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Saturday, 5 February 2011

bring me sunshine

Oh dear just noticed the cobweb!

Have you ever noticed when something is brought to your attention that it seems to crop up over and over, or if you bump into someone who you havn't seen for ages and then all of a sudden everywhere you look that person is there? Well this is how I have been with the colour yellow. I was out on a walk and picked some Forsythia which was just coming into bud. About a week later it burst out into a riot of bright yellow stars which really lifted me and my hubby actually noticed! So ever since I have been noticing how bright and cheerful yellow things are. Strangely I don't like yellow flowers in my garden, I lean toward pinks, blues and white but I do love them in my house, especially when it's grey outside. I would love you to drop me a note and tell me where your preferences lie. So, I am sending you a little bit of sunshine via some photographs, I hope you like them. Have a lovely weekend! All photos are taken by me apart fom the last 2 which are from http://www.flickr.com/

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  1. What a delightful blog, and I love the photo at the top. Thank you so much for sharing those sunshine colours with us! I'm exactly like you and don't like yellow in the garden - well, apart from spring daffodils of course!! My garden is always filled with White, pink and blue. I envy you your creativity! Thank you so much for visiting my blog this morning. PerhaPs you might visit again. I shan't be posting now for a while, as I feel so weak with this flu bug!


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