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Monday, 28 February 2011

vintage linens

Hello again, 2 posts in one day I can't believe it! I have been very busy lately and neglected my blog, so I am making up for it. I am overcome with Spring Fever, and have been frantically cleaning, sifting, sorting and painting. Whilst going through the linens I came across these tea-towels which had belonged to my mum. They were made by women during the war using flour sacks. My mum loved them and used them everyday. I was going to frame them, but have decided that I am going to use them everyday too. I do believe in using your beautiful things and not keeping them in a cupboard for a "special occasion".I am also going to try to do the things they say, for example, wash on a monday, clean on a friday. I have never been a "creature of habit" I prefer to do things on a whim, when I feel like it, but that makes for a rather disorganized household sometimes. So, as my New Year's resolution was to simplify I am going to give it a shot. I don't have the tea-towel for saturday and I don't know what it says on it, but as there has been no mention of baking, I think that I will bake on a saturday.Let's just see how I get on.


  1. I've probably said this before, but that photo at the top of your Blog is just sooooo beautiful. I remember tea-towels like that. They are very cute, aren't they, and I think that's good that you are going to try to be more organized with your time!!

  2. These teatowels look so sweet. The embroidered patterns look really lovely!

    Happy new week,

    groetjes van Madelief

  3. The vintage towels are gorgeous and I'm so glad you decided to use them! That way you can enjoy them every day and they will remind you of your Mum using them daily too.
    I love vintage textiles too, and have a fair collection which I am gradually turning into other items so they too can be enjoyed and used again - i love recycling fabric!
    So glad to have found your lovely blog!


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