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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Zest for Life!

 We have been back from our little break in Wicklow for almost a week, I cannot believe where the time has gone. We all had a wonderful time and were lucky with the weather. My husband took the photos this time, and I am still waiting for him to load them on to the computer. So, I am sorry, there is nothing to show you just yet.

The weather has been fabulous this week and it is amazing how a little bit of sunshine gives you a real 'zest for life'. So I have selected a few 'zesty' photos to zing up your day! As well as being busy with work, we are changing a few things at home and in the garden which I hope to post about soon. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far? Sit back and enjoy these images, curtesy of tumblr.

Are you feeling the vibe..? Not yet! You need some more....? Alright here are some more zesty images from Pinterest.... enjoy!

This might cool you down! xxx
Have a wonderful week with plenty of sunshine and maybe a little rain too for balance is the key! Love Linda


  1. Hello Linda

    You have entertained me with such beautiful pictures and I love how you have created a story with you photos. Hope you had a lovely time in Wicklow. Don't work too hard and a friend of mine always says, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. The first image of lemons is so stunning.
    Helen xx

  2. Welcome back, Linda!
    Such a cute post!

  3. Hello Linda:
    And now our day is thoroughly 'zinged'! And it needs to be for the wonderful weather of the last few weeks has completely disappeared and in its place are grey, cloudy days, little in the way of sun and rather too much in the way of rain. Still, it is not exactly cold, mid 20C, but it does not feel like summer.

    We are so pleased that your holiday was really enjoyable and are now looking forward to seeing the pictures [as soon as your husband can be galvanised into action]. Tell him that your adoring public is waiting!

  4. I'll just have that little boat in the blue blue sea, please.

  5. Yes, I'm certainly feeling the vibes my friend - I am now all zingy and refreshes!! Lovely to see you back here today. Life sounds very busy for you at the moment. Good luck with all the changes that you are planning to do.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Love your images with a sparkle of yellow and orange. They look bright and sunny!

    Glad to hear you had a good time in Wicklow. We have been there years ago, in Glendalough (I hope I spelled it right) and enjoyed it very much. We found the countryside breathtaking. We even visited a garden there, of which I have forgotten the name, but I can remember it being on a hill and very pretty as well.

    Wish you a happy weekend and thank you for always leaving such sweet comments!!!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  7. I loved your collection of zesty zingy citrus shades inspired pictures! The colour combinations you chose are all delightful and just what we needed here as today has been cloudy and grey. I'm so glad you had good weather on your trip to Wicklow (I love all these magical place names!) Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  8. Now that makes me crave a slice of moist lemon drizzle cake. I feel a baking session coming on!

    No summer here yet - I was planning to hit the beach this morning as the sun was actually shining but it disappeared and now it's all windy and grey again. Grrrrr!

  9. Hi Linda, Glad you have a lovely holiday, we did have a few lovely days but today back to grey and dull.. so your photos certainly cheered my day :) x

    p.s. love the new header

  10. Love the zesty photos Linda.

    Hmmm think I will throw a few lemons in a vase and add a few flowers - certainly looks effective!

    Great blog.

    Fiona Raindrops&Daisies.


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