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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A touch of red, does the trick!

This time last year my kitchen was a deep cream colour with some of the cupboards in a dark pink. I loved it, it was warm and cosy. When the Spring came I found it too dark, I wanted light, and so I painted the cupboards white, and the walls an off-white. It was such a contrast, and so bright, i loved it too.

However, as the sun goes lower in the sky and the weather has been very wet and windy, I found that I wasn't liking it quite so much, it seemed dull and cold. My daughter and I had been making some papier mache toadstools, and this was my inspiration......of course.....a touch of red was what was needed. Those clever Scandinavians know that, their mostly white interiors do almost always have a little red somewhere, and it really does draw the eye in. So I set to and made a little corner where I could display red things. My daughter is so excited, she thinks Christmas has come early!

We have a little 'toadstool' mania in this house at the moment. This rather lovely glass treee ornament was unearthed at T.K.Maxx.

I had originally intended for these toadstools to look natural, but then my daughter suggested we put a bit of glitter on them, so they are now 1950's kitcsh, but that's ok, we like that!

I found the red sign 'Eat drink and be merry' at a local garden cente. I decided it was a bit small by itself and painted a blackboard around it. I am thinking in the future (after Christmas perhaps), if Santa is good to me, and brings me a little red Nespresso machine, that this can be my longed for coffee counter.I can then write the specials on the board. I don't think I've grown up, I still like to play 'shops'. The toadstools were gathered under the cloche. and some Ilex berries added for a little height. Oh and the lamp makes my kitchen extra cosy at night. I also made some Swedish blinds from some vintage ticking that I bought from Julie at The Cloth Shed. I lined them with a black bedcover from Ikea and tied them up with some black cotton tape.

I was asked to do a dried flower arrangement for a client, in her own antique planter. I dried everything myself, apart from the chillies, so Iam rather pleased with it. I managed to incorporate my dried artichokes.

A little bit of chutney, for the festive season. Delia Smith's recipe, it's rather good!

Some more touches of red from Tumblr.
Finishing off with two little red santa's that I made last year, can't wait to get them out again. With lots of love to all my readers, followers, commentators, I appreciate you all so much. Love Linda x


  1. Hello Linda:
    We are rather fond of red, we have to say, whatever the season. It does, as you say, add a touch of richness and heralds the Festive Season like no other colour can.

    Your papier maché toadstools are such fun and are certainly way over the top with the added glitter. Just perfect. We love your very chic ticking blind and we wish you every good fortune with Santa Claus....a red Nespresso machine sounds wonderful!!

  2. Love the way you have put everything together. Red really does add warmth to any room.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hi Linda

    Your kitchen is very inviting. Your artistic daughter and you have worked wonders with the mushrooms and what is a young daughter without a little bling. Your mantle is a beautiful focus and how clever to do the chalk blackboard as a backdrop.

    I admire your skills with the needle and the blinds look terrific.

    Wishing you a day of gladness

  4. Your papier mache toadstools are great - I love playing with paper like that but have so far stuck to (literally sometimes) chickens, bowls and plates.
    It all looks so cheery and welcoming, thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh Linda, what a delightful post. I'm so glad it's not just me having toadstool mania at the moment! Those paper mache toadstools your daughter made are so adorable and I loved all the pictures today. Thanks for your lovely comments over on my blog, I do appreciate them. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  6. Linda, it's all so pretty! I love red (with black and white, it's one of the only colours I wear) and I do agree: a little touch of red is what is needed to cheer up a kitchen. I have a very big "touch" of red in my kitchen: two long walls are painted bright red and I once had Colors of Benetton red in my living room! Well... I liked it! And I do like my cheerful kitchen with its very big Welsh dresser! I love all the things you have made and also the magazine pictures... all very beautiful and cosy... I think: CHRISTMAS IS ON ITS WAY!
    I love your posts and look forward to youR Christmas craft and floristry ideas!



  7. I love the touches of red! It really adds a happy pop of colour. Your toadstools are adorable and displaying them under the cloche makes them so special. Wouldn't a red Nespresso machine be amazing? Maybe Santa will bring me one too!
    Ps: thanks for the sweet comment on my painting xo

  8. Hello Linda

    I haven't really started thinking about Christmas yet, but like you, there are some little touches of red starting to pop-up here and there at The Doll House. It must be the need for some rich warm colour to offset the creeping cold.

    I am full of admiration for your artistic talents and now, paper mache toadstools: they are so cute. I am, sadly, not good at making things and wouldn't, for instance, know how to begin to make a blind.

    I love the sound of a coffee counter with a Nespresso - let's hope Santa reads your blog.


  9. WoW! I love, love, love, the mushrooms..they are fabulous and I think would look gorgeous with a tiny bit of frost touching the edges..I agree with your daughter xx
    What with your pretty arrangement and super photographs your lovely blog is a real feast xx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx
    oh I forgot Samhain is Celtic Irish xxx

  10. Hello Linda
    I know you do not accept awards, but I am giving you and Lois an unofficial 'My Spotty Pony' award for 'The Most Amazing Homemade Toadstools'.... ever!
    And YES, glitter is a must!
    I love the ticking blind and your dried flower arrangement is fabulous.
    Hope Santa has you on the top of his list :)
    Love, Abby xx

  11. Everything looks so bright and cheery! Love it, Linda!

    And thank you so much for sharing your thoughts over at my little blog. I agree with everything you wrote! :)


  12. Love that photo on your banner Linda...and I agree there's nothing like a dash of red here and there. I noticed in Ikea that they have little felt toadstools as xmas decs...but you'll have to be quick! Robx

  13. Its amazing what a touch of red can do to cheer things up!
    Love all your new touches, especially the little toadstools and your lovely blind!
    Lots of eye candy here Linda!
    Gill xx

  14. Found you at Maureen's....oh my....I'm a red lover too. In fact....the more color the better. Living in AZ.....we can get away with fairly strong color combos. I'm loving your kitchen reds and redo.



  15. ... and thank you for your sweet visit over at my blog, Linda! If I don't chat with you sooner, I wish you a very Happy Halloween as well!

  16. Wonderful post! I love those toadstools, and all the lovely red-themed goodies.

    I have only just found your blog and am now a follower.

    Have a great weekend, Helenxx

  17. Love your sweet blog..and red! Makes me smile today....that colour always cheers me up. Those little mushrooms are adorable...I am finding those are starting to get very popular over here...saw some little stuffed ones to decorate Christmas trees with the other day...must go get some. Happy weekend. xoxoxo

  18. Yo always comes with a great idea...I fall in love everything as the color stand Love!

    You never fail to amaze me Linda:)

  19. I'm coming over to sit in your cozy kitchen and how do you make Swedsh blinds?

  20. Love your blog. Have featured your work over at Love,Thomas blog today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. I could have sworn I commented on this post because I remember the cute toadstool cloche and antique planter with all your dried materials. I especially like the fabric bags - are they shoe bags? They probably have many uses.

  22. Hi Linda I am catching up with my blogging friends and you welcomed me home with red, my favourite colour this morning. Thanks for calling by and commenting on my blogs while I was away.

  23. White and red! What a glorious colour scheme!


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