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Monday, 10 October 2011

The Circle of Life

Image from Tumblr.
Wreaths, are one of my most favourite types of flower arrangements. They are so uplifting when you see them on someone's front door. I have never been to America on Thanksgiving weekend, but I know I would just love to see all those beautiful door wreaths.

This is my own image, I apolagize for the quality!
In Ireland, they tend to be only used at Christmas time, and usually they are either artificial or made from holly with a plastic decoration here and there. I would love to see people be a little more adventurous, and make their own. Depending on what you use, and the weather, they can sometimes last for quite a long time. I have known mine , made with fir, eucalyptus and roses last for a month, with perhaps only the odd rose needing replaced.

 I would love to see people have a different one for each different season. I do try to do that in my own home. When I drive or walk towards my home, it really gives me a little lift to see it there. I also love them as a table decoration, either on its own, or with a hurricane lamp or candle inside.

Above images from Pinterest.
A creepy one for Halloween from Martha Stewart.
A gorgeous simple wreath via Tumblr.

 It is the symbolism of the wreath that I love too. Some think that they are only connected with death and funerals, but they do actually represent, the 'circle of life', birth, marriage, death. I have been thinking about this recently as a friends mother died, and my youngest sister had a little baby girl.....life goes on, and so it should.
Little lamb viaTumblr.
Welcome to the new little one Florence Ellie, she's as cute as this little lamb!


  1. Hi Linda

    I love your own personal door wreath, with fresh evergreen, twigs and fresh flowers. I love the variety and like you say Linda they will last a long time with just replacing the flowers. I must say I am not a fan of artificial wreaths or any artificial plants/flowers.

    The lamb with the knitted sweater is adorable.

    Hope you have a great week

  2. Hi Linda,

    Greetings from a wet and windy Southern Ireland!

    Still dark here, heading to work but thought I would pop in to say hello.

    Love your wreath it is so pretty and feminine.

    I love the other photos too especially the one with the little pots. I have one like that but it is broken as I dropped it!
    Must root it out and fix it up at some stage.
    Thanks for reminding me about it!!!

    Big congrats to your sister on the birth of her baby girl, that is fantastic news.

    Have a good day and enjoy baby cuddles!

    x Fiona

  3. Hi Linda, I love the apple wreath that's your header!! I always have a wreath on my door, its a pumpkin one at the moment.
    Love Helen

  4. I love wreaths too. I always have one on my front foor all year through! Cx

  5. I also adore the wreaths - but here in South Africa it is too warm for flowers in oasis on the door - think the water might boil! However, I might try a greenery one - the eucalyptus might do well as it's so tough. I love the last wreath image on the wooden door - think it's originally from the company Cox and Cox - who sold this faux wreath.....

    Beautiful images as always... thanks for bringing a beautiful few minutes to enhance the day...

  6. I have two wreaths up all year round, one on the inner back door and one on the inner front door. Nobody sees the former, just a simple willow wreath with entwined ribbons, and the one on the inner front door is seen by everyone. It is in the porch because if I put it outside the prevailing winds will wreak havoc with it. This is a heart shaped willow wreath with a ribbon bow at the top. It gets taken down at Christmas to be replaced with fresh greenery and pine cones, ribbons etc., or a very twee one with an American folksy theme.
    Don't care for the creepy one, but love the lamb!

  7. I love door wreaths too, especially ones with something a bit unusual included, like the flower pots. I sometimes have wreaths indoors too, and like them all year round. Your own wreath is very pretty, I think fresh flowers look so beautiful displayed in a circle. I like the idea of it representing the circle of life continuing through the generations. That little lamb picture is adorable, with his sweet little garland! Thank you for these lovely pictures and ideas, Linda.
    Have a great week. Helen x

  8. I love your version of the door wreath. It looks gorgeous and artistic. The wonderful composition makes this flower arrangement works.
    Congratulations to your sister and her family on the birth of a baby girl.

  9. They are all very pretty, Linda. There are people in America who have wreaths on their door all year round. I must say that all I have seen in NY, for Thanksgiving is not wreaths, but pretty bunches of dried sweetcorn, held together using pretty satin ribbon. They are ususlly placed on either side of the door. It could be that in other parts (maybe the country) They do have Thanksgiving wreaths. I'm not sure. I love them all! Fairy lights, too, are used quite a lot in people's front gardens. SO LOVELY!



  10. Beautiful garlands, and I adore seeing them any time they mark any celebration even death with the hope of renewal and re-birth...and just bring the fragrance and colour's of nature into our lives.
    Lovely post
    Lynn xx

  11. Love the wreath photos. Great ideas. Pots are so unique.

  12. I love doorwreaths too. Your apple wreath is lovely!

  13. Back in high school we used to create a advent wreath made with evergreen ;)It is said signifying continuous life and waiting for the birth of Christ.It has 4 candles represent the four weeks of Advent:) Oh I miss those days:(

    Thank you for sharing:)

  14. Hello Linda
    These are all beautiful wreaths (maybe not the snake one!), but especially yours.
    I had such a lovely one made for Christmas last year and the wind blew it off the door and it was found half way down the village!
    The picture of the lamb is adorable... love the knitted sweater.
    Thank you so much for your email, lovely to hear from you :) Lots of love, Abby xx

  15. I have only ever used wreaths around Christmas time, but I agree that It's a lovely decoration to celebrate any occasion or season. Congratulations on becoming Aunty.

  16. Your wreath is so pretty, Linda! I think if I put a wreath on our door outside, the deer would eat it. :)
    But I do love them, and sometimes make one for indoors.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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