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Hello and welcome to my blog. If you like flowers and gardens, housey stuff, food and banter, then this is the place for you. I am a decorative artist, florist and maker of things. I sell painted furniture, plants and crafts, through a local retail shop, in my native Ireland, and wedding flowers from home. I am married to a lovely patient man and have a smashing little girl. I blog for the fun of it. Thank you for listening.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's strange the things we get sentimental about....or is it?

Whilst doing some serious sorting out and tidying last week, I came across a little cross stitched name that I have stashed away for years. It is cross-stitched unto perforated paper and  a silk ribbon. When my dad died, his name was Samuel or Sammy, I found this in an antiquarian book shop, I loved it and took it for a sign from him. He left a small inheritance to be divided amongst his family, it wasn't much but I wanted to buy something to keep in remembrance of him, instead of just buying clothes or something else that wouldn't last.

Another couple of things I am sentimental about a little cardboard box covered in forget me nots that has seen better days and our funny little Guinea Pig, Jingle

I found this lovely cross stitched picture, again done on perforated paper. It is quite faded, but I just love the subject matter, a man and his dogs, my dad loved dogs and my daughter seems to have inherited this from him.

Whilst I was in the Antiques business, I bought and sold a few pieces of early spongeware pottery. I always loved the simplicity and country look of it, and regretted not having ever kept any. I then came across this pair of plates, I dithered and procrastinated because they had damage, but in the end I bought them. I am so glad I did because they give me such pleasure, hanging on the wall or on my plate rack, it doesn't matter to me at all if they have cracks, it only shows they have been used and loved.

Another little thing I am very sentimental about and will never get rid of, is a little silver plated keepsake box. My dad bought it for my mum when I was born. I don't think it is the kind of thing he would have done normally but we were living in Malta, and it is very traditional to give something silver when a baby is born. The silver has all worn off and it is brass underneath, I always meant to have it re-plated, but I have known it as brass as long as I can remember, so it will probably stay that way. Again the subject is charming to me, a little cherub with a sheaf of wheat and all nature's bounty.

I have a little tiny bird's nest about an inch wide with 3 little eggs in it and a tiny bird who sits on her nest. This was given to me as a leaving present by my dear friend Audrey when I came back to Ireland from England. I love it because it is so tiny and perfect and because it reminds me of my friend who adored nature.

I am very sentimental about a little toy rabbit and her baby, I bought this and I didn't know I was pregnant,I just could not resist. I lost the baby at 12 weeks, sadly. However I became pregnant again soon after and had my lovely Lois, who played with this when she was small and then ended up owning a real life rabbit called Chester who looked similar. When you pull the baby rabbit from it's mother it plays 'Darling Clementine'.

Sorry it's a Christmas card I made of  Chester the rabbit!

Whilst photographing things for this post, it suddenly dawned on me that these sentimental treasures, sum up all the things that I love so much and always have, country things, old things, handmade things, animals, birds, flowers. It is the connection to a person of course, but also goes beyond that to my connection with country living, nature and items from a home environment. There are many more things of course but I don't want to bore the pants off you. I would love to know about you and what items you are sentimental about. Do tell!

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me and read my ramblings, Wishing you a very happy day, love, Linda xx.


  1. what a beautiful sharing post xxxxyou are so lovely Linda xxxxx

  2. I love all your collection of little keepsakes, Linda. How lovely that your dad bought that little cherub piece for your mum. Loved the little

  3. Sorry Linda, my comment was published before I had finished ! I was about to say that I loved the little cross stitch with your dad's name on it. I bet Lois is growing away now, since I last saw a photo of her! Lovely little post ❤

  4. Such a sweet collection of memories Linda. Your treasures mean all the more because of those recollections of happy times, love and affection. I love the cross stitch of your father's name, that is a lovely find.
    Helen xox

  5. Me again! Thank you so much for updating me on your lovely daughter. If she still loves animals like that, she won't go far wrong! I did smile about the three-legged Collie! Have a blessed weekend, Linda.

  6. Lovely to see you here again Linda! I loved seeing your special and precious treasures,these are the things we would never be without as they mean so much to us. I could never bear to part with my daughters handmade cards from when she was little, and they lie in the bottom of my clothes drawers as a constant and precious reminder of when she was little 😊 Love the little embroideries, especially your Dads name, and the blue and white china is so pretty. Lots of love, Gill xx

  7. Hello Linda,

    Your collection is very special and I loved reading the story behind each piece. Unique and personal object like these enhance a home and make it special Hope you are well. Hi to Lois
    Helen xx

  8. Hi Linda, I did so enjoy reading about your treasures, I can understand exactly why you love them all. I fall in the category of sentimental people also and have some special little pieces but my absolute favorite is a four poster bed that I bought when I was 17 years old. I saw it in a shop window and had to have it! It was 100 years old then. I diligently paid it off over 3 months and then it was mine. I think having treasures allows me to remember people or times as I walk through rooms in my house and that gives me a warm and lovely sense of connection. Loved your post.
    Vicki from insta. xx

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