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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What's wrong with a little romance?

This is a picture of the bride and groom at a Wedding I did the flowers for recently. I just love the way she is looking at him. 

Recently when a friend came for lunch, she described my decorating style as 'romantic'. I was quite taken aback, I had never thought about it like that, I just thought my style was 'country'.I began to look at my Pinterest pins to see if this was true, and guess what, I am a romantic, even in the style of clothing and flowers, there is a hint of romance running through everything. See for yourself.....

All images were from Pinterest.
So whilst my beloved was in Zambia doing charitable work, and I was missing him and feeling all romantic, I decided to paint my kitchen and add a little romance of my own.

My floor was already painted in this tile pattern, but was a little worn, so I refreshed it, and my larder cupboard was painted Lavender.

The awful tiles that I would love to rip out will have to wait to the next time my husband is away for 2 weeks! I painted them in the palest of pinks. I just love my new acquisition, a painting on vintage wallpaper by Lynn Barron from Sea Angels.

A little nook above the stove is ideal for displaying pretty things.

A grey bookcase was painted pale pink inside and then I wallpapered the back with a pretty chinoiserie paper from Graham and Browns V&A collection.

All this romance calls for candles and cake!

This new discovery about me has been quite liberating.I hope to move on to my clothing style, which has suffered badly this last lot of years, and add a little romance to my wardrobe.
If someone could sum up your style in one word, what would it be, I would love to know, leave me a message! Wishing you all a 'romantic' weekend, with love, Linda x


  1. I think mine would be, 'Eclectic'!

  2. I love the picture of the bride and groom, too, it really captures the love she has for him. I hope it endures!

    You have been busy - I am full of admiration, and it is all so very pretty. At the moment, I am having a Scandi-style moment, after our recent trip to Sweden and I love anything in the Arts and Crafts style too...

  3. The bride and groom picture is lovely, but I am also fond of the coat with animals and trees. You have been busy, the bookcase with the wallpapered back looks beautiful. Yes, also my gardening friends say I am a romantic, especially because I like to wear dresses with flowers and love the Laura Ashley style. But when you ask me, I´m not a romantic at all, I am a real country girl and had a job in the city.

  4. Hello Linda
    You have done some beautiful decorating. I think you will need a two week holiday. The image of the bride and groom is romantic.
    I have difficulty coming up with one style that defines my taste. I love good tailoring, good natural fabrics and designers/sewers who excel at what they do.


  5. Hello Linda,

    We always suspected that you were one of the last romantics and how wonderful is that! The world badly needs more romance and here you are spearheading the Romantic Revolution.

    We love your choices on Pinterest, something to which we are addicted too. The dreamy colours and pretty mixes of florals are simply beautiful. We think that you have a fabulously creative eye which is definitely reflected in your floral arrangements and your home decorating. In particular, we love the way in which you have used a wallpaper to back the shelves. This really makes the items displayed look so much more interesting.

    As for describing our own style.....we are at a loss for words. Whatever, we seem to be permanently in the wrong century....so vintage it is!

  6. Your eye is quite eclectic I think. I love your styling choises and your flower compositions are marvellous. Personally I prefer mixt and match.
    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Linda I love your home, it is' romantic country' and I want your lovely floor in the kitchen please, that floor is just fabulous and just fits perfectly.
    I sometimes look at my pin boards, and see another me, it is weird, I think because we only pin what we truly love, no cost no limitations, our true authentic selves are allowed to blossom with the freedom of choice, and you can see this now on your pinterest.

    The wedding pictures is beautiful as is the bride and the eyes just say it all... oh the joy of youth ha ha ...your lovely picture looks fabulous were it is thank you x
    Hugs Lynn x

  8. What a beautiful post, Linda! I loved the delicious updates you have created to your decor....how pretty and stylish they look. You are amazing with paint and wallpaper! I find it very difficult to define my own style....it is a little of a lot of different things that inspire me...but there is definitely a lot of romance in it too.
    Happy week ahead, Linda.
    Helen xox

  9. I guess it only show's that creative people like you get's more creative because of love that she surround and the love you give to them.

    Love, romance make's life more interesting:)

  10. Oh Linda it looks gorgeous, I love your hints of pink!
    Love Helen x

  11. Your style is beautifully romantic, Linda. How lucky you are to be able to create a look. My style? Hm.... "eclectic" I think is the kindest word :)

  12. Your style is lovely. And I think we all love a bit of romance, no matter how much we may deny it! M x

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