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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dusty Violet

I love colours that aren't true, that have been' dirtied' with a little ochre or umber or black. I very often like to mix my own colours when painting furniture as you can arrive at something a little more interesting. Even more than that, I love to add washes and layers to the finished colour to achieve something more complex.Here are some images from Pinterest to show you what I mean.

So soft and easy to live with all these dusky, dusty shades I find.

I hope you enjoyed my selection. Have a merry midweek. Love Linda x


  1. Inspiring--thank you for sharing these pictures. Violets are one of my favorite flowers. I have always been a little scared of using the color--periwinkle is the closest I get. But there is something about the depth of these that is very tempting.

  2. Good thoughts! I like washed-out colors as well. These pictures illustrate exactly what you mean. Have a relaxing evening! Christa

  3. Love the colours and the photos Linda.

    Hope all is well and that you had a lovely day yesterday.

    x Fiona

  4. A lovely collection of pictures to inspire Linda - thank you.
    All best,
    Essie x

  5. Dear Linda, how are you doing? Hope everything is fine so far!!!! As a matter of fact, Pinterest i a beautiful place to discover gorgeous flowers, places, recipes and so on!!!! a big kiss

  6. Lovely photos! I love those dusky purples too.As you say, faded, dusty colours are very easy to live with.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great week Linda!

    Gill xx

  7. I have to agree with you. I loved looking at the photos of the colors you selected. I found it soothing and inspirational.

  8. Hi Linda

    I love your selection of items and that garden gate is so inviting. Are you planning on re-decorating in these colours?

    Enjoy your week
    Helen xx

  9. Oh Linda you've done it again - filled my hot, dry, dusty African afternoon with quiet, understated beauty! I adore the hyacinth hips, such a special flower. The bulbs are hugely expensive here - but I think I may just have to buy a few to keep indoors.......

    Have a lovely week
    Karen xxx

  10. This is a post to my heart Linda. Violet is one of my favourite colours. That's why I chose it as the background of my blog too :-)Love the little bouquet in the violet with white bowl. It's so pretty!

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  11. Hi Linda,
    yes, I hear you girl, I love these colours too, combined with white or natural linnens, really nice choices.
    Hope you have a good weekend,
    Maureen x

  12. What beautiful pictures....we both love the same things! I just popped over from martin and the magpie, I'm just going to make a cuppa before I read your lovely blog, Lucey x

  13. Hi Linda! My computer is having problems with loading all the pictures you posted, but I can see the one I know is going to be my favourite: the first one, with the artichokes! Wonderful, gorgeous colours! My mother used to call purple artichokes "violette" and, of course I love eating them!

    The artichoke/roses combination is great! About two years ago I took a photo of artichokes and muscari together: beautiful!

    I will look again tomorrow, hoping to see more of your lovely photos.

    Oh... hang on! I can see another one! I love it! A little army of red and white bunnies hopping alongside each other, like little soldiers... so cute! Or was it another post?

    I'll try again tomorrow...

    Good night!



  14. Hi Linda. So sorry that I'm not able to comment much at the moment my friend. I love this post and the colours on the first image are my very favourite. What wonderful images you have given us today. I loved them all. Isn't Pinterest just fantastic?! Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs.

  15. Beautiful Linda, I have no need to join Pinterest as you share the best here with me.

  16. I love your colors and the post is wonderful. I will be following you from now on. Blessings, Diane

  17. Dear Linda,

    You have put together a beautifully feminine exhbition of mauves and purples for us. It is wonderful how minds work together for I am very taken my muted mauves too these days and have recently cast on a knitted project with a yarn which you would appreciate too, I think.

    Like many I love this time of year which heralds spring and one of my favourite flowers has to be the wild violet which grows happily in our neck of the woods. My house is never without a bottle of the violet cordial you have in one of your pictures too. I also love that heart made with lilac blooms.

    Have a beautiful week.


    ps I am timidly telling you that I am hosting a giveaway and that one of the books I am offering has a lot of the shades of colour you have posted about. I am so sorry for this shameful plug!

  18. Lovely selection of images. Believe it or not, I once saw some "heritage" carrots of that beautiful shade of violet too. Of course I bought them! I am sorry to say the colour went off a bit when they were cooked and they tasted just like ordinary carrots. But looked so beautiful in the kitchen!

  19. Thank you, Linda for your friendly comment on my post! The croissants were heavenly, indeed! Have a good week! Chrisa

  20. Hi Linda ! I adore Pinterest ! I'm Ava Picket Fence on Pinterest. I understand the breakfast and 9 year old daughter concept. My 15 year old refuses breakfast often. I have near given up on that one ! My other children are young enough to submit :) Have a great week xx

  21. Ce meuble bleu est magnifique...

    Belle soirée



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