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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Before and After

My newest addition to the shop is a beautiful mahogany tilt-top breakfast table and chairs. I know some of you will be horrified that I painted them, when they are antique. The thing is, the table had been refinished badly and was a bit unloved, so I caressed it and loved it and painted it!
 For once in my life I actually remembered to photograph it before and after, but the quality of picture is not great...sorry!
The chairs are beech, stained to like like mahogany, and although the velvet seat pads were in very good nick, I decided they needed updating and covered them in a natural linen.

Apologies for my long absence....balance, balance, I need to find you!
Wishing you all a happy week ahead, with love, Linda xx


  1. The table and chairs are absolutely beautiful, they look much better painted and re-upholstered!


  2. Hello dear Linda, I am loving all the new changes you are going through...the blog header is lovely! We certainly are kindred spirits....flowers and painting passions...the table is beautifully done and looks very professional...so many of us are experiencing change...
    I welcome it actually...have a wonderful week, and it is always great to hear from you,,N.xo

  3. I love it but admit I cringed that you were going to paint them at first! The table has beautiful lines and so do the chairs. It is fabulous.

    I always wanted to keep everything I was selling when I had a part in an antique business eons ago!

  4. Fabulous! Glad you had the courage of your convictions to paint.... What a great makeover
    Julie x

  5. I think you've done a great job. I used to cringe whenever I though someone would paint an antique piece, but just like this table and chairs, I've seen the improvements and can now breath out!

  6. Darling Linda,

    It was with absolute joy that we saw a sign of life from you in our comment box this morning and, now here a new post. Our cup runneth over!!

    We love the revamped table and chairs. The table did not look in very good condition and the seats of the chairs were positively nasty and you have transformed them beautifully. The colour is perfect and the choice of material for the seat covers is just right. These items would surely now work in any number of houses with a variety of decorating styles and tastes. Perfect!

    And, how fabulous your store looks to be. No wonder that you have been absent from our screens as this obviously represents a huge amount of work for you. However, it is great when you stay in touch. The Blogosphere is a less happy place without you so please do return on a more regular basis. We miss you.

    We have made reply to your comment but you will have to 'load more' to see it as the comments have spilled over 200.

    Hoping you and your family are keeping well and that the till is ringing in the shop! Love, J and L xxxx

  7. Hello Linda
    Lovely to see you back again. I had thought of you. You are so talented and being able to re-upholster is a marvelous skill.
    Great to see you shop is going well. Thanks for your recent visit.

    Hugs and hi to Lois

  8. Lovely to see your post Linda! I love the painted table very much and the chairs now you have painted and reupholstered them look wonderful!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  9. Your header is seriously great!
    And, the table and chairs are absolutely gorgeous. You did a fabulous job on them.

  10. I loved them before but you did such a good job that they are even better after. so talented!

  11. Great post.
    I have an old oak(I think) table that I would love to be brave enough to give a new lease of life to.
    Did you 'Annie Sloan' yours?
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  12. I'm totally with you here Linda, if its damaged a little then whack some paint on, unless of course its a valuable and beautiful antique!
    Both table and chairs look wonderful now they are re-finished - the linen seats are just perfect.
    Great job Linda!
    Gill xx

  13. P.S. Forgot to say I do like your new look header and blog page!

  14. What a great job you did on them. I feel inspired to have a go myself though that sort of thing is totally new to me.


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