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Friday, 19 August 2011

A jolly good laugh!

All images from Pinterest.

Isn't this the funniest picture? Image from here.

This is a very quick post , just to cheer up your weekend. I hope to do a proper post on Monday. I am having my 50th party next Saturday, so it's a little crazy around here! Have a great weekend everyone, Love Linda x

A pet hate of my sister's...(Starbuck speak!)


  1. Hello Linda:
    Gosh a 50th birthday party....along with everything else which you have to manage we are amazed that you have time to post anything at all.

    We wish you the happiest of days next Saturday and, of course, many, many happy returns. May you laugh out loud as much as we have at these images. A poodle superman....whatever next? GO LINDA, GO GIRL!!!

  2. I laughed out loud at your last photo. I can't believe I missed your last beautiful post.

  3. Marvelous pictures. Did you ever see the documentary "Babys"? The tot in the second one reminds me of the Mongolian family.

  4. Great fun, these piccies. Loving the super-dog.

    I agree with your sister, btw - Starbucks speak is silly.

  5. Happy 50th Linda, its mine in a few years, eek.

    Great photos, really love the first one.. one hand holding her hat the other her skirt!

    Have fun at your party, Deb x

  6. Laughter really is contagious: I adore the little girl and her camel.

    Best wishes Linda for your special day and remember 50 is the new 40.


  7. These pictures really cheered me up this morning, especially the ladies on the fairground ride! Have a great weekend.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hee, I loved these!! The little girl and her camel is a beaut!

    I hope you have an absolute ball at your birthday party. Best birthday wishes to you. xx

  9. Really fun pictures for us today. I love the second one of the little girl and the camel. My 20 month old little granddaughter stands just exactly like that when she laughs!!! Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  10. Happy Birthday. Those pictures are great. So funny!

    Enjoy your party. The super dog is funny.

  11. Linda, isn't pinterest so addictive...and you see some amazing things...Robx

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Linda... all the way from sunny and very hot Italy!
    "Tanti Auguri a te!"

    I LOVE the Superman poodle! So Cute!



  13. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Linda! And thank you for making me laugh with this set of pictures...soooo funny! I always want either a mug or a cup of tea or coffee, not a big bucket full with a confusing name!
    PS Thank you for your lovely comment on my recent post about Beaumaris - sadly the beautiful Elizabeth Bradley shop has closed down...such a shame as I loved to visit there :(
    Have a happy week!
    Helen x

  14. The little dog is the funniest! Cute post. Have a great birthday. Wish I was so young!

  15. Hi Linda

    Thanks for the cheerful post. I love the first image and hard not to laugh just looking at them.
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year full of goodness and joy.
    Helen xx

  16. Hi Linda, thank you once again for your lovely comments. You are always so thoughtful to come back and reply on a post, I do appreciate it :)
    I love this post, the superdog is wonderful LOL!
    Hope plans for your special party are going smoothly and you have a fabulous time. Think I read somewhere that your Birthday has passed (I may of course be wrong, so sorry if I am) however, I certainly did not wish you a Happy Birthday, so...

  17. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'm just glad I was been able to visit your site. Keep it up.

  18. I've just decided to create a blog, which I have been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for this post, it's really useful!

  19. Hi Linda, Happy happy Birthday.
    I hope you had a great party.
    I am still resisting the temptation to visit pintrest so thanks for the funny photos. I laughed at the cute dog one and the ladies on the fair ride. You can just hear their laughter in that one.

  20. A very Happy Belated 50th Birthday Linda!!!
    I hope you had a wonderful celebration, and Im sure you dont feel any older than 20 something!
    Loved your pinterest photos - made me laugh!
    Look forward to hearing about it all soon
    Gill xx


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