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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Old Pine....New Life!

Good day to you my bloggy friends! Sorry for my absence, it is a very busy time for me at the moment. I thought you may like to see something that I have been working on. I painted some old and new pine for a client, to give her Living/Dining Room a more cohesive look. You will need to have a little bit of vision as the photographs are not the best and the client has yet to decorate her walls and replace the carpet.

I used Farrow and Balls Skimming Stone on most of the furniture, the inside of the bookcase and corner cupboard and the chairs were painted with Elephant's Breath, a subtle shade deeper to add some contrast, without adding more colour. The client is papering her walls with a lovely linen look plain paper in a neutral colour, carpeting the floor in a donkey coloured plain carpet, and painting all the woodwork in Farrow and Balls All White eggshell. It is a little frustrating that I don't get to see the finished room, but I do have to return later to paint something else, so perhaps I will get a little snapshot then.

Painting old furniture is my favourite thing to paint. Because it has had a life and is cracked, dented and scored, it really suits being painted and then having an antique wash put on it to show up it's character lines. See what you think.......

Also as promised, some more photos from our Holiday in County Wicklow. Enniskerry is a really pretty village, full of the most gorgeous houses. The second one is actually a B&B! The last one, I just love so much, I want to replicate the Wisteria idea on the side of my own house.

And finally a little bit of colour from my own garden..........................................................................

I have never brought Geraniums into the house before, but I certainly will now, they last for a really long time and the Hot Pink colour of these I just adore. Wishing you all a very happy week, with love Linda x.


  1. I still love our old pine furniture, but if and when we finally get fed up with it, you have given me some ideas for a new look.

  2. Linda that armour looks great. I love the Farrow & Ball colours. You have been busy.

    Thanks for posting your picture - those are beautiful homes and your home will look fabulous draped in wistaria.

    Your flowers look fabulous. I love that peach rose and how it is reflecting on the wall. Great picture.Have a great week. Helen xx

  3. Well this was refreshing to see.

    Your painted furniture is beautiful, perfect colors.

    And thanks for the peek into your garden. More please:)

    xo Jane

  4. The painted furniture looks great! Don't you just love Wicklow? And Enniskerry is so beautiful. Did you go to the Avoca store there? Even though there's one in Dublin, there's just something so pretty about the one in Enniskerry - I could rummage around there all afternoon :)

  5. I see that you did get to Avoca. And it looks like you had lovely weather which is SO important on a vacation in Ireland. I know what you mean about lack of good antiques, flea markets and farmer's markets. Ireland really lacks all of those things, whereas England has so many. Well, if it's any consolation, it looks like Dubai lacks all of those things too so things haven't improved for me on that front! xo

  6. The furniture make-over is wonderful. I love painting furniture too and in fact have a project lined up ready to go.

    Wisteria is so lovely, I agree - there's a house near me that has a wrap-around porch that is dripping with it - lush and extravagant. When it is blooming I find reasons to pass this place just to stare at the beauty. :)

    We also have some - it needs to be well pruned though as it blocks out light from my kitchen and I need the lights on in there even at midday!

  7. You've done a great job making-over these pieces Linda and now this mixed-bag of shapes and styles will harmonize into a homogenized interior. So, I do hope you'll get the chance to take some pictures of the finished rooms.

    You continue to surprise and delight with your lovely photos of Ireland: thank you.


  8. Lovely furniture - it looks great all freshly painted.

  9. Hi, I see you are also in "white painting"", me too:-))) I could paint everything in white right now!!! Great results, and brilliant idea bringing geraniums into the house!!! a big kiss

  10. You have done a great job with the painting Linda...must have taken you ages!
    Love your glass jar of geraniums....
    Julie x

  11. I love to see make overs.. lovely job I love the grey inside the cabinet. Your garden looks wonderful and same here, I have never thought to bring in Geraniums before, they do look good in your storage jar with the lovely label x

  12. Hi Linda,

    Love the way the dresser and cupboard turned out. They look great! Your client will be happy with the result. They will lighten up her living room. Your holiday photo's look lovely. Such pretty houses!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  13. Hi Linda. I've never brought geraniums into the house either, so I will have to try that! What a difference in that furniture - you have been very busy, my friend! Doesn't it look SO, so much better in that lighter colour. I love the whole look. Also love that name - "elephants breath"!! Those are certainly wonderful houses from your holiday photos.

  14. What a transformation with the furniture! I have too much pine in the house and would love to paint some like this - yours looks so professionally done and really refreshing.

  15. Yes, it looks good (though it's painted!)I love your photos... lovely mood!

    Your holiday photos are charming ( I also saw the first lot and read the beautiful post.) Northern Ireland looks like a fantastic place I would love to visit!


    Anna from Italy

  16. Hi Linda
    You've done a wonderful transformation of your clients furniture - it never ceases to amaze me the difference paint makes! Classic colours too, with the F&B neutrals, very French/scandinavian country - my fav look!
    Love the geraniums!
    Gill xx

  17. Hello Linda
    Thank you so much for your comment on my post and for thinking of me, I was so touched by your thoughtfulness. I sent you a message through google, so hope you received it. I have lots to catch up on, so will start by looking through your past posts :)
    Love Abby xx


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