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Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Blues

I know it technically isn't Monday any more, but I did promise to post every Monday no matter what.So week 1, I have failed miserably!

I have had a bit of a bad day today.Last night I visited a lot of my blogging friends that I haven't been to in a while, and some are going through very difficult heartbreak. I feel sad for them and guilty that my life is very good. I know this isn't the right way to think, my getting sad and low doesn't help anyone.

Blogging is a funny thing, it is like writing letters to your friends, you bare your soul sometimes and in so doing you make people connect with you on a different level.Once you have that connection, it makes you  close, and then you feel their joy and their frustration and their pain.


  1. Hi darling, Linda!
    It's Monday in America, so you are right on time!
    Just seeing you pop up on my sidebar, made my very blue Monday, (The bombings at the Boston Marathon),a little bit brighter!
    I am a bit behind on my blog responses! I so appreciate your recent visits!

  2. Just relax and blog when you want :)

  3. You must be more cool dear Linda with yourself,we are not robots and we understand and feel even from distance the difficulties or impediments of our blogfriends.
    Thank you for beeing there!

  4. Great connections and friendships are forged through blogs - isn't it wonderful!

    Really don't beat yourself up about blogging at specific times...it should always be enjoyable and not a chore or an obligation. And sometimes our real lives just don't allow space for the virtual one. Perfectly understandable.

    1. ps...love your header - it's beautiful!

  5. You are a lovely lady... beautiful on the outside and beautiful inside. We enjoy your lovely posts, but you must not feel compelled to write them regularly, otherwise it becomes a chore, not a pleasure!

    I can tell you are a happy person... don't feel guilty, just "Spread a little happiness as you go by!"




  6. It is hard when we read of troubles in our blogging friends' lives, but we can be there to support them, and to share in their joys at other times. Lovely to see you here today, but don't put any pressure on yourself about how often you blog. I've bad several periods like this. I usually have a little break and it all comes right again. We all understand and will always be here.we aren't goimg anywhere!!

  7. Life does not take place in the www - therefore I believe it is an asset to be absent due to other things like celebrations, meeting friends etc - i.e. being in real life! We read your posts when you post and are happy when you are busy with other wonderful things! So enjoy with whatever you are doing! Big hugs, Christa

  8. Hi Linda,

    It all sounds so familiar but makes even more clear that every day counts and that we should cherish that thought. Your support and sympathy will mean a lot to your blogging friends, I'm sure!
    Don't feel obliged to blog because we'll understand... and indeed we're not going anywhere.
    Anita xo

  9. Dear Linda,

    I think we were all sad last Monday! Such a horrible thing to happen....

    Hope the first spring flowers and warmer temperatures cheered you up a little.

    How is your part of the shop coming along?

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  10. Dear Linda,
    I do so agree with you. There is a special connection between blog friends. We are almost an old fashioned collection, sharing our lives with our letters, not meeting but feeling close and connected.And the kind comments from these friends make such a difference when life is hard.Jane xxx


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