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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lucky Buggers!

 Dear readers, I hope you are not offended by the title of my post? Let me explain....my sister-in-law has some good friends who have a family motto 'aren't we lucky buggers!' When they sit down to a lovingly prepared meal they raise their glasses and proclaim how lucky they are. This has always amused me, and greatly appealed to me. I think the family that can be grateful for small mercies and simple pleasures, is a long way towards making the most of life, and surely that is what it is all about?

I feel very much the 'lucky bugger', in having just returned from a lovely relaxing week in Corfu. My husband saw the holiday on Trip Advisor. I normally feel the urge to get my oar in, to be quality controller, researcher and general pain in the ass. This time I decided I would trust my man and to take 'whatever' comes and be grateful for it. It paid off big time! This year I was able to relax from day one, which NEVER happens. We all enjoyed the relaxed manner of the Greek people, the beauty and authenticity of the island and great food at sensible prices. We loved where we stayed, which was small and family run, clean and very friendly. I think we may go back. I am back feeling refreshed and ready to go again.
A beautiful looking hotel or villa we spied whilst out walking.

A monastery with Mouse Island behind.

A very beautiful statue of Achilles.

Bouganvillea in a beautiful Monastery.

Stunning views after a slightly scary coach journey.

Paul enjoying a beer!

It's good to be back. I am looking forward to catching up with you all . With love, Linda xx

My favourite snapshot, Allium growing wild.


  1. Ha ha ! no offence taken.. looks amazing and hot and pretty.
    Pleased you had a super time xx

  2. It sounds like you had an idyllic holiday and like you I love that last capture.

  3. So glad you liked Corfu and had a lovely stay Linda! Your images are really wonderful.Hope you still enjoy lazy sunny days.
    Warm regards

  4. It looks beautiful! So nice to have someone else do the planning so you can do the enjoying! And we've used the term 'lucky buggers' for a long time :)

  5. Hi Linda,

    Corfu looks like an amazing place to take your holidays and I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos.
    Over here in NZ we had a car advertisment which actually used the bugger word.
    Enjoy the week

  6. No offence taken at all!! It is years since I last visited Corfu and your pics have really made me want to go again. My husband has always resisted my suggestions of Greece despite me telling him how beautiful it is ... I use to go to a different Greek island every year in my late teens/early twenties and loved it.

  7. No offense:) We should always be positive with our life:) like those wonderful pictures:) Thank you for sharing:)

  8. Love the title - no offence taken at all!
    Glad you had a brilliant holiday - it looks so peaceful.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  9. The titel is perfect - and I can see all the joy you had on this trip! You show it in your pictures and it jumps out of my computer right now and I can smell the salty sea and fell the sun!
    Have a happy happy time

  10. It looks lovely, Linda. So glad you had a great relaxing and fun time. Beautiful scenery.

  11. Gorgeous pictures of sunny Corfu! I'm so glad you had a lovely time there, I have been and thought it was beautiful. (Well done to your hb for choosing so well!)
    Wishing you a happy weekend, Linda.
    Helen xox

  12. Linda, your comment did come through. I loved your holiday pictures. So glad you were relaxing and getting a getaway! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.

  13. Sunny island and lovely pictures Linda!

  14. Hello Linda
    This holiday in Corfu looks perfect. I think Paul is a very good travel planner and deserves that cold beer. Your images are wonderful and it looks like the weather co-operated also.

    Have a great week
    Helen x

  15. Corfu is one of those islands I would love to return to. Having someone plan the trip sounds wonderful! Glad you could sit back and enjoy a relaxing break and then come back refreshed from your time in a sunny and picturesque place.


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