rather soul-less and need some roses from my garden, plus the smell wafted me off to sleep at night!
So, a jolly good time was had by all! When we got back I had to cook and do flowers and table decorations for a clients 25th Wedding Anniversary party, so it was all go!

I do apologise, my photos are not terribly good! My client s had gone to Hawaii for their anniversary and so we had a kind of tropical beach theme going, without trying to be to  typically Hawaiian. The colour scheme was turquoise, lime green and white. The wreath for her front door was made from White roses that have a green tinge, Queen Annes Lace, white Agapanthus, Snowball Viburnum, white Scented Stock and a few quirky little onion topped  Alliums (I think they are actually Leeks gone to seed!) I added some white seashells and one starfish. On the mantel I did 5 little jam jar arrangements, using the same flowers and then a little tag added which said 'fleurs'. Of course I forgot to photogrph these, but this picture from Tumblr was my inspiration.

The table decoration consisted of large tissue paper flowers, a trail of sand with shells and starfish and some turquoise tealights. I also filled a large glass tank with sand  and decorated with candles and shells, for the sideboard. The napkins where folded to incorporate a pocket for the cutlery and tied with some pretty striped ribbon. Sadly I forgot to photograph the food. I made two large hams with a Pistachio and Ornge crust, Panko Chicken (which are marinated chicken fillets which are then coated in Japanese Panko crumbs, which makes for a lovely crispy topping). These are served cold , sliced on the diagonal with a Fresh Peach Chutney. I made Pear and Almond Tart for dessert and Tiffin for the children. Then I did White Chocolate Covered Pretzels , packed into clear c.d. wallets and tied with ribbon as goodie bags. So today I am feeling quite tired! We are off again tomorrow on the second part of our hols to County Wicklow, it is a very beautiful area too. I will try to take more photos this time. I am so far behind on my reading, so I do apologise to all whose blogs I follow, but sometimes you simply cannot do it all. Have a wonderful week , love Linda x


  1. Alll those decorations you did for the anniversary party look gorgeous. Gosh, you certainly had to get right back into the swing of things after your little break, didn't you?! Isn't that a fantastic idea with the flowers in the jamjar and the little label attached. I might try that myself. They say that the simplest things are the most effective! Looks like a beautiful place that you visited - you can't beat being by the sea. Lovely to have you back! Hugs.

  2. Linda, what a spectacular and busy week you have had and we all thought you were sitting on the beach, counting shells.
    You had my heart racing at Sligo and Yeats country. He is my favourite poet, his poetry reaches me. I have not been to Sligo and will put it on my list. I usually go to Thoor Ballylea, his castle, near Gort. The pictures look marvelous and it is nice sometimes to not have many tourist mulling around.
    You did manage to do a lot and no doubt Lois had a great time too. Now Wicklow this week, I am jealous and delighted for you. If time permits go to the Vale of Avoca (you tube: The Meeting of the Waters by John McCormack is a beautiful song)
    Your anniversary party and menu no doubt was a huge success.
    Linda I will be thinking of you this week and you chase sheep on the Wicklow mountains.
    Love xx

  3. Linda, you are such a busy girl!

    Thank you for sharing the photographs from Yeats country.

    I bring flowers, a candle, or a quilt from home with me when I travel...they may be rolling their eyes now, but when your beautiful daughter grows up and you see the special touches in her home and lifestyle, it will warm your heart. {I smile for you}

    The anniversary dinner was lovely! The special couple and family must have been so pleased. Your tablescape transported them to a romantic dinner at the beach!

    Safe travels to county Wicklow!

  4. Hello Linda:
    We are so pleased to read that you have had and are about to have a holiday as we often wonder where all your energy comes from!!

    Sligo sounds to be an idyllic place, as we believe are so many parts of Ireland, both Southern and Northern.

    The people for whom you arranged the Anniversary party must have been delighted with it all. The floral arrangement for the door we thought to be not only beautiful but inspirational. You have such wonderful ideas, Linda, and are such a talented person.

  5. One day your 9 year old will be a woman who will love sharing history visits with you!

    Anyway - you blow me away - so talented you are. Flower arranging AND cooking for the party too? I would love to have a job like that - especially the cooking part. Love love love to cook. Flowers though - hmmm - yeah not my strong point. I think I've said before that I tend to bung them in a jar and be done with it. :)

    Enjoy The Hols Part II. Staf safe.

    Nice touch though - taking les fleurs to your hotel room - great idea.

  6. Oh LInda - I meant 'stay safe' - not staf safe - BAH!! - blame the post lunch wine. ;)

  7. I just love the heart shaped floral wreath and the little floral bouquets in jars. Very pretty idea.

  8. All your wreaths and arrangements are so pretty. I am amazed at all you were able to do. I would be wiped out just getting back from a trip.

    I am not familiar with the dish you made for the children, tiffin. Your food sounds very good. I do admire all the hard work for the party.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. I would love to visit Ireland.

  9. My family will be happy to know that there is a wackier woman out there than me...it's honestly never dawned on my to take fresh cut flowers to holiday accommodation...well done...you're a nut! Robx

  10. Oh my word you have been busy, what a beautiful house on the fishing port of Mullaghmore, glad the weather held up for you and the view of the sea look wonderful :)

    Love all your table displays but the lovely heart on the door is my favourite the combination of colours, flowers and textures is stunning Linda x

  11. You made me laugh with the roses in the plastic bag - too funny!

  12. I just love your idea of taking some roses from your garden with you. It fits the image of your blog as well 'Flowers On My Table@

    Thanks also for taking the time to comment Linda on my butterfly photo.

  13. I think your photos are lovely! Your heart shaped wreath is gorgeous, and the pics of Yeat's country are a delight to see!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Linda!
    ~ Zuzu
    Oh - and I just started following you on Pinterest! :)

  14. Well Linda, no apologies needed, this post is wonderful! I love all the details and beauty in it.
    And in reply to your sweet comment on creJJtion: yes, I am indeed getting pretty excited now for our big move! However, just a few more weeks before we fly off...

    Have a wonderful Sunday,
    love Maaike

  15. Me again,as you do not have the reply option on your comments and I needed to answer your question. Thankyou Linda, the fruit harvest this year has been excellent, we are now enjoying plums, greengages and peaches. No we have not roasted any yet but thanks for the reminder.

  16. I'm also magnetically drawn to taking photos of cool houses...especially those with colourful doors (like your yellow one). It's a fantastic and unusual way of documenting a trip I always find...to think of the suburb you were in at the time i.t.o. it's houses, rather than always the usual touristy haunts :-)

  17. This post was so interesting! I enjoyed reading about your visit to Sligo, how fascinating it sounds. (I also loved the fact that you took roses with you to make you feel at home - I so agree and often pick wild flowers to have in holiday homes for the same reason!) Your sea and shell themed decorations are lovely - I loved reading your description of the silver wedding arrangements. I hope you enjoy your next break too.
    Helen x

  18. Lovely post, I am glad you took flowers, it's not just me then??? Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your lovely comment, Love Helen xx


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