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Monday, 23 September 2013

Red Shoes

Oh dear, this is what happens when you post about red shoes and toadstools and then go off shopping!
These little beauties won't fit any of my nieces or friend's children, but I just could not walk past them (I tried to, honest!). No matter, I shall make a lovely little Christmas display with them. I already have a  red velvet pair that were my daughters when she was a baby. Pity they won't fit me, they look so comfy.

Last week I posted that I was off to a fabric place that I hadn't been to before. It was all quite overwhelming, the place Craftswoman Fabrics, Carrickfergus, is on an industrial estate. It is upstairs, in what feels like a school building and is a rabbit warren of rooms, bunged with stuff. I didn't know where to look first. I did come away with some lovely fat quarters, felt and cotton tape, but I will have to go again soon!

I am planning to make a series of cushions with Irish Blessings on. I bought a lovely book on holiday with lots of blessings in it, and they just appeal to me somehow, make me feel emotional even. So I thought I would have a bash at making some cushions. I am not quite sure if I want to print the blessing or embroider it, I will have to try a few different ways and see which I like. Here is the beginnings of my first one...

This is the centre panel, which is linen, I appliqued in felt and embroidered the words and will probably have some log cabin type fabric strips around it. I am not sure about it, what do you think?

Finally, I thought I would let you see a blackboard I made for the wedding I did recently. The bride and groom are both very unconventional people, and very well suited to one another. The bride picked these words from Dr. Seuss. I just love it. I saw the bride yesterday and she told me she is going to be using this in her home, which is very satisfying for me. Wishing you all a very happy Monday. Thank you for calling in to see me, you really make my day! Love Linda x

oops I almost forgot.. I was over the moon to find this in a charity shop the other day. A wonderful gardening book by my dear blogging friend, Lance Hattat. I actually shrieked with joy when I saw it in the window. It is a lovely book, full of great photos, beautiful illustrations and of course knowledgeable tips and ideas from Lance. Jane and Lance have been in my thoughts as they haven't been posting for a while, but I have it on very good authority that they are travelling about and having a jolly good time (quite right!).


  1. My dear Linda!
    Lot's of wonderful here!
    You are an Irish blessing, my friend!

  2. Hi Linda, what a lot of loveliness here! The shop sounds a real Aladdins cave, and you have found some treasures with the fabrics and trims.
    Love your sweet applique and embroidered words - what a lovely idea! Its will look charming with log cabin strips surrounding it, and will be very special.
    Can't wait to see the finished cushion!
    Hope you are well and had a great summer Linda
    Lots of love
    Gill xx

  3. Hi Linda. My goodness, that shop you visited does sound like an absolute delight for someone like you. My youngest daughter would absolutely love it there too, as she is always designing things! I love that little blackboard and the words on it. Your little cushion will be delightful once it's finished. I love Irish blessings. Hope you and your little family are keeping well.

  4. Hi Linda, what a lovely post and so inspiring. I do love your cushion and it has brought me inspiration regarding my Christmas card I make every year! I can't wait to see your Christmas display with the little red shoes but first enjoy Autumn! Anita xo

  5. Linda, what precious little red shoes. I am glad you bought them. You always inspire and uplift.

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