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Friday, 12 September 2014

Meet my sister...

I  would like to introduce you to my very funny and creative sister. here she is .

I would love you to pop over to her blog and say hello, if you have the time, she would be thrilled.

I have been a little preoccupied with various things lately, but hope to be back blogging very soon. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, love Linda x


  1. Hello Linda! It's been a while. I had stopped blogging, and then started up again with a new url, and lost contact with so many friends. Thank you for leaving a comment for me... I'm following you again.

  2. I just love that picture Linda, you sound busy wonder what your up too ha ha . Hugs Lynn xxxx

  3. Hello Linda,

    We have just visited your sister and we love her!

    We are certain that you are like peas in a pod. What fun it must be when family gatherings happen. Now we have joined in!

    We hope that you are busy with pleasure or things that pay well. Whatever, we blame you that we are now Pinterest addicts!

    Love, Jane and Lance xx

  4. Hi linda, thanks so much for the link xox

  5. Dear Linda How nice to have your sweet comments and to see you are back again here! I love this photo! I will go and visit your sister next too. Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  6. Just popped by to say 'Hello' as I too have been rather distracted. I'll have a look at your sister's blog immediately! Jane xx

  7. I tried to leave a comment with your sister Linda, but unfortunately I can't. I don't have google +.

    Hope you are well Linda and enjoying the sunny weather!

    Madelief x

  8. I visit her blog and I love the vibe:) thank you for sharing;)

  9. Linda! Hello lovely!
    Just popping in to wish you Seasons Blessings and a Happy New Year!


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