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Monday, 29 April 2013

Burning the Midnight Oil!

A recent pic of me and my niece  Florence.

I  wondered dear fellow bloggers if you would be so kind as to click on this link and look at my new Website, and tell me honestly what you think. I know I need more Wedding photos, but that will come in time. Is is easy to find your way around? Is it clear? Does it look well? I know it's a little cheeky of me to ask you, but I just cannot look at it anymore, and who better to ask!

Excitement is building for Saturday, and perhaps an element of panic is creeping in. No, I will not panic, I will be fine!

The furniture painting workshop went really well, and we are lining up for another and the chalk paint has been very well received.

Here is my link www.flowersonmytable.co.uk, if you could spare the time to have a little lookie, I would just love you to bits!

I will have photos for you after my unveiling. I am sorry to keep you waiting, but I would like to do it all at once, rather than in dribs and drabs. Besides, I haven't got enough to show you yet (eek I better get myself to bed!)
Goodnight and God Bless, love Linda xx


  1. Congratulations, Linda! I envy you! If I was in Antrim I would join you and see if we could work together! Honestly! I think your homepage is good! The only thing I would change is to add another title something like "workshops" and move these information from news to there. Not everybody knows you are doing workshops and it would be visible at one glance. Keep my fingers crossed for the event on Saturday! xxxxxx Christa PS. the photo of you and your niece is pretty!

  2. Hi Linda, were you really typing this post at 4 am in the morning?! My blogger list showed it posted 4 hours ago!
    Hopefully you're getting some well deserved sleep as i type!
    Your website looks lovely. The opening page sets the tone being very pretty with the flowers backdrop, and the whole website is simple, friendly,and easy to use.
    I agree with Christa that it would be a good idea to promote your workshops under a separate tab, and maybe when you do wedding fairs to have a section for those too ie. where to see us type of thing.
    Am excited for you for your Saturday opening, good luck, I'm sure it will be a huge success!
    Glad to hear the first workshop went well.
    Lovely photo of you and your niece - will you have a little photo of yourself on your "About me" page? It's sometimes nice for people to see when planning a wedding maybe, perhaps getting flowers ready in a wedding setting,makes it more personal? Just a random thought!
    Anyway i must be off, all the luck in the world Linda!
    lots of love
    Gill xx

  3. I agree with the other two comments (re workshops). The website is lovely - clear and easy to navigate. In the galleries, the crisper photos are obviously better, but they all give a good idea of your style. Exciting! Good luck for the weekend. And get some sleep! x

  4. Hi Linda!

    First...Your family trait is beautiful eyes!

    The website is lovely, and easy to navigate. You are on the "right track" as we say here in America!

    I agree with the comments preceding me. An image of you on the "about me" page would be nice.

    It would also be nice if you could have a friend or family member follow you with a camera on Saturday's opening day and at the next furniture workshop.

    Candid shots would be nice for the the "news" page of your site. (A window to the activity at the "potting shed".) Perhaps a nice "about me" image will surface as you interact with your clients and friends.

    Don't forget to place your website with a link on your blog sidebar.

    I love your watercolors. I am so lucky to have one in my kitchen!

    The Potting Shed is going to be a wonderful place to share your talent and style! Have fun!

    I am cheering for you!

  5. Hello Linda

    Wow - how very exciting for you ... although I guess a little daunting at times! I'm loving the look of your website. The home page is gorgeous. I agree with everyone else . "News' suggests what you've been up to - I don't think I would look there for upcoming events so much. Your image gallery is good - although some of the images are a little too out of focus - it kind of left me wondering why you didn't load better pics! My only other comment is that I'm not sure it really 'captures' you and your creativity enough. Having followed your blog I know that you're a hugely talented and creative lady - I don't really get this vibe from your site..... maybe it begs to contain more personal info about you, little snippets of quirky. I know it's hard to blow your own trumpet - but you are so worth it, tell the world how fabulous you and your work are! I hope I've not babbled too much. Basically I think the site is great - it just needs a bit more content.....

    I hope I've helped and not discouraged you in any way!

  6. Hello Linda...how lovely to see you - and with your ever so cute niece! Big family resemblance there.:)

    I had a look at your website - isn't it a nightmare setting these things up? I did my one too and I keep rejigging things. Never happy.

    Anyway, I agree with the others that you should have a page for your workshops. And a photo of you would be great too. But otherwise it's easy to navigate and very pretty. And your illustrations are fabulous! You are so talented.

  7. Hi Linda. What a delightful photo of you and your beautiful little niece! I thought your new website was delightful. Very pretty and feminine. I loved the colour of the font in the title and the stunning flower photo as the backdrop. I think it would be good if your photo was on the site and, yes, I agree to put the workshops as a separate link. It was certainly very easy to navigate around the site. Again, good luck with it all!

  8. Hello!! It's nice to have daughter vain!! I would also like to know how to make some of these nails.


  9. I visited your web site since you posted it but I finally find the time to write to you.Yes, the others are right, but the site is wellcoming and convincing.I 'm sure that your clients will appreciate your talent and services.I wish you luck!!!
    Love, Olympia

  10. Hi Linda,

    Just had a a look at your website. It does look really good! Love the floral background you chose and the words in pink. If I were you, I would make the black banner in the middle with 'home, gallery, new etc.' on it, in pink as well. I would do that to the black banner at the bottom with 'contact' in it too.

    I would also put your text more in the middle/centre. When I look at it from my laptop, the first letters and last letters of the text disappear in the side of my screen.

    When I look at some photo's in the gallery, I cannot see them clearly. For instance, when I look at the photo of the little girl with the beautiful floral hairpiece, I cannot see the hairpiece. Some do your beautiful work no justice.

    I hope I did not discourage you? It really looks lovely and your work so very pretty!

    Love the photo of you and your little niece!

    Have a lovely evening and lots of luck on Saturday!

    Madelief x

  11. Thank you all so very much for the feedback, it was fantastic! I will contact you all soon. Things are progressing nicely, will post soon. Lots of love, Linda xx

  12. Glad it's all going well Linda - good luck tomorrow!

    Gill xx


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