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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Doing stuff!

My work has gone unusually quiet these last couple of months. I put it down to the economic climate. Although I am slightly worried, I have decided to focus on other things and make the most of the free time I have. Money is tight so it forces me to re-use, recycle and restore, which is good! I have loved this image above which I found in Tumblr, so I have been making some of these little paper hearts to decorate the place for Valentine's day. I made some from tissue paper and they feel like little packets of sugar, which gave me the idea to make larger ones for place settings, and to fill them with an individual love message and sweets. I will let you see the pics in a day or two.

I have also been knitting dishcloths in the shape of houses, they are really cute. I will let you see the pics of those in a day or two! You will think I am spoofing, and haven't done anything at all...honest I have. Remember my biscuit disaster, well I couldn't let a batch of biscuits get the better of me, so I tried again! This time success..................................................................................................................................

I am useless at piping, so I just used some ready made fondant icing and painted on the little bunny features with a fine paintbrush and food colouring. The square ones, you can't see very well, but I stamped them with a rubber stamp that has a little girl and a dog on, and says 'I love my dog'.So these have gone down pretty well.

This is my terribly messy larder cupboard which has been moved to a different spot in the kitchen and is getting a bit of a facelift. (In a couple of days, I hear you mutter.) Yes! So I will love you and leave you, and see you soon. Wishing you all a merry midweek, love Linda x


  1. Hi Linda

    Looks like you have been a busy girl! Those hearts are so sweet, I look forward to seeing your tissue paper ones.
    The biscuits look great!
    Everyone cuts back on luxury items at times like this, and I don't suppose wedding fixtures will get going until the spring, so now must be a good time for you to experiment with ideas for the future during this lull - good luck!

    Gill xx

  2. Hi Linda, A great post, I love your biscuits and it's so good to be inspired by other people. I seem to have lost my buzz at the moment and am snowed under by work and paperwork. I think I must make some time to make something and cheer myself up! Jane x

  3. wow those biscuits are amazing!!...iced bunnies how fab is that?...bet there aren't many left...x

  4. Hello Linda
    You clearly have been very busy. The biscuits are just brilliant, and very yummy looking too! And what a lovely after school treat for Lois :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I did smile at your comments about your trip to the cinema. I wanted to go and see War Horse but my husband Paul said he could not put up with me sobbing all the way through it! So we got Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on DVD and I drove him mad asking questions throughout (I think he prefers sobbing!).

    Looking forward to seeing your hearts and dishcloth houses. I feel sure they will be fabulous, as all your creations usually are :)
    Much love, Abby xx

  5. Linda, your bunnies are great! I so love the red and white icing and the fact that they are all smiling as they hop! So cheerful!

    I hope things get better for you on the work front. Your images tell me you have a lovely, happy home and that, believe me, is something that money can't buy!

    I'll be back in a couple of days, Linda! You'd better produce all the goods you promised us!




  6. Hello Linda
    ......loving those biscuits! Looking forward to seeing some more treats from you ...... in a day or two!

  7. Yes, I agree, super little bunny biscuits. I haven't thought about Easter at all yet, it seems so very far away with all this cold Wintry weather around.
    Looking forward to seeing a picture of your tissue paper hearts - a lovely idea. I also want to see pics of those knitted dishcloths!
    Hope the work comes flooding in soon,
    Becky x

  8. I adore your bunny biscuits, they are so sweet and you did a lovely job decorating them in that way. The paper hearts picture is lovely too, I have made little paper packets of gifts too, they are such nice little objects somehow, aren't they?
    I hope work will pick up for you again soon. You are right to make the most of your free time and enjoy making things.
    Have a happy evening, Linda.
    Helen x

  9. This wretched economy is biting us all - it's tightening the belt time for many people, I think. I hope things pick up soon - for you and for us. In the meantime, it's good to keep busy and productive in the ways. Keeps one sane.

    Your biccies look so cute - too sweet to eat? ....naaah....never - I'd eat them all. :)

  10. Oh those rabbits look great.To lovely to eat!x

  11. Linda, you have finally (unintentionally on your part!)influenced me to succumb to Pinterest - I knew I shouldnt but.........
    I am having a beauty overload going through your wonderful pinboards, especially the linen and lace one - Im in heaven! - and you have given me lots of ideas for my own pin boards!
    But today I must resist - a rare free day to spend sewing, so I mustnt be tempted anymore!
    But thankyou for the inspiration and ideas that I always find here.

    Gill xx

  12. Hello Linda:
    In a day or two we KNOW that you will have knitted a street full of dishcloths, created thousands of valentine hearts, baked several batches of biscuits, redecorated the entire kitchen,sewn a whole wardrobe of new clothes for Lois, washed, ironed, cleaned,polished, created delicious meals for your family and knitted several matching sets of woolly socks, balaclavas and mittens.As for a coffee break.....

  13. I have just found your blog through Anna's blog (A taste of Italy) and I am already fond of it! I have signed in and will now go on browsing through your posts to get even more inspired! Christa

  14. I love the bunny biscuits, you are so clever, and the things you make are gorgeous...heck I wished I lived a bit closer, I would love to knit xxx
    Hope your having a nice week making hearts xxxx

  15. Hello Linda
    I love how you always find new challenges and master whatever task you chance upon. Those cookies are too good to eat. I am perusing cookbooks as I must make something for a Valentine's party, it is "bring a dish" affair. Then again I may just pick up a cake at the French bakery.
    Looking forward to seeing your knitting project

    Helen xx

  16. Linda you are so talented! I would have been delighted to make a batch of cute bunny biscuits and leave it at that. You, however, continued to embellish them so beautifully with hearts and bows....brilliant.
    Your daughter must love coming home from school not knowing what goodies will await her when she gets through the door!
    Julie x


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