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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Watch out for the Witching Hour!

I made a Halloween wreath for the door using orange roses, chinese lanterns, crabapple, eucalyptus, hydrangea, and even some green tomatoes! The spiky bits around the edge, I don't know what it's called, but if you look up close, they look like little teeny weeny pumpkins. Unfortunately the weather is wet and windy and I thought this may get a little too battered outside, so I decided to use it as a table decoration.

 Sadly my husband won't be sharing Halloween with us, as he is taking care of his mum.So I decided that we would have a lovely meal this evening  instead and go mad with the table decorations!

I made Rioja-braised lambshanks with garlic and chorizo. Absolutely delicious, but not for the faint-hearted, the sauce contained 250ml. of Balsamic vinegar as well as the red wine. The recipe is by TV chef Lorraine Pascale and if you would like to check it out, here's the  link. We had Poached Pears with Blackberries for dessert, but everyone was too full to eat it! Oh well there's always breakfast!

I wish you all a Happy Halloween, with much love, Linda x. I am linking to Small But Charming, the lovely Jane for her 'Flowers in the House of Horror' post. If you like to nosey at what flowers people have in their homes, then this is the spot for you!


  1. Hello Linda:
    Your door wreath/table decoration positively glows and is, we think, absolutely wonderful consisting as it does of almost everything that is seasonal. It is such a pity that the weather meant that you had to bring it indoors for it looks especially effective against the black of your door.

    Lamb shanks - probably an all time favourite with us, particularly so these days as lamb is very rarely eaten in Hungary and we do, if we are honest, tend to miss that.

    Incidentally, we love your autumn header picture. That too glows!!

  2. Your decorations are cracking - I bet Christmas chez toi is an amazing eye fest too. :)

    Thanks for the recipe link - I am mad about lamb shanks and that recipe looks lip-smackingly good. I will make it soon, for sure!

  3. Your wreath is spectacular and I love the way you have mixed flowers, fruits and vegetables: a real harvest festival of goodies that is so perfectly displayed against the black door. On the other hand, I'm sure that indoors, it is not only safe from the wind and weather but also from hungry birds.

    Enjoy Halloween tonight. I hope all goes well with your mother-in-law.


  4. I agree with all the beautiful comments on your fabulous decorations, you have such a talent and the colours you use inspire me.
    Have a fabulous week and I too hope your mother in Law gets better xxx
    Love Lynn xxx

  5. Hi Linda, I have popped over from Janes. Lovely wreath and decorations.

  6. Do share the recipe for Poached Pears with Blackberries, pretty please! Thanks!

  7. Your decorations are beautiful and your wreath is amazing. Have wonderful Halloween night

  8. Hello Linda
    I am so glad you decided to bring your beautifully decorated wreath indoors, as memories of my 'flying wreath' came to mind! The table decorations are fabulous, you always pay so much attention to detail, and it clearly shows. Your meal sounded delicious too, I love lamb shanks, especially with red wine!

    I hope your mother in law is feeling better.
    Much love, Abby xx

    ps. Thank you for your lovely comments... I have not been referred to as a 'girl' for about 25 years! :) x

  9. Your decorations are lovely and dinners sounds delicious! Happy Halloween! xo

  10. I loved seeing all your decorations in this post, Linda. And I love the beautiful wreath you have made, it would look great over at my house this week with my decorations too! Next year I must have a Halloween wreath...Wishing you a very Happy Halloween.
    Helen x

  11. Over the top, ghoul, you went over the top with that wreath.

    Love it and the pumpkin too.

    And yes it was smashing on your black door...

    Stay safe tonight......

    xo jane

  12. Hello Linda

    I adore you wreath. Such creativity and all natural real fruits and flowers. You are very very talented and I think against your beautiful black door it just fits so beautifully.

    Your menu sounds delicious. Incidentally in the film "the way" one of the pilgrims always chooses lamb shank.

    Happy Halloween. Does Lowes go trick or treating?

  13. Wow, Linda! I just LOVE your wreath! Beautiful vibrant colours and I specially love the "spiky bits!" And... did I hear the magic word? Lamb shanks? Oh, so yummy with lots of mint sauce and mashed potatoes! Yes, please!

    Lovely images, Linda!


  14. Hi Linda, this is gorgeous!!! congrats! perfect colors and looks so professional!! a big kiss

  15. Delightful. I love all those friendly glittery spiders!

  16. Claudia, I don't seem to be able to comment on your blog, I do apolagise. I will include the recipe for the Poached Pears in my next post. Happy Halloween, love Linda x

  17. The table setting is great and my mouth is watering with your description of the meal...Hold me a seat, I'm on my way over! Have a good one! xo

  18. Hi Linda,

    Sorry for being late in commenting but I am having trouble with the computer here and so have to practically fight the laptop from the kids!

    Your wreath is beautiful, I would love it!

    The special dinner sounds fantastic and something that I would enjoy.
    My favourite meat is lamb and shanks are top of my list!

    It is lovely to set the table nicely, prepare a nice meal and just relax as a family.

    I hope that your husband will be home soon and that his mum is ok.

    I am sure that your little daughter had a lovely Halloween and that your little niece will enjoy hers in a few years too!

    Take care and thanks for stopping by earlier.

    x Fiona

  19. Colorful wreath! Your dinner sounds really good, have a happy Halloween :-)

  20. The last photo is so cute. I can't keep from smiling when I see a white spider :)

  21. Linda, you really produced a beautiful Halloween. The wreath is so pretty and your table is party-ready! Thanks for the Swedish blinds instruction. And thanks for visiting!

  22. Linda...another beautiful creation:) I love the details of your wreath and your table setting is lovely! such a real work of an artist!

  23. Oh, what a beautiful wreath! Thank you for sharing this beauty! Just popping in via Laura's post of the month club.

  24. Love that wreath and all your festive decorations! I just learned those Chinese lanterns have an edible berry inside - a botanical that just gives and gives! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween celebration. And thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) XOLaura

  25. Amazing wreath Linda. I stole the apple and the tea light idea, thanks.

  26. Happy Halloween Linda! The wreath is gorgeous. Thanks for popping by from Post of the Month Club. So nice to "meet" you!

  27. Beautiful arrangement and very nice autumn colors.
    HAve a happy week


  28. I am impressed with all the fresh material you have used in your wreath. The chinese lanterns, roses, eucalyptus, orange roses and crab apples have so many pretty colors and textures.

    Your header is so elegant. It looks lovely on your black door. Of course, I like the shape of your door also.

  29. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    Your wreath/table centrepiece is very nicely done. The mix of elements and colors is perfect.

  30. Oh Linda!
    I will be dreaming about your front door tonight!
    I am glad that you saved your wreath from the outside elements!

    Your attention to detail is always so inspiring.
    I must go check Lorraine Pascale!

  31. Hi Linda,

    Sorry to hear your husbands mother is not feeling to well. I hope she will be better soon! Your Halloween wreath looks beautiful. Your husband missed a delicious sounding meal! I will check it out. I enjoy cooking and both your main course and desert sound good :-)

    I am glad you liked the movie on my blog. I loved it very much too!!

    Have a lovely day,

    Madelief x


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