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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's good to be young....

if only for a little while! As I walked to the shop on Monday morning, the fallen leaves where all around, I just couldn't resist it, I shuffled through the middle of them, kicking the leaves in the air. I was on the main road, people were on their way to work, but I didn't care, I was having fun.

I blame my new Cath Kidston skirt, it has little toadstools all over it and an elastic waistband, and when I wear it I feel like my 3 year old niece Nancy. All that was missing was a pair of these.

When I was a little girl I drove my poor mother mad, every time we went shoe shopping I had to have red patent leather mary jane's, nothing else would do. It is amazing that these shoes can still be bought today, and even in ladies sizes, there must be a lot of people out there as weird as me!

It really has turned quite Autumnal here now, but I don't mind, I love Autumn, I somehow feel more alive in this season. I have been planning a series of workshops for the shop, the furniture painting is still proving very popular, so I have added stencilling and decoupage , also patchwork for beginners, and Christmas wreath making, and Kathleen, the owner of the shop is doing one on giftwrapping. The response so far has been very good, as there isn't really anywhere doing these kind of classes in Antrim.

Today, I am off in search of fabrics, as I need to be making lots of things for Christmas, I shall let you see what I find.
Wishing you all, my lovely loyal readers and followers a very happy day. (Oh and don't forget to be young!)
Love Linda x


  1. A lovely post, Linda! It is sooo good to be young, and it is so good to actually feel young at any age! I love the picture at the top, and I loved reading about your CK toadstool skirt........I bought the toadstool tea towel on Saturday but maybe I should go back for the skirt too?! Enjoy these beautiful autumn days and keep kicking up the leaves :)
    Helen x

  2. What a lovely blog ... why haven't I found you before?!

  3. Such a lovely post. ...dreamt away while drinking my morning tea and reading this. So nice to be back to his childhood...if only for a moment! Thanks and enjoy all the exciting things waiting for you, Anita xo

  4. I do love autumn, too and by chance this year I am crazy about red patent leather shoes, too. Just spotted a pair at Zara but regrettably they didn´t fit me....
    Have a red Wednesday dear!

  5. Autumn and red shoes! Two of my favorite things!
    Dearest Linda, I am so happy to hear that your business is doing well! This time of year is so exiting in the retail world. I can wait to see the fabric. and designs that you have planned for the Holiday season!
    The best of "Autumn" blessings to you and your family, my friend!

  6. Your blog header is looking fab Linda!! I have to say that it was my little girls first and second pair of shoes, red patent leather and I so loved seeing her in them. Now age 4, she won't wear them, sniff, but I so wish she would. There is nothing better than walking through the autumn leaves and who can resist kicking them. A really lovely post and can't wait to see what fabric you found. Enjoy your week Linda and thanks for your sweet comment over at mine. xoxo

  7. Top shop have some rather lovely t bar mary janes red 32.00 rather swish I think, and your skirt sounds just perfect for kicking up the leaves ( fabulous pastime ha ha )...the thought of Christmas is just lovely, and I have my gorgeous mushroom you made for me, just peeping in the cupboard...you have me all excited and Christmassy now now!!
    Hugs Lovely Linda
    Lynn xx

  8. I love Autumn too Linda - can identify with the kicking up leaves! I saw one of those cute skirts on someone elses blog, so so fun!
    Sounds like the shop and workshops are proving very popular - it all sounds a lot of fun, painting and patchwork - heaven! So glad its all going so well Linda - am madly jealous too!
    Take care and enjoy the new season!
    Gill xx


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