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Saturday, 26 July 2014

'Natural Calico'

I have a talented friend, Marie McMillen, who is a stylist, an Interior Designer, and now owner of an online shop Natural Calico, selling lovely things for the home. Her blog has lots of really useful tips and advice on setting up home,  how best to display things, as well as a 'look book' containing lots of snippets of some of the beautiful homes she has styled and her business partner Ashley Morrison has photographed. You may even have come across their work on Pinterest. You can find her website here: www.naturalcalico.com. Here are some pictures of the sort of things she sells.

Her shop has a certain cool, elegant look as indeed Marie herself has. I hope you will find the time to pop in and visit her. She also has a facebook page.

I was frantically painting a large mahogany desk this week, which is now finished and in the shop, I was really pleased with the colour (Aubergine) which I hadn't used before, and it seems to be really popular with the customers too, as there has been an influx of orders of this colour.

I am planning to exhibit at a Craft Fair next Sunday, so will have a busy week ahead getting things ready, it is a new departure for me and I am excited about it.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, with love, Linda x


  1. Hi Linda,

    Lots of wonderful inspiration here - thanks for sharing.
    Have fun at the craft fair and good luck with that.
    Happy Sunday

  2. Hello Linda

    Your desk looks great and I can see why there is demand for this colour. Your friends calico items are really beautiful and I will hop over and visit her shortly.
    Have a glorious Sunday

    Helen xx

  3. Lovely pictures, this is such an inspiring post! I love the colour of the desk you painted, it looks wonderful. I will go and visit your friend's site in a moment....it looks just the kind of thing I love!
    Good luck getting ready for your craft fair, and good luck on the day, Linda!
    Helen xox

  4. Hi Linda
    What a lovely shop, I shall pop over and take a look.
    I LOVE the colour of your desk, its a really gorgeous colour almost touching on Autumn, and I thought at Christmas would look gorgeous with Pewters and icy sparkle..did I mention Christmas!! so sorry... ha ha ..
    Good luck with your Fair they are hard to prepare for and so busy on the day, you will have a fab time...first things first though ...hunt out the cake stall, buy huge supplies... its easy after that xx
    Hugs Lynn x

  5. Lovely things Linda, so calm and classic. Jane xx

  6. Hi Linda,

    What a lovely shop, thanks for sharing, and I certainly will pop over to her page to have a closer look.
    Love the colour of the desk , I think someone is going to fall for it very soon!
    Good luck with all your preparations for the fair, have a good week. Anita xx

  7. I wish I could come and visit the craft fair - do hope it all goes well for you. You painted mahogany! Now, I wouldn't be brave enough to do that but it is stunning. Gorgeous, wonderful things - I love visiting your page - and thank you for dropping by at mine. It is fascinating to see the origins of modern design.

  8. Wishing both you and your friend every success with your ventures. I would love to attend the Craft Fair and will certainly pop by your friend's website.

  9. I love the desk and the color Aubergine:) great job:)


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