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Monday, 27 February 2012

Flowers in the House

I knew I was going to be linking to Flower Jane's 'Flowers in the House  post today, but didn't think I would have any fresh flowers to show you, so I decided to go around my home and photograph things with a flowery theme. I then messed about on Picnik to achieve my little mosaic. I must admit I was quite taken by surprise, that all these lovely things are mine! I f I had seen these on someone else's blog I would have been lusting after them, so I am rather pleased that I did this little exercise.

As it turns out I do have some flowers in the house to show you as well. I picked up this little planter at Tesco's supermarket. I just love that it has Muscari written on it.

I also had some little miniature daffodils, which I displayed in my husbands empty beer bottles.

 Although they look pretty they do smell pretty awful. I made marmalade at the weekend and the smell of it cooking was glorious, and masked the flower smell! Have you ever made marmalade? It is quite laborious but I do think you just cannot beat home made marmalade. I adapted a recipe from Ina Garten and made mine into 4 fruit marmalade, and reduced the sugar a little as I like mine with a bit of a kick!
Wishing you all a productive and happy week! Love Linda x


  1. Okay, yum on the marmalade, clever on the montages, love the muscari pot and as always your header is drop dead gorg.

    And the daffs are sweet as can be. We don't get such good looking beer bottles here....

    xo Jane

  2. Would love some marmalade please :) and by the way nice collection!

  3. love the daffodils in the green glass bottles! some color saturation is just what we need right now!
    xoxox kat

  4. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Your daffodils look very pretty in the bottles! We had daffodils that smelled awful (like pee) last week too. The funny thing is they do not always smell bad. It must be certain varieties.

    Wishing you a happy new week!

    Madelief x

  5. Indeed you do have some very lovely things! It's great that blogging sort of made you rediscover your own treasures.

    Must say, I am not fond of marmalade. It has a slightly bitter taste that I don't enjoy - I have quite a sweet tooth these days. :)

    Our daffs are coming up in the garden now and yesterday I actually went outside and did some gardening (that, let me tell you, is unheard of) and noticed some little purple flowers pushing through the weeds and dead stuff - hubby thinks they are crocuses. Very pretty little things anyway. I rather enjoyed my spot of gardening - might go and do some more tomorrow. Now there's a thing!

  6. I loved your floral pictures today, Linda! You do have some very pretty things. The muscari in the white container look lovely and so do the daffodils in the beer bottles.
    Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  7. Love the muscari planter too, and the daffodils look perfect. I wish I could have a taste of your marmalade--I love everything citrus.

  8. Linda, is Sparky yours? I love your object "collages". You make Marmalade? Well, I'm blown over.

  9. Hi Linda

    You always surprise!! Those images are wonderful in mosaic format. Your marmalade looks divine. I would love a spoonful on some toast right now, even though it is almost midnight and past my bedtime. So I shall dream.

    Have a great week


  10. I love the montage of floral objects, what a lovely idea to go around and take stock and realize what pretty things you already have. We should all do that sometimes.

    I have made marmalade, too, though it's been years. I love that you get all your pectin from the fruit rinds and so don't need to add any. Mine was a straight orange marmalade, but that combining of different citrus fruits looks very appealing, I may have to try that.

  11. These mosaics are very pretty and so is the planter and are the daffodils! I often make marmelade but I have never tried any with citrus fruits. Thanks for the link to Ina Garten who knows... I am off work today... Christa

  12. Hi Linda,
    You have been busy, the mosaic looks great.
    Lovely Muscari planter too. And homemade marmalade - what could be nicer than that?
    Have a lovely week,
    Essie x

  13. Linda, I have exactly the same thought when I do little collages of pictures...those are all mine?? Maybe we should do it more often, with lots of themes! Love your blog! I'm a new follower...so nice to "meet" you! ♥

  14. Hello Linda, Such lovely pictures, they reminded me of the game where you think of your favourite things.I do so love daffodils and have jugs of them all around the house at the moment. I can afford to be decadent at £1.00 a bunch from the market today! Jane xx

  15. You have lots of lovely floral things around your house, the photos look very artistic. I know what you mean about the collaging, it does make things look even more impressive!
    Love that sweet muscari planter too - the supermarkets often come up with some great things now!
    I make my own marmalade every year too, although I must guiltily confess that my Seville oranges are still waiting for me to get the marmalade muse! I've never left it this late before!
    Your 4 fruit one looks lovely!

    Gill xx

  16. Love your miniature daffodils in beer bottles...the green and yellow combination is lovely!

  17. What a clever idea to use bottles. My husband always likes to drink different varieties of beer so tre bottles are different shapes and colours. Funny I LOVE the smell of daffs even tho it's not sweet.

    I made very bitter marmalade but have to keep it in the fridge as it doesn't have enough sugar to last

  18. Youer collages are beautiful. I love the pretty things. Blessings, Diane

  19. I love your mosaics and the general spring feeling of your post. I use Picnik and have still not found something else to use when it closes next month, panicking a bit now as I like it!!

  20. I have never tried making marmalade in my life...my only association with the process of making marmalade is Bridget Jones's marmalade. Although I'm convinced that yours is quite tasty :)

  21. Just popped in to say hi!

    I still havent made my maramalade Linda! The oranges are still ok I just cant seem to get in the mood even though I'm on the last pot of last years!

    Hope you and your family had a great weekend and are all well

    Gill xx

  22. Linda, I'm looking forward to returning to England and early Spring...there will be lots of flowering bulbs to bring into the house, and bunches of daffs...that is once I get over actually leaving my kids...again...in Oz. Robx
    p.s. I hope you got my email regarding your kind offer, let me know if you didn't as I'm not sure what is going through from here in Oz.

  23. I just discovered your blog. I love the originality of your posts. My favorite blogs are the ones that are homespun, warm and friendly. I can find commercial magazines everywhere, but seeing the real life of other creative people and what they love to create or collect is so interesting to me. I've never visited Ireland and although I would love too, I probably never will, but through your blog I can visit and met the people of your beautiful county. I can see what the tourism magazines never show. Thanks, your newest follower, Connie Come visit my blog, the welcome mat is always out. Maybe you will decide to follow me. Have a wonderful!


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