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Monday, 4 April 2011

Surface Pattern

Above images via willow and stone

old wallpaper via graphics fairy

delightful tags via willow and stone

old handwriting via graphics fairy

Above images via graphics fairy

above images via tumblr

I love surface pattern, fabric, wallpaper,old letters, hand painted things. I especially love the combination of a pattern mixed with writing. I love texture and patina and layering.
Old shop signs are a particular favourite. I love the clever  texturing and layering that people can do with photographs now.

I love this naive style house on an old pink lustre saucer

A little handpainting on my guest room wall

I was rather pleased with these cushions I made from some old ticking and then painted them with No's.

Lovely clotted cream jar from willow and stone

I love the humour in this quirky bathroom. viatumblr

Isn't this brave pattern on pattern via tumblr

Vintage wallpaper via graphics fairy
Belfast terraced houses print via flax fox
I could go on, but I think that's maybe enough for today. A warm welcome to all my new followers, glad to have you . Thanks to all who take the time to drop in and leave me a little note, it makes my day when you do. Love Linda x


  1. Beautiful images... I love, especially, your stripey cushions, and the terraced houses print. Terraces of houses appeal to me, especially when you get the same basic house and then see how differently people look after them, decorate them, change them. But then the uniformity of the Belfast terrace appeals to a particular side of me... probably the control freak side!

  2. No No please go on, its not enough!!!!
    Love all your images today, what a treat.
    I do love your painted ticking cushions, they are brilliant - and your 'handpainted walls - you are so talented!
    The old fashioned floral wallpapers are lovely, and tose pink painted pegs!! Too good to use though.
    Really enjoyed this post, thankyou
    Gill xx

  3. Linda, the proper name for milkmaids is cardamine pratensis (yeah we all know that one!)but is also known as cuckoo flower or ladys smock depending on where you live - i grew up in Kent knowing it as milkmaid which I think is lovely!!They range from a lovely pale lilac to pale pink to white, and have been around a few centuries as they are referred to by Shakespeare. Sorry if thats TMI!!! A lot of it Ive only just learnt myself (good old google)!!! Btw google images is confusing as it shows many other flowers aswell as milkmaids, but under lady's smock you see the true pics!
    Glad to hear it IS a montana! Yay!!! Thanks for that!

  4. Where would our lives be without pattern... just loved your images.
    Hugs Lynn
    Hope he's behaving xxxx

  5. lovely pics...when i was young i used to love such images..relaxing, soft picture but I guess as I grow old and getting to know what really life is...my choices change but glad that I have blog to check every now and then when I want to embrace my past:)..great post:)

  6. Some lovely images amongst this vast array.

  7. Hi Linda,

    Beautiful patterns & papers!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  8. Gorgeous images. I love the quirky bathroom, and the last image of the row of houses.

    Just wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog (a couple of weeks ago now!)

  9. Hi Linda....just popped in to see how you're doing.

    Loving all those images - people are so talented and creative - as are you. Your ceiling is wonderful and your cushions really cool.

    Hope you're having a good week.

  10. The vintage inspired florals are so pretty!

  11. I loved the cushions that you made! All the images are amazing - I love anything vintage, be it cards, wallpaper, signs. Hope the weather is lovely over there for you.

  12. Congratulations on winning the lovely giveaway. That's a fabulous cake, beautifully decorated and I bet it tasted amazing too!
    Becky x


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