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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A busy little bee!

Time has just flown in for me this summer, as I have been a busy little bee. Things are picking up for me at the shop and so there has been a lot of making, painting and planting going on.

vintage style bunting.

hand painted scrubbing brushes.

slightly mad looking rabbit cake to make, for a certain someone's 11th birthday.

hanging baskets to plant.

furniture to paint.

cotton bunting in various colourways.

Bespoke bunting for a wedding.

The 'Tweed' family rabbits.

Decoupaged nest of tables.

A One Direction movie to watch, and photographs to be taken with cardboard cutouts, of Lois's favourite boys.

So you see,a busy bee. I do hope I will be forgiven for not posting?
Then on Saturday, there was 'the wedding', which has been taking up a lot of my time too.
It was a lovely wedding, the couple Leigh and Stuart, had very clear ideas of what they wanted, something vintage, something fun and something different. As usual my photographing was forgotten about until the last minute, and so some of the details were missed, but you will get an idea of what it was like at least.

The venue was a lovely old stone barn in the middle of the countryside called Breckenhill

Romance was definitely in the air.

Everything was so well thought out, with lots of  items homemade by the bride, such as the order of service.

Beautiful blue hydrangea in an old cart.

The bride broke with tradition and sported a top hat!

vintage details.

My lovely Lois in her high heels, and me in my 1940's get up, ready to serve the vintage tea, which was lovingly prepared by the Bride's mother, Kathleen, and mother-in-law Kathy. Friends also chipped in with their delicious scones and traybakes, and the staff from Nanabelle's Vintage Tearoom, served the team with great style. I loved the friendly message on the blackboard too!


A very poor picture of the Bride's bouquet.

More vintage details.

The seating plan, pretty plates on an old stepladder.

There were 8 deep window ledges, which we decorated with various vintage themes.

The tables set for tea. Each table had a classic book as it's name, and a romantic quote from each book was printed unto parchment and glued unto the table centre, which then had bunting attached, made with little mini books and hearts. It is difficult to get the detail with my camera.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the day, and there were loads of games to play and things to do. I wish the happy couple every happiness.

I hope to be back to blogging once a week from now on , and I have a lot of catching up to do, to see how busy you have all been. Much love, Linda x


  1. I have been busy , too during the last months but now when the weather is getting colder, the days shorter and outside the leaves are getting yellow I am sure I will spend more time at home and hopefully I will have the chance to update more regularly, too.
    Your summer looks really packed with lots of things:-)))

  2. I can see you have been a busy bee and enjoying a fun summer.
    Happy belated birthday to your daughter and I enjoyed seeing the photos.
    Looks like a lovely wedding.

    Happy day

  3. An absolutely fabulous post. I believe it is quality not quantity when it comes to blogging this was well worth the wait. Lovely photo of you and your daughter.
    The virtual hugs were appreciated Linda, thanks for your kind words. It is taking me awhile to get back into a blogging routine but I am determined to do so as when I discussed giving up blogging with David, he had urged me not to do so.

  4. Ah...what a lovely post and nice to read that you've been busy with so much fun projects. It must have been a beautiful wedding, especially with al the personal details. Makes it all very special. And yes Summer went very quickly but with beautiful weather. Hope Autumn will be just as nice for you, Anita xo

  5. What a busy time you have had. The details at the wedding are fantastic. I love all things vintage. The Birthday cake looks great.I too have had a very busy working school Holiday.and so did not do many posts over that time. But that's life and everyone understands.

  6. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness
    I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thank you again!

  7. Wow! what a lovely Busy bee summer you have had.. you and Lois look really lovely in your pretty dress's ready for work. This is a really fabulous post Linda xx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  8. Dear Linda,

    I enjoyed catching up with you again. You have been busy over the summer indeed. Beautiful photo's of you, your daughter and the lovely things you made!!

    Glad to have you back :-) xox

    Madelief x

    Almost forgot to say 'happy belated birthday to your daughter'

  9. I wondered what you had been up to as you hadn't posted for a while.
    Now I can see why!
    What a lovely wedding and great vintage accessories too.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and hope to see new posts from you very soon.
    Julie x

  10. You have fully "enjoyed" your summertime Linda, with all the interesting things you have done!I'm sure you are quite satisfied and happy with your beautiful daughter.
    Welcome back and hope you have even more energy to face the new season and its challenges.

  11. You have been busy! You are so lucky to be able to do such a creative job! Everything looks fantastic. WOW! And that wedding: my goodness me... everything looks fantastic and the bride's top hat... interesting!

    Very well done! So much beauty all in one place! You are so, so clever and creative and such an inspiration!

    I bet you will now be getting ready for the new Season. Lots of lovely Autumnal goodies for us to look forward to. Don't forget to post!



  12. Linda it is lovely to see you back and what a busy bee you have been. You've been making some wonderful things and the wedding looked wonderful. Xo

  13. Just catching up and it's lovely to see all the things that have been keeping you busy! Love all the makes, and the sweet pictures of you and your daughter. The wedding details are wonderful, Linda!
    Nice to see you back. Have a great week.
    Helen x

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  15. The wedding looked beautiful! Lovely photo of you and Lois, and all the vintage details must have made it a very special day for the bride and groom.
    Loving all your other makes too, especially that painted desk - gorgeous!
    Have a great week Linda - am just ploughing my way backwards thru all your posts I've missed this summer, hence my numerous comments today - just finished cutting the grass and having a break!
    Gill xx

  16. Lovely and very romantic! Just like in a movie! Thanks for all the pictures! Christa

  17. Linda, have taken some time to go back and read your posts...this one truly touched my heart....everything you do, is done with love...hugs, N.xo

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