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Monday, 17 October 2011

Halloween is Coming!

I found the above images on Etsy. They are the work of Susan Templin at Firstlight Photography. I think they are wonderfully evocative and atmospheric. How do you feel about Halloween? I have to admit, I am not a big fan. I love the autumn, the harvest, the pumpkins, fires, cosy blankets, apples and all. I am just not too keen on the scary, spooky stuff. I have to make an effort to decorate for my daughters sake, but I try to keep it to cute cats, pumpkins and friendly witches. Neither of us are too enthusiastic about bats, spiders, snakes and de-capitated things....uuuurrgghh!

So with this in mind I will show you some of the more pleasant Halloween things I have found.

All the above images are from Pinterest.
Look at these adorable Folk Art patterns for cute creatures you can make.....I love them!

The three above are from The Cheswick Company on Etsy.

The above images are from http://www.countrystitchesonline.com/. Brenda also has a lovely blog http://withthyneedleandthread.blogspot.com/.

Wishing you all the joys of the season, with love Linda x.


  1. I love the pumpkin painted to match the yellowware bowls.

    You have indeed found some fab images.

    xo Jane

  2. Hi Linda,

    These are pleasant Halloween photo's indeed! We don't really celebrate Halloween in Holland, but I love to put pumpkins around the house. It makes the house look cheerful and festive!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  3. I love Halloween we call it Samhain at home, and it has the most fabulous atmosphere, apparently it was the Celtic new year once in the mists of time..........Like the sound of your mushrooms...what a fab idea, if you have a Homesense near you they have some lovely heavy glass ones very reasonable that might compliment your ones..
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  4. I agree with all you say about Halloween.....I love the cosy autumnal images associated with it, like pumpkins, but not the scary, spooky, horror movie bit! I love the pictures you've chosen here...lots of lovely ideas. I like the folk art Halloween stitching themes too, and used to love designing Halloween samplers.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Linda. I do enjoy them very much. Have a happy week (hope the weather improves and your little girl is feeling better.) Helen x

  5. Hello Linda,
    When I think of Halloween it always reminds me of the sore fingers I got from scooping out a turnip when I was a young girl. Pumpkins were not available in the 60's and Halloween has changed so much since then.
    I do love all the images on your post, especially the trick or treat teddy, he is SO cute!
    I saw Helen Philipps comment and am sorry to read that Lois has been unwell, I do hope that she is ok now.
    With love, Abby xx

  6. Linda, I'm with you on the Halloween images. Warm and cozy. And thanks for the Vintage Flowers nod. I ordered my copy from England. I love it. Thanks!

  7. Hi Linda

    Great images

    I like the fun and joyful bits about halloween, trick or treating, diving for apples and getting the ring or other charms in the brack. Like you I dislike any of the spooky items associated with death, withcraft or violene.

    Have a great week
    Helen xx

  8. Hi Linda, Halloween doesn't seem quite so big here in Australia. There doesn't seem to be so many reminders in the shops like I remeber in the UK. We usually do something to mark the occasion and I'm a fan of the dunking apples kind of games rather than the scary stuff too. Have to say, I love the image with the tea lights in the apples - I think I'll have to try that one.

  9. I don't like the creepy stuff either. I love your photo of the little pumpkins with holes in them for candlelight - now that I could DIY :) XOL

  10. This are the answers to our quest:) we are having a contest in the office for Halloween designs and thank you for sharing...A huge help for our team ...thank you..Linda:)

  11. Apple candles...what a lovely idea.
    I am waiting for white pumpkins to arrive in my local greengrocers, my favourite Autumnal / Halloween decoration.
    Julie x

  12. Lovely lot of beautiful images there for us today Linda! Hope you are keeping well. I've been looking at the blogs of my friends in America and, my goodness, they go in for decorating in a big way over there. Especially with their tablescapes, which we just don't do over here (apart from Christmas of course). I am actually going to buy a load of pumpkins and make a couple of nice displays outside the front door! I'm sure the grandchildren will love it! Take care and sorry that I'm a little late in posting this comment. I find it difficult to keep up with it all sometimes!Hugs.

  13. Hi Linda!
    Lovely images here, especially the first ones. Some great ideas too, I love the apple candles - might have a go at those!
    I go along with all that you say about Halloween, and with an older daughter theres no more dressing up, making orange and black decorations, and colouring the food to look scary! All we do now is carve a pumpkin or two for the porch and buy some treats ready for the trick or treaters!
    Gill xx

  14. It's so much fun! I have to admit: coming from Italy, where we didn't use to have Halloween, I found it a bit scary, when I first came to England. It's more fun in America, though! People are so creative with it! I have seen skeletons sat in deck chairs, reading the newspaper, otside street dors, whole houses covered in cobwebs and dogs taking part in the parade dressed up as policemen, firemen and even fairies!

    I... just have a pumpkin! "Dolcetto o scherzetto?" That is "Trick or treat?" in Italian. We have a habit of absorbing "The best" from other cultures, but... why not have fun, I guess!

    I love all the photos! The big bow with the spiders is great!


  15. I agree with you about the scary stuff - I don't want to celebrate the dark things! So we just have a pumpkin lantern because my daughter likes it, and make soup from the innards, and toast the seeds - delicious!

    Pomona x

  16. Hello Linda:
    We are not too keen on Halloween. Indeed, anything that has long black legs or goes bump in the night terrifies us!! But, how jolly your images are and they alone could convince us that this is a holiday time to be enjoyed after all.

    As for Pumpkin soup. Yes, please!

  17. Hi Linda!

    I'm with you on the FRIENDLY side of Halloween.
    Saturday we will be visiting the pumpkin patch and carving them after a dinner of Chili and cornbread.

    That pinterest photo of the scalloped treat sacks is so cute! I pinned it as well.

    The weather is changing here...I still am loving your artichokes in our garden. I'll keep you posted on what's next for them!

    I am still lovin' your new blog banner!


  18. I adore the boot, it is fantastic
    and the apple candles are great too.

    Not a big fan of Halloween here either,
    but it is great for all the littlies!

    Hope your daughter has a great time and that you decorate your house from top to bottom for her!

    How is your little niece keeping, bet she is gorgeous and your little girl is mad about her.

    Hae a good weekend, plenty of rain here!

    Fiona x

  19. Hi Linda!
    Lovely pics you found, and yes I like halloween too. I replied to your comment on my blog via email but later I saw that it is flying in cyberspace....I don't know if you want email reply but now you have a no-reply address if I click reply email, anyhoo...I just wanted to say thanks and also I loved the post about packaging,
    take care, Maureen x

  20. I love your selection of tasteful halloween decorations. A welcome respite from all the green and the ghouls xx Ava


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