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Monday, 13 May 2013

More stuff!

Hello my dear readers, I hope that I am not boring the pants off you, with my latest adventure, but it is so prevalent in my mind. Some of you expressed interest in seeing a some more details of what I am selling in 'The Potting Shed'. These are little felt brooches, for adults or children. The Westie, although named Wesley is based on our dog Sparky, a flower has landed on his nose and he's rather startled!

Some tags I made out of clay that air dries. I thought the teapot might make a good fridge magnet, but I will need to source some magnets.

Excuse this dreadful photo of my middle area,but it was to show you what the above items are. I have called them 'handy holster's', and they are pockets made out of tea-towels that you tie around your waist. I made one for wearing in the shop, as I always misplace my specs, scissors etc., and thought they would be good when cooking, cleaning or gardening.

These are tissue packs for the car or your bag, made from Tilda and Cath Kidston fabric.

I will let you see some more pics next time of my little area which has altered from the last time you saw it. If you remember, there was a table from the tea room in the middle of my space, which although very pleasant for those having tea, was kind of cramping my style, and stopping customers from looking at my stuff. It has now been removed and so I have more space to fill!
There are plans to add extra space on to the tea room by covering in an outside yard, so things are evolving all the time.

A couple of pieces of furniture that |I painted are in the window at Nanabelle's. The pink chest was an ugly brown 1950's dressing table. The top which sadly you cannot see is painted with strawberries. The potting bench was also dark brown and has been painted with the chalk paint, rubbed back and then waxed with a dark wax to age it.

Paper bunting on wire. I have had various types of bunting and it has all sold, so I am busy making more tonight. Those of you who have visited my blog for a while will know that I love to make all kinds of different stuff, so it is lovely to have found somewhere where I can sell it.

Thank you all for your lovely, lovely comments, you are all so very kind. I apologize for not having replied to you yet, but I will get to you soon. I am looking forward to reading your posts and seeing what you have been doing . Have a wonderful week, with love, Linda x.


  1. Hi Linda,
    I have been away from the blogging world for a little while and have just been catching up on your posts. It's really exciting that you now have some space to show off your lovely creations. I wish you lots of luck in your adventure.

  2. love the look of your window...hope it all flys out the door for you!! x kay

  3. So beautiful showcase full of lovely things well arranged ! It certainly catches attention !
    Wish you luck once again, you deserve it !

  4. Lovely bits 'n bobs Linda - you have been working hard! And your little apron-holster is such a good idea. Clever! :)

  5. Dear Linda... you must be so proud of yourself! what a fantastic role model you are for so many of us!

    I love everything you made, make and will make, as you seem to have so many wonderful ideas! I like your style, very up to date, shabby chic, following the fashion, and why not? I bought some lovely pastel coloured fabric bunting to use in the garden of my new house, in Italy! And I can't wait to show off all the lovely vintage bits and pieces which are on their way to Italy, as I write (or so I hope!)

    Once again, Linda, I wish you luck, though luck does only play a small role in your success. You are doing all the hard work by yourself! WELL DONE... RIGHT TO BE FEELING SO PROUD OF YOURSELF!


    ANNA :)

  6. Wow, you're doing really well! The window looks great. You've been so busy - you must be exhausted - or high on adrenaline! The holsters are a great idea. A lovely post showing some really lovely ideas - and a lot of hard work. X

  7. Oh my goodness, so many lovely handmade things Linda! You have been busy! Love the little clay tags, and the mini bunting is cute!
    The painted furniture looks great in the window - the whole window setting looks very attractive, I'd certainly be drawn into the shop!
    Havent yet seen the post before this so looking forward to hearing/seeing more!
    Gill xx

  8. I absolutely love your window, Linda!!! Gorgeous and creative.

  9. Love your clay tags they look so cute.
    And I love your window
    one can see so many pretty treasures from there
    and it looks a bit whimsy and dreamy.

  10. Hello just popped in for the first time. Your blog is great. I love the window really inspiring :)

  11. Hi Linda, Your blog is truely different in look and contents. Unknowingly you inspiring others to think different and exhibit thier creativity. An opportunity to do what we love is a great advantage. Best wishes

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  13. Great "stuff" Linda....varied but all beautifully made. You must spend ages making and painting to get that quality finish. Good luck in the shop....
    Julie x

  14. I can imagine that your thrilled about your place in the store because you've made so much lovely things. I like especially the paper bunting on wire, so cute! You're a very creative lady.... It's all very inspriring! Anita xo

  15. Dear Linda - My jaws have dropped... what you are doing is marvelous, great, fantastic, stunning, awesome! I am so with you - the shop is atmospheric and it is wonderful that you can live your passion! Go on - we want to see more! xxxx Christa

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