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Monday, 25 April 2011

A little bit of bunting goes a long way!

Welcome everyone I hope you all had and possibly are still having a lovely Easter break. I am linking up with Jane from Small but Charming for "flowers in the house". I thought it was a really lovely idea, if you are like me and always love to see what people do with flowers then pop over to Jane's blog and have a look.

Pink roses for the Easter table

Lovely lilac tulips in a milk jug
We had some family members over for lunch on Sunday and so I thought I would put up a bit of bunting. I really like it, I think I will keep it up for the Royal Wedding on Friday!

That's all for now. Lots of love, Linda x


  1. Your table all decorated looks truly delightful Linda, and the bunting is great! Yes, you must keep it up for the Royal Wedding on Friday.

  2. The flowers and the bunting look lovely! Am just going to check out Janes blog, it sounds a lovely idea!
    Thanks for visiting me, and I hope you had a lovely Easter with your family!
    Gill xx

  3. Yes I love bunting too and we are definitely putting some up for the Royal Wedding.

    Your table looks lovely - very Springlike.

  4. Totally charming and am loving the bunting.

    now I want some...please don't put any more ideas in my head:)

    thanks for joining in. Enjoy every moment of Friday!

    xo Jane

  5. Lovely flowers and the milk jug is gorgeous. Love that we all get to see so many pretty flowers and discover new blogs along the way! Belinda

  6. Linda, I'm putting up my union jack bunting for the royal wedding also. I can already see my husband shaking his head, as he takes off to golf before the wedding starts! Robx

  7. Linda how truly beautiful. I love the bunting , decor, and finding you!!

    Art by Karena

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  8. Hi LInda, hope you had a nice break ,too! Have you made the bunting yourself? It looks so nice!! kisses

  9. I see that you also like to make the dining table pretty. There are only the two of us here,but I do it every Sunday and on high days and holidays too. It just makes eating that much more pleasurable. Yours looks lovely.

  10. Very pretty, Linda! I love the bunting - and of course, the beautiful flowers!!!

  11. You must keep the bunting up for the Royal Wedding Friday and beyond...it is so pretty!
    Did you make it?
    Julie x

  12. Hi Linda, you have a very nice blog with lovely pictures!
    Greetings, Karl

  13. The bunting looks lovely and very spring like - perfect for the wedding come Friday! Melissa x


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