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Monday, 27 May 2013

A long day in the garden.

On Saturday we had a really beautiful day. I wasn't working, Paul wasn't working and Lois was off school, so we spent it in the garden, and it was glorious. I felt as if I had been given a gift. I did'nt come in until 11.30, and went to bed tired and happy!

 Lots of work got done....weeding, planting, staking, brushing, cleaning, dead-heading and loads of moving. Then there was feeding, watering, re-planting. I even managed to paint some more pots for the shop. There was also some eating, drinking, admiring, sitting, talking, relaxing. A very good day was had by all!

The next little gift I receive will be spent fence painting, hopefully I won't have to wait too long.
I hope you had a lovely weekend, and managed to have a little time in your garden or in the park, or on the beach, and if not, then it's your turn next! Much love to you all, and thanks for stopping by, Linda x.


  1. Mr D and I were out in the yard as well. We deadheaded all of the Rhododendrons and clipped the lilac hedge between the cloudbursts.

    Your garden is lovely, Linda! You can tell that the flowers love you as much as you love them!

    Oh that little daisy pot!

    Thank you for your visit today. I know that you are on a fast track right now!

    I wish you continued success in the Potting Shed!

  2. Your garden looks lovely - I love the clematis on the fence. Days like that are just the best, aren't they? Abby x

  3. Dear Linda
    your garden must be very cheerful and I'm glad you have passed a nice, relaxing day!Nature give us strengh and energy,me too I love spend my week end outdoors, gardening and all the rest...Hope your shop gives you satisfaction.
    Love, Olympia

  4. Is this your garden, Linda? It looks so bright and tidy! It's fantastic! You have added so many little touches to it! I can't wait to start on the garden and the roof terraces at our new house in Italy! I, too, want to keep everything light and bright!
    A day spent in the garden is always a special day, especially in UK, with the kind of weather we get here!





  5. How fabulously lovely everything looks beautiful, I can almost smell the freshness of the outside on your glass pages.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  6. I am so glad you had a wonderful day in the garden and felt a sense of accomplishment. I relate to your sentiments well. Your garden is indeed lovely. Your painted pot is darling and such an artistic project.

    I truly relate to all the work you did as a gardener myself. Then as a blogger it takes time and effort to take pictures and do a blog post. Pat yourself on the back. It would be wonderful to meet you someday. I am older than you but we have a lot in common. I am amazed how you have a business and keep your home and blog so nicely. Have a blessed week.

  7. You've done a lot of work but the result is worth it, it's looking lovely.On the next beautiful day you just have to put out your chair and enjoy all the beauty around you! Therefore wish you a lot of good weather and free time the rest of te week.
    Anita xo

  8. Hi Linda. Doesn't it just lift your soul and spirits when we get days like that?! It really does make such a difference, and everything looks just lovely in your garden now. We have been working hard in ours as well. Let's hope that we get a good summer this year, so that we actually get a chance to sit out and relax in our gardens as well! Take care.

  9. Even before reading your post, I knew I wanted to follow your blog! As soon as I saw your header, I knew we shared a love for many of the same things. Then as I scrolled down and read The Things I Love, I went straight to GFC and became a follower. Then I read your post. :)


  10. Beautiful photo's from your garden Linda! Love your 'Daisy' pot :-)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  11. The gift of a day....it sometimes happens that it all falls into place, the weather, a free day and everybody home - they are the best days, those simple ones.
    It sounds like you got so much done, and your garden is looking so pretty. The painted pots are gorgeous!
    Fingers crossed for more lovely days, they are so precious and more so this year with such a poor spring.
    Have a lovely weekend Linda!
    Gill xx

  12. Have just discovered your blog via Gill above, and so glad I did! Lovely pics of the results of all your creativity - all my kind of thing so will be back for another visit! We have not been gifted with the sun today, but I shall have to do some gardening anyway! xCathy

  13. Gorgeous pictures, I enjoyed each and every one! Your garden is lovely, with so many pretty flowers and gorgeous painted pots, just the kind I like too.
    Wishing you a happy June, Linda.
    Helen x


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